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Interview - August 22, 2020

SWARM Is Crushing The Dark And Aggressive Music Game With His New Single

SWARM just dropped a new deep and twisted track, “I’ll Never See The World” featuring Brian Lenington and it’s an absolute powerhouse of sound design and raw emotion.

Brandon Carroll, AKA SWARM, has put his heart and soul into “I’ll Never See The World” and has shown us once again that there is light even through the darkest times. In addition to the vibrant musicianship of the song, Brian Lenington‘s vocals are exactly what the track needs to tie it all together.

In true SWARM fashion, there is an undeniable cinematic sound to “I’ll Never See The World” that can be heard from start to finish with its powerfully dramatic progressions. The genre-defying track offers elements of Electronic, gritty Cyberpunk, Metal, and some Rock all coexisting in perfect harmony during the five minutes and 10-second track.

The new single may sound dark but the bright message offered up is one that any fan can get behind. “This song is absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted my music to be. It is about feeling completely lost and alone in an empty world. It’s beautiful, heavy, hopeful, and ultimately incredibly sad.” Explains SWARM. “When you listen to this song, I want you to KNOW that you are not alone in feeling this way. I find comfort in that, and I hope you will too.”

If you’re looking for some comedic relief, head over to the SWARM Facebook or Youtube page for some seriously hilarious videos including an open letter to Excision. Dark clothes, dark music, and dark humor seem to be his forte. I caught up with Brandon for a telling interview about all things past, present, and future SWARM. Check that out below!

Your new single with Brian Lenington, “I’ll Never See The World” is charged with so much emotion lyrically and musically. Can you tell us about the writing process behind it? 

The song is about someone dying and waking up in purgatory, namely the thought process around realizing & accepting the idea of being alone forever – or as the song puts it, “locked away light-years from you”. I have experienced that mindset too many times – feeling all alone, isolated, discarded. So I channeled that into the story.

The song was written specifically with Brian in mind for the vocals, although I hadn’t told him that when I started. I texted him and told him I had a song that I was almost finished with that *NEEDED* him. When I get this excited, I usually type too fast, misspell everything, and come off generally like a crazed lunatic. But thankfully he knows me so he knew it was special by my excitement so he agreed.

I told him my story for the song and since this is our third song together, he knew that I would let him have full control of the lyrical content – I love what he does every single time. When he sent his vocals, I knew it was complete. No revisions, no feedback, just exactly what the song needed. 

Needless to say, I love Brian!

What is the story behind the dark and mysterious artwork for your new single?  

I had been following Katerina (@ninjajo_art) since my remix for Celldweller came out – she did the artwork for the single and I loved it so much. I knew as soon as the song was finished that she was the right person for the job. Her cyberpunk / dystopian imagery has such deep emotion, and since the song has a heavy futuristic feel, it was perfect.

The main character in the image is a reoccurring one for her – he always looks so defeated and sad. I asked her to make a new story for him, and what she made summed up the whole song so perfectly.

Album Art By Katerina Belikova

Let’s talk about the beginning. When did you know music was going to be a major part of your life?

Funny enough, my mom always told me growing up that I would do something big with music. She tells me I always wanted music-related toys as a kid. I had one of those echoing microphones that I loved. I have always been obsessed with music though- all kinds.

In my early 20’s I was in a metal band, where I learned to play guitar and generally understand songwriting. It didn’t work out for the band, but I still to this day use that knowledge to make my music what it is. 

To more directly answer your question, I knew it was what I was going to do with my life when Porter Robinson played my song “Savior” while I was at a festival watching him. I’ll never forget that.

Who were some of your big musical influences growing up? What about now?

Growing up in a Christian household, I first listened to lots of Christian rock, one in particular really helped shape my taste in music, Skillet. Very edgy & industrial for a religious band.

Soon, I crossed over into much less wholesome territory, I remember getting a Headbanger’s Ball CD and that was the time I really started listening to extremely aggressive music. Above all, discovering Rammstein changed the way I looked at music & branding identity and is still to this day my favorite band. 

Lately, Ghostemane has been one of my favorites.

Where is your favorite place to perform and what is one of your bucket list venues or festivals? 

That’s a tough one, but I have to say Republic NOLA in New Orleans. I love everyone there, the venue is awesome, the shows are amazing.

My bucket list for electronic music is Lost Lands, outside of that I want to tour with a metal band one day.

What is one jam guaranteed to get you grooving on the dancefloor? 

Jaded” by Drezo

Who are you interested in collaborating with in the future? 

Trivecta, Apashe, Seven Lions. Each brings a whole different feeling, and I love trying new things. Apashe is a huge influence in my music.

What are you doing to keep your mind and soul happy during this time of social distancing?

I am very much happy making music by myself, social distancing doesn’t bother me too much outside of the inability to play shows and travel. I usually spend my time by myself tinkering with new ideas for SWARM. 

What’s next for SWARM? 

I just finished up an official remix for one of my favorite artists, so I’m looking forward to that coming out. Other that that, I’m going to keep my head up and continue releasing music that I love while making sure those who listen to it know that I appreciate them very much.

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