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‘Take Me Over’ To An ‘Island’ Filled With New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Solarstone – ‘island’

“This music collection is a love letter to Ibiza, recorded between March and July when the ‘island’ was the one place I yearned to be. Ironically, the lockdown – a unique time of rare focus for many DJ/producers – meant that I could conceive & create a record that in ‘normal’ times probably couldn’t have happened. ‘Normal’ meaning flights to catch, snatched studio time and a requisite to make ‘music to play in clubs’. These things can create studio tunnel-vision, so this is my ‘lockdown silver lining’ which represents a day and a night on ‘the island’ that so many of us miss, but will which hopefully soon return.”


Shaun Frank – ‘Take Me Over’ 

“This one (‘Take Me Over’) was really fun. The track actually just started as a jam session with my buddy Ruben. I had just picked up this Arp2600 Synth and we were coming back from dinner and popped into the studio to jam on it. We ended up writing the chorus super quick, and I instantly knew we had something dope.”

Shaun Frank

Armin van Buuren & AVIRA – ‘Hollow Mask Illusion EP’

The complete product of Armin van Buuren and AVIRA’s recent connection, ‘Hollow Mask Illusion EP’ shows how two artists with different trademark sounds can find common ground and transcend genres altogether. From debut collaboration ‘Hollow’ to follow-up record ‘Illusion’ and the concluding ‘Mask’, this three-track piece of wonder shows that one plus one can, in fact, equal three.

Super8 & Tab – ‘Cova’

Hammering down with their signature bass blasts before diving into the song’s brilliantly melodious sections, Super8 & Tab throw themselves into the thick of it all with the mighty ‘Cova’. Complete with gliding synths and a full-force drop, this record is as we expect from the Finnish duo: a high-caliber Trance cut designed to rip sound systems to shreds.

Mark Sixma presents M6 – ‘Bad Dreams’

Highly anticipated since his last belter on Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, ‘Bad Dreams’ seems Mark Sixma crank out another firestorm under his M6 moniker. Armed with fierce vocals, stomping drums and huge bass blasts, this record will blow the crowd away with every peak-time play.

Bogdan Vix x Claudiu Adam vs Ahmed Helmy – ‘Fortuna’

A massive collaboration between three of Trance’s most exciting names, ‘Fortuna’ strikes a perfect balance between raw power and soul-touching emotion. Laced with the signature touches of Bogdan Vix, Claudiu Adam and Ahmed Helmy, this hyper-melodic record immediately stakes its claim as one of the most epic tracks on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2020’ mix album.

i_o – ‘In My Head’

After shaking legions of dance music fans awake with his high-octane reworks of Armin van Buuren and Tempo Giusto’sMr. Navigator’ and DJ Misjah x DJ Tim’sAccess’, recent Armada Music signee i_o is adding another definitive staple track to his recent list of commendable productions. This time, he pushes the envelope with ‘In My Head’, a hyper-melodic, techno-progressive hybrid track that gently touches on the subject of depression.

Youngr – ‘Bootleg Mixtape Vol. 01’

Fresh from releasing his ‘Memories’ album on Armada Music earlier this year, bootleg boss Youngr was given access to the complete Armada Music catalog and dove in wholeheartedly. The result is ‘Bootleg Mixtape Vol. 01’. a collection of ten trademark bootlegs that set the dance floor alight and cement Youngr’s reputation as one of the most gifted creators out there.

Monolink – ‘Otherside’

“‘Otherside’ is a song inspired by the beauty and dangers of the unknown; a journey to peek behind the curtains of our perceived reality. You may find a place of breathtaking beauty there but you may also never find the way back. ‘Otherside’ is a desire that can seduce and betray you. Welcome to the ‘Otherside’.”


Goldfish – ‘Forever Free’

Talking about love and taking the leap, ‘Forever Free’ hits listeners straight in the soul. Narrated by the vocals of Nate Highfield and Silver on a stunning instrumental backdrop, this record will have GoldFish’s global fan base floating from the first second till the last.

Forester – ‘Towns’

“‘Towns’ is a song about the unique strength of relationships that are forged at a young age and how these bonds seem to transcend time and space. It tells the story of a young couple that grows up together in a small town where life is simple. However, one moves away to chase dreams in a big city, leaving the other behind to figure things out alone. From time to time the two remember the love they shared and secretly wish to have it back. Both of our parents come from small town midwestern backgrounds, so we kept their stories and experiences in mind while writing this”


ItaloBrothers – ‘Let Go (feat. Kiesza)’

Drawn by the easiness and joy of life, ItaloBrothers finally return to the release radar with their new single ‘Let Go’ featuring world-renowned singer/songwriter Kiesza. Out now via Universal Music’s highly-esteemed Virgin Records imprint. 

Torren Foot – ‘More Life (feat. Tinie Tempah x L Divine)’

Australian producer Torren Foot today drops the vocal version of his mighty single ‘More Life’ featuring Tinie Tempah and L Devine. Unveiled alongside a Meji Alabi-directed video, ‘More Life’ sees the two UK stars come together for a surefire late-summer hit. The visual, starring both Tinie and L Devine, follows an elder male character as he consumes a ‘More Life’ energy drink in order to get a little more from life.

220 Kid – ‘Too Many Nights’

Too Many Nights’ encompasses the instantly anthemic melodies and bold, infectious beats 220 Kid is fast becoming synonymous for.

Gorgon City – ‘Burning’

Working just as well in the underground as on national airwaves and streaming playlists, the new release ‘Burning’ is everything you would expect from a Gorgon City production; full of emotion with a big anthemic feel, atmospheric synth tones, low rumbling horns and warm bass, alongside EVAN GIIA’s resonant and soulful vocals. Written in March of this year during turbulent global times, this new release signifies the beginning of a new chapter for the duo that will lead into 2021 and beyond.

H3NRY THR!LL – ‘Don’t Give A (feat. McCane)’

Featuring British artist MC Kane on vocals, H3NRY THR!LL’s new track ‘Don’t Give A’ is a hard-hitting slice of pure bass that takes absolutely no prisoners. With dangerously rumbling bottom lines and piercing sirens, Thr!ll also manages to invoke a sense of D’n’B to parts of the production through both his percussive line and by keeping the melodies firmly ensconced in the lower levels. With funk and groove oozing out from the rhythm elements Thr!ll once again provides an absolute dancefloor destroyer that is more than capable of giving even the biggest sound systems an utter working out.

Westend – ‘Prickly Pear’

Westend is making his first-ever appearance on Insomniac Records with his latest single, ‘Prickly Pear’. In the past few years, the NYC-based producer has enjoyed outings on household labels Dirtybird, Solotoko, Sweat It Out!, and more. Now, Westend is ready to jump up to Insomniac’s flagship imprint with his latest creation, a deep and fuzzy tech house cut.

Reaper – ‘Pulse’

Reaper is returning to Bassrush Records with his second single on the label with ‘Pulse’. The US-based drum and bass producer has been hammering out nothing but heat for a whole host of camps from the likes of Deadbeats, RAM Records, Monstercat, Welcome Records and more. Now he’s heading back over with a new choppy stomper by the name of ‘Pulse’. 

longstoryshort – ‘Lost Summer (feat. Constance)’

Enigmatic producer longstoryshort is kicking off the third season of releases for Night Mode with new single, ‘Lost Summer’. The house music producer is next up on Night Mode, as he perfectly caps off the sun-kissed season with a riveting record that couples a shimmery vibe with the smooth vocal delivery of singer/songwriter Constance.

*Featured image via Solarstone, Shaun Frank, i_o and Goldfish*

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