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‘Stay With Me’ And Get ‘High’ On This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Scooter – ‘The Spell Remains’

Less than a year after hitting the Top 5 in Germany with their twentieth studio album ‘God Save The Rave’, globally acclaimed Techno act Scooter hammer down relentlessly with their first single of 2022. Powered by a potent cocktail of H.P. Baxxter’s ferocious vocals and driving drum and bass beats, ‘The Spell Remains’ sets out to supercharge the Hamburg-based trio’s momentum and add to the running tally of 30 million Scooter sales, 23 Top 10 hits, 90 platinum awards and countless headline slots at major festivals.

Alesso x Sentinal – ‘Only You’

Alesso and Sentinel will release their new skyrocketing anthemic single ‘Only You’ via 10:22PM / Astralwerks.  The message is a universal one of hope and spontaneity — of living in the moment while accepting that some things aren’t meant to last forever: “We know it’s over but it’s alright / We’ll keep dancin’ in these bright lights.”

Ben Gold – ‘Same Sky Same Stars (feat. Plumb)’

U.K. Trance titan Ben Gold fires on all cylinders with another high-impact production. From the innate drive and uplifting disposition of Ben’s trademark sound to the authentic vocal presence of acclaimed songstress Plumb, ‘Same Sky Same Stars’ is a melodic masterpiece that will lift listeners to greater heights with every play. 

Talla 2XLC & That Girl – ‘Nothing Compares To You’

Talla 2XLC returns to his own record label That’s Trance with ‘Nothing Compares To You’. For the first time, he’s collaborating with the well-known singer/songwriter That Girl from Johannesburg, South Africa who currently has an impressive stream of high quality releases on the industry’s top labels. ‘Nothing Compares To You’ combines tech-trance with full on uplifting sounds with great success. The melody sounds epic and combined with That Girl’s emotional vocals and touching sing-a-long lyrics that crawl under your skin and touch your heart and soul. 

Maxim Lany – ‘Titan’

Maxim Lany pushes another highly atmospheric and club-centric cut into the fray. Flaunting an incredibly intoxicating rhythm that pairs up nicely with the track’s ceaseless suspense, ‘Titan’ symbolizes the incredibly large steps the Belgian producer has recently been taking.

BT – ‘Where The Sun Meets The Sea (Nourey Remix)’

For her ‘Where the Sun Meets The Sea’ interpretation, Nourey’s naturalistically taken cues from the upper atmospheres of BT’s original. She’s incorporated many of its evocative vocal harmonies and spoken asides, along with its floating pads and synth glide. A sonic metaphor for seasons-change, through Nourey’s irresistible breakbeat pulse, she’s put some spring in its step. It breaks the track out of its exclusively sunset recline and into later-hours and more floor-ward thinking territory. 

AVIRA & Linney – ‘Stay With Me’

Pulling fans in with its gorgeous plucks and dreamy atmosphere, ‘Stay With Me’ is a track full of hope and devotion. From AVIRA’s flawless production to Linney’s velveteen vocals, this track is like the caress of a special someone: warm, kind and so precious it will live on as a loving memory for a long time to come.

Roman Messer x Papulin – ‘Jumanji’

Allowing listeners to step into uncharted territory, Roman Messer and Papulin’s joint debut release on Armind instantly proves one of the most memorable sonic adventures. With hulking kick drums, ever-climbing melodies and savage drops, ‘Jumanji’ is that call of the wild no fan can resist.

The Chainsmokers – ‘High (Leondis Remix)’

High’, which is the highly-anticipated comeback single from The Chainsmokers, has been reimagined by 19-year-old up-and-coming artist Leondis. Already receiving support from Alex Pall and Drew Taggart live, ‘High (Leondis Remix)’ has been The Chainsmokers’ remix of choice in their sets, including the Super Bowl LVI Tailgate Kickoff, EDC Mexico, and more. 

Nicky Romero – ‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2022’

2022 is the year every music fan has been waiting for: the year we can finally dance again at our favorite festivals, and Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings is here to deliver. Their new ‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2022’ EP. The EP features 5 tracks by artists such as Kosling, Robbie Rosen, Mr. Sid & Choujaa, Din & Vic, Wux, Ilumne as well as SOLR, Rush & Hydro, representing the full spectrum of the label and Miami Music Week vibe with a myriad of different electronic subgenres.

Maarten de Jong – ‘Magnum Opus’

If Bach made tech-trance, this is the monster track you’d get. Armed with the signature drive of Maarten de Jong’s acclaimed sound and a melody as epic as the track title implies, ‘Magnum Opus’ is destined for greatness on dance floors worldwide.

French Braids x Matt Hartke – ‘Heaven On Loan’

Tugging at the heartstrings across its duration, French Braids and Matt Hartke’sHeaven On Loan’ beautifully merges the electronic and singer-songwriter worlds. Beautiful, honest and haunting, this is a song about love and hope that will stick for a long time.

Bleu Clair – ‘Mistake’

Bleu Clair blazes a trail back over to Insomniac Records with his next single, ‘Mistake’ an elegant slice of house presented in the purest of forms.

Joachim Pastor – ‘Hopium (Avoure Remix)’

Among the most exciting up-and-comers in today’s progressive scene, Ukraine’s Avoure expertly bolsters the melodic flair of one of the incredible singles from Joachim Pastor’s debut album. Weaving soaring synths, intricate patterns and dream-like plucks together in perfect harmony, this remix of ‘Hopium’ is meant to inspire everyone who takes the time to really listen. 

Mindchatter – ‘Math’

“Everything is ‘Math’ when you’re a sociopath’ We all know someone that these lyrics could apply to – the cold, analytical types that act in self interest and seem to think strictly in terms of numbers.”


k?d – ‘FLOW IN YOU (feat. June One)’

The dynamic electronic artist k?d returns to HARD Recs with the sophomore single culled from his forthcoming album, this time teaming up with Seoul’s singer-songwriter June One on the blood-rushing ‘FLOW IN YOU’. 

SHÆLIN – ‘Body (Samba De La Muerte Remix)’

Samba De La Muerte takes a stripped back approach with his edit of ‘Body’ that lets this fundamental narrative shine through. Serving as a contemporary take on soul and jazz, the remix hosts a succulent collection of musical references that exist in perfect harmony with its electronic-leaning character. Opening with an ethereal soundscape and a faint bassline, SHÆLIN’s poignant lyrics and organically dulcet vocals are put on full display. As the cut progresses, Samba De La Muerte flirts with afro-inspired beats and hints of syncopation, creating a joyful rhythmic synergy between his percussion and synthwork. With the added sonority and traditionalism of his injected piano phrases, De La Muerte has cross-pollinated some of the most seemingly disparate sub genres of music to create a rich composition with infinite intrigue and soul.

Autograf – ‘Love Runs Deep (feat. Tiina)’

Currently on top of their game throughout their unwavering studio output, Autograf touched down on Armada Music with their second vocal cut of 2022. Both pop-sensible and club-centric with a hint of summer feel, ‘Love Runs Deep’ is the kind of crossover production that will have fans smacking the repeat button like crazy.

yetep – ‘Lullaby (feat. David Frank)’

The eclectic electronic producer yetep returns to the Lost In Dreams imprint with his first solo single ‘Lullaby’, enlisting the vocal talents of award-winning singer-songwriter David Frank on an enthralling dance-pop record. 

Hermitude – ‘When You Feel Like This’

“Out of an almost zen-like location, we managed to tap into some properly energized rhythms. You can hear it in the way the drums coil themselves around the closely recorded vocals on the song [‘When You Feel Like This’].”


Breakbot x Irfane – ‘Remedy’

Breakbot and Irfane have today released their ‘Remedy’ EP – a collection of 4 timeless, slick funk tracks – out via Ed Banger Records / Because Music. The EP includes the single of the same name, which was released earlier this year along with a fantastically futuristic video, featuring a cartoon Breakbot and Irfane traversing across the animated universe in search of “the remedy” and the solution to all of life’s problems.

H3NRY THR!LL – ‘No Time To Fight’

On ‘No Time To Fight’ An epic electric organ and woodblock percussion open things up, immediately creating an empathic energy. H3NRY THR!LL then carefully constructs a gradual rise in intensity with the introduction of layered and heavily distorted synths, crowd-like claps and punching kicks. This increasing energy culminates in a bass heavy climax with low frequency dubstep drums, shooting synths and a high-pitched flute which creates a completely consuming experience.

R Plus – ‘Makes Me Feel Good’

Spearheaded by soulful vocals and plucked melodies that push up and draw back as if it were ebb and flow, R Plus’ Makes Me Feel Good’ has a poetic feel to it that instantly hooks. Both esoteric and atmospheric in the way it builds and tells its story, this track allows for a sonic deep-dive that’s sure to please the senses. 

Hi I’m Ghost – ‘Raveyard’

The haunted dubstep duo Hi I’m Ghost embarks on a ghoulish adventure with their new ‘Raveyard’ EP, a supernatural four-track effort plotted as the latest release to arrive courtesy of the Bassrush Records crew. 

Kleøpatra – ‘Diamond Eyes’

Diamond Eyes’ immediately kicks off with hypnotic vocals accompanied by ambient synths building up to a heavy melodic bass drop. Subsonic percussive elements throughout the track infiltrate the eardrums making the track endlessly playable. The rhythmic bassline and mesmerizing melodies captivate the listener, bringing them into a euphoric soundscape. Kleøpatra’s intoxicating production will undoubtedly see her scale the ranks, climbing festival lineups worldwide.

Banx & Ranx – ‘Headphones (feat. Rêve)’

“Making our first single [‘Headphones’] on UMC with Rêve is a great way to start our new journey. It’s a pure energy track from Canadian artists to the world. We are really proud of this one and can’t wait to share what else we have coming this year!”

Banx & Ranx

Nyxen – ‘PXNK’

Known for her intricate synth work, Nyxen has carved a unique space for herself at the intersection of dance, indie, and pop music. A beautiful execution of Nyxen’s ambitious sound design, ‘PXNK’ is a skillful blend of lively arpeggiated basslines, sultry vocals, and groove-riddled melodies. 

*Featured image via AVIRA, Linney, The Chainsmokers and Leondis*

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