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Art - Spotlight - April 30, 2020

The Ever-Evolving Neon Steve

Neon Steve is more than just a DJ, he's an evolved producer who has been a favourite for over a decade.

Neon Steve has been the soundtrack to many of my finest memories. I’ve laughed, cried, partied, chilled, and fell asleep to pretty much every single Pleasensations mix that has been created. They are perhaps some of the most inspirational, relaxing, hyphy mixes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. 

But Neon Steve is SO much more than just these pleasant mixes. To say he is a mastermind in the studio would be an understatement. Steve Robertson has spent the last decade crafting his unique sound and forward-thinking Bass House music. At the beginning of his career, Robertston bounced between genres testing the waters of different styles and feels. Though as the years went on he finally found his space within the House music community. With many original tracks and remixes, Robertson has appeared on many labels such as Mad Decent, Fools Gold, and Prescription Records as well as working with world-renown artists such as Zeds Dead, Grandtheft, Excision, and Marten Horger

His eclectic and high vibe sound keeps the club pulsing throughout the night leaving you sweating and begging for more. His collaboration with Marten Horger titled “You Don’t” gained international traction and led to being signed to Tchamis label Confession and even was named Mix Mag’s tune of the month. Robertson has been a staple headliner at many Canadian festivals for quite some time, including being a resident Fractal Forest DJ at Shambhala Music Festival. Though he expands Canadian borders, having played in over 15 countries at festivals including Burning Man and Envision.

You will always find me dancing to one of Neon Steve’s sets. He has probably been one of the most prominent artists during my 10 years of attending festivals. His sound has grown with him over the years, keeping him an ever-evolving artist who stays relevant with the times. His most recent mix brought me so much joy during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The Pandemix” will have you laughing and vibing, making light of these unprecedented times we are all living through together. Check it below!

Neon Steve: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud

*Featured Image Via Neon Steve*