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“Tell Me It’s True” You Are Bringing New Music To “Lift Me Up” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Tritonial – “Reverance”

Tritonal was formed in 2008 in Austin Texas by Chad Cisneros and David Reed and has become one of the most successful US electronic music duos of the past decade. “Reverence” is something completely different from Tritonal. It was born from a desire to create a space for mindfulness and contemplation in these unprecedented times. This release is inspired by the meditative music and the band members’ deeply personal spiritual journeys and will definitely connect with many fans.

Boombox Cartel X Moody Good – “Shadow”

Esteemed producer and DJ Boombox Cartel links up with fellow English producer Moody Good on a brand new single “Shadow feat. Calivania. Incorporating the signature horror themes from Calivania and sinister tones brought to life from Boombox Cartel and Moody Good’s production. This release is an experimental trap tune that delivers a dark and ominous vibe.

White Cliffs – “Easy Go”

Indie psych-rock electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist White Cliffs (aka Rafe Cohan) released Easy Go,” the lead single off his second EP of 2021, “101“, being released in May. This single is a synth groove, mellow yet upbeat and suitable for the deepest of daydream listening on a long exploratory walk through the Big Apple. Of the track, Cohan says, “‘Easy Go’ is loosely based on the New York experience.  Just when you think things are looking up, you are met with a new challenge.  But you wanted to live here, so, might as well enjoy the ups and downs.”

Black Caviar – “Rivington & Ludlow”

NYC duo Black Caviar unveil a masterful, four-track EP Rivington & Ludlow”. Noted as the first complete body of work the duo has released since 2020, this release illustrates Black Caviar’s unique artistry as producers and further exemplifies their genre-bending abilities. A playful delight from start to finish.

CLO – “Sliding Door” (Matt Lange Remix)

GRAMMY-nominated, LA-based DJ and producer Matt Lange has dropped a fresh remix ofSliding Doorsfor alt-pop singer/songwriter CLO. Matt Lang puts a dark house spin on CLO’s newest pop gem that is about having a burning desire for someone you know isn’t right for you.

Jauz + Haliene – “Ocean & Galaxies”

Jauz returns with a stunning new single alongside another Monstercat favorite singer-songwriter, HALIENE. “Oceans & Galaxies” is an ode to the unspoken connection that exists between us and the ones we love. HALIENE’s ethereal vocals promise that no matter the distance, we’re all looking at the same stars, with the solace of nature bringing us together.

Solarstone – “Restless 4 a. m.” (Jam El Mar Remix)

Solarstones’ release “Restless 4.a.m.” to encapsulate that exact time of the clubbing night. The release is a moody, pensive bass-heavy piece. Jam El Mar taking up the remix-reins with his rework of the “Restless 4.a.m.”. Jam ports Solarstone’s dynamics to the same time of the night but swaps its club environment. Whilst the original bridged the divide between progressive & trance, Jam’s recalibrates it for more techno-oriented floors. He ups the drum pound and shades them with doomy didgeridoos & middle-distant melodies, before finally letting those ominous bells toll & it’s bass fully thunder.

Innellea – “It’s Us”

German artist Innellea now looks to continue his stellar run of 2021 form as he unveils his next majestic musical opus, “It’s Us“. This breathtakingly original three-part offering is everything we’ve come to expect and more from the in-form producer.

Elliot Fitch – “Lift Me Up”

Dutch newcomer Elliot Fitch release his dance anthem “Lift Me Up“. This track is an uplifting house pumper, it packs both radio and club appeal with sun-kissed piano breakdowns paired with soulful vocal energy making for a future summer hit

LP Giobbi – “Believer”

LP Giobbi now delivers piano house-driven heat with a new single “Believerft. Hermixalot. This release packs a soul fuelled punch. Boasting gospel-led vocals that soar amongst grooving chord progressions and euphoric breakdowns. This release beckons to be heard on dancefloors globally.

Moodshift – “Heartless”

Moodshift has revealed their second original single of 2021, with “Heartless“. This track once again highlights Moodshift’s effortless ability to blend pop-friendly vocals with deeper house sounds. This is another strong single for assuredly one of the hottest crossover acts in contemporary dance music.

Boku – “Epiphany”

Boku is following up on his sublime Fortune EP with another expertly crafted single, Epiphany“. Blending downtempo stylizations with chopped vocals and rich instrumentation, the textured production showcases Boku’s sharp ear and eclectic inspirations. This release keeps a tight focus and an overwhelmingly optimistic disposition. Boku is a master at building robust sonic worlds that allows the listener to dive deep or float along with the production, a talent that is on full display throughout the release.

CloudNone – “Dizzy Lifted”

Announcing his upcoming EP, CloudNone returns to Monstercat for the rhapsodic single “Dizzy Lifted“. Built around a bouncy house rhythm and heavy use of vocal samples, CloudNone’s latest offers fans a first taste of the upcoming EP due out in July. ‘Dizzy Lifted is that natural high, that euphoria that hits when you feel on top of the world.‘- CloudNone

Ganja White Night – “Dark Wobble”

Bass duo Ganja White Night are back with vengeance to share their latest masterpiece, their full-length “Dark Wobble” album. This release features the darkest and weirdest wubs and is composed of ten tracks, seamlessly swirling through genre boundaries and shattering expectations of the norm, as GWN presents their finest full album yet.

Angelo Sika – “3AM”

Italian DJ and producer Angelo Sika releases “3AM”, a slick percussive weapon that effortlessly fuses together elements of sounds from various sub-genres, including tribal, and tech-house. This track merges a real Latin feel with a strong bassline and groove-inducing melody.

Nick Van House & Left/Right – “Forget About It”

Nick Van House and Left/Right are joining forces on a striking collab titled “Forget About It” featuring a lush topline from Denitia. The release is a bouncy breakbeat number laced with an air of familiarity that is ironically impossible to forget about it when all is said and done.

Gorgon City – “Tell Me It’s True”

Renowned British production duo Gorgon City release Tell Me It’s True.”, the first single from their forthcoming third album “Olympia” due in June. The new single boasts euphoric house-piano, seamless vocal chops, and an ever-evolving bassline.

Aleph – “Polymer”

ALEPH is innovation, a brainstorm of ever-evolving creation and non-conformist mantras. The avant-garde electronic musician unveils the new release “POLYMER,” the lead single to his debut album “EGO DEATH“. This release maps a progressive, geometric blueprint for what’s soon to come.

Cyran – “Take You Where It’s Sunny”

Cyran releases his newest single “Take Me Where It’s Sunny”. With this new single, he serves up a daydream world of summer loving and heartache, teasing those hot days at the beach, causing cravings for cocktails and pools!

*Featured image | via Boombox Cartel, Black Caviar, Ganja White Night, and Innellea*

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