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Fresh Music - July 16, 2021

‘Stay’ Tuned Because We Are ‘Simply Mad’ About This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

‘Stay’ tuned because we are ‘Simply Mad’ about this week’s new music from the likes of Gareth Emery, ATB, SNAILS, Nitti Gritti and more.

Gareth Emery – ‘Calling Home (feat. Sarah de Warren)’

“This song [‘Calling Home’] has been something of an anthem as we’ve welcomed crowds to re-opened venues these past few months. As the intro track to my sets, I’ve received hundreds of messages about it – so many in fact – that we fast tracked the release to get it to you’ll for the summer.”

Gareth Emery

Talla 2XLC x Andreas Kraemer – ‘Carma’

The trance pioneer Talla 2XLC meets the techno Frankfurt legend Andreas Kraemer for their instant crowd pleaser ‘Carma’. Tough rocking kicks, slamming dark basslines, awesome full on percussion, some little acid touches create that quality rounded stomping groove followed by  the long breakdown dominated from the balearic sunkissed melody to radiate its positive hopeful message packed with airy strings and synths. Its crescendo moment focuses on the huge techno groove and hints of cool melodies. Summer techno anthem alert!

Armin van Buuren x DubVision – ‘I Should Be Lovin You (feat. YOU)’

Touching upon lost love and regret, ‘I Should Be Loving You (feat. YOU)’ is the first-ever collab between Armin van Buuren and Dutch duo DubVision. With unique synths adding a sense of summer love nostalgia and recognizable lyrics tugging gently at the heartstrings, this track is an anthem for the one that got away.

Trance Wax – ‘Eve (808 State Remix)’

“‘Eve’ [by Trance Wax] was pretty Balearic in its original form, but we’ve given it a spray tan using some vintage analog synths and guitars. One for the sunset crew!”

808 State

ATB pres. EANOH – ‘Simply Mad’

ATB returns under a brand new alter ego, EANOH. Presenting his hot summer debut single ‘Simply Mad’, the world-famous and renowned German DJ and producer ATB – aka EANOH – helps us escape into a wonderfully light and dreamy summer world. ‘Simply Mad’ provides us with everything necessary for a hot season. A driving beat paired with playful sounds and strong female vocals. The single evokes ease that enables us to float in the most peculiar way. Accompanied by a wicked touch, the trombone combined with catchy lyrics puts us directly into a house-dance state that is impossible to escape – ‘Simply Mad’ by any means.

Giuseppe Ottaviani x Lucid Blue – ‘Be The Angel’

Giuseppe Ottaviani reteams with the UK’s Lucid Blue for ‘Be The Angel’. Together with the Bristol-based electronic music quartet (comprising of Amber Anderson, Robert Myatt, Christian Zechner & Shawn Davis), the Italian’s studio-summoned another epically fine slice of vocal trance power.

Spencer Brown – ‘Silver Linings’

“‘Silver Linings’ EP was entirely written during the lockdown. I’m a big fan of atmospheric, more experimental progressive, and techno, and lockdown provided me with the time to experiment in this vein of production. Once I wrote ‘Cumulonimbus Incus (named after the soaring feeling of my favorite cloud) and ‘Sea Caverns’ (named after the sonar pulse and deep-sea bass), I sent the music to Sasha, one of my biggest inspirations. I’m absolutely honored that he loved the music, and Last Night on Earth was the perfect fit for these sounds. While these were written in a dark place during the lockdown, getting signed by one of my heroes turned out to be a silver lining of endless studio time.”

Spencer Brown

BT x April Bender – ‘Windows’

On their original version of ‘Windows’, BT goes flame-on with the production, whilst April Bender’s vocal is given all the spotlight needed to plant the seed. It’s a song that metaphorically touches on many themes, not least those of empowerment, freedom and respect. With his version, Omnia keeps BT’s clubbier vibes going, but adds in an extra layer of airwave, giving it a mass of all-day-play appeal. Sean Darin toys with the expectations on his mix, beginning with an unassuming acoustic guitar strum that rapidly swells into infectious snares, glitch, stutter and grinding FX. Giving ‘Windows’ the most panoramic of perspectives, BT’s also secured the rare remix services of the godfather himself, Steve Silk Hurley, who gives the track not one but two heart-filled house revisions.

deadmau5 x Lights – ‘When The Summer Dies’

World renowned electronic artist deadmau5 and Canadian alternative singer/songwriter Lights have reunited for the release of a new single ‘When The Summer Dies’. This track highlights Lights pop sensibility set against a fun and playful production from deadmau5.

Illenium – ‘Fallen Embers’

Fallen Embers’, the highly anticipated fourth album from platinum crossover electronic artist and producer/DJ ILLENIUM makes its debut today via 12Tone Music.

Ookay x Flux Pavilion x Elohim – ‘BE OK’

“This song [‘BE OK’] has gone on quite a journey. Flux Pavilion stopped by my place in Los Angeles back in 2019 and we just bonded and worked on some ideas while playing around with midi, guitars and talked about life on my roof. Fast forward a year and a half later and after about 10 different versions of the song, I sent it to the amazingly talented Elohim who sent back some awesome vocals then we started writing back and forth. The song is about just wanting to be ok, which is a feeling most people can relate to. In your darkest moments, you want to find your way towards a more positive reality and this song is a yearning for that.”


Davey Asprey – ‘Rebirth’

Touching down on his favorite imprint again, U.K. producer Davey Asprey drops another slice of uplifting paradise with his next offering to the A State Of Trance label. Steeped in melodic prowess and dance floor energy, ‘Rebirth’ is 100% pure and ready to have fans reeling for more.

DRYM x Evan Henzi – ‘Lightmare’

DRYM and Evan Henzi’s Lightmare’ is an anthem to fading daylight. With a mystic atmosphere, wakeful arpeggios and vocals lost in reverie, this track is set to come to life when the darkness falls.

SNAILS – ‘Slime Zone’

The beautifully chaotic track zooms into SNAILS’ wild signature sound with an intense build-up as sirens roar and electronic voices announce “you are now entering the ‘Slime Zone’”, preparing listeners for the unreal experience that follows. A pristinely-crafted dubstep drop proceeds, proving why listeners are warned to “proceed with caution” and why peers in his genre give him constant praise for his sound design. The ride briefly slows then gets right back into the insanity with another spine-tingling drop. The production features a mixture of dynamic sounds to add to its madness that are guaranteed to induce some headbanging.

Chris Malinchak – ‘Night Work’

‘Godfather of Chill’ Chris Malinchak has dropped his long awaited debut album ‘Night Work’ on Ultra Music. A twelve-track release, ‘Night Work’ is an exploration into the chilled-out dance music sound that Malinchak has made his own over the past few years. It features no fewer than eight tracks that the New York artist has released as singles. 

NGHTMRE – ‘Scars (feat. Yung Pinch)’

“I’ve been making a good bit of Hip Hop recently but nothing too melodic! I was excited to try my hand in some cool melodic Hip Hop vibes. Yung Pinch did such a great job with the vocal and I tried to keep the vibe going for the drop/hook. I hope everyone loves this as much as we do!! It’s [‘Scars’] already been stuck in my head for months.”


Third Party – ‘Veins (AVIRA Remix)’

AVIRA’s riveting remix of ‘Veins’ ticks all the boxes of a long-time crowd favorite. Both progressive and euphoric at the same time, this gorgeous, thrilling and outspoken remix treatment of Third Party’s 2017 single will get the adrenaline surging with every play.

KSHMR – ‘Ready To Love’

KSHMR returns with a highly anticipated vocal anthem that has been a highlight ID from his live sets of recent years. Making its way to listeners on Dharma Worldwide, ‘Ready to Love‘ is sure to be a top track of the summer festival season.

Conrank – ‘Watch Us Fly’

Conrank prepares for take-off with ‘Watch Us Fly’! His fusion of rock and bass, guitars, thundering bass and that awesome Conrank vocal. Welcome to the new world of Conrank! As we jump to the sky and headbang through the clouds, the heavens await. if there’s rails in space they’re getting pulverised! Just ‘Watch Us Fly’!

SAYMYNAME – ‘Happy Pillz’

“‘Happy Pillz’ is one of my favorite songs. When Cara Hart and I made it, I imagined all of the things that make me happy. Music, festivals, traveling the world, and creating dope experiences with my fans. Can’t wait to experience those happy moments again!”


Nitti Gritti – ‘Stay / What You Wanted’

Combining the big room electronic sound he has built his reputation around with the alternative rock that soundtracked his formative years, ‘Stay / What You Wanted’ sees Nitti Gritti go back to his roots. Opener ‘Stay’ perfectly encapsulates this meshing of these two sonic worlds, pairing high-energy power chords with euphoric dubstep drops and wobbling bass. ‘What You Wanted’ is a more emotionally-charged affair, opening with delicate acoustic guitar chords before making way for glistening synths and more jubilant  breakdowns.

Junior Jack – ‘Stupidisco (David Penn)’

Italian DJ/producer Junior Jack resurfaces into the spotlight with a remix package of his house classic ‘Stupidisco’, with an euphorically feel good remix by Spanish producer David Penn.

Anyma – ‘Claire’

Pioneering musical concept Anyma, the brainchild of Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri, has unveiled new EP ‘Claire’ on Rose Avenue Records. A three-track release, title track and EP opener ‘Claire’ sees Anyma deliver a sparkling dose of indie-electronica. Co-produced by Faroe Islands composer Janus Rasmussen, it’s steeped in emotion and punctuated by the haunting vocals written and sung by Delhia De France.

Cheat Codes – ‘Never Love You Again (feat. Little Big Town x Bryn Christopher)’

“We love to cross genres with our music and ‘Never Love You Again’ gave us a natural opportunity to make it happen. We hope this song finds everyone enjoying their summer with friends and family!  We can’t wait to see you all on the road.”

Cheat Codes 

Paul Kalkbrenner – ‘Si Soy Fuego’

Si Soy Fuego’ is a percussive cut that Paul Kalkbrenner centers around a Spanish language vocal that he discovered among “a pile of demo recordings”. It’s a buoyant message encapsulating Paul’s enthusiasm for live music’s return. 

Tokyo Machine x End Of The World – ‘Silver Lining’

Enigmatic artist Tokyo Machine and Japanese power-group End of the World have joined forces on new single ‘Silver Lining’ via Insomniac Records: Lost In Dreams. Combining orchestral flourishes and mellifluous synth play with Tokyo Machine’s whispered vocals, ‘Silver Lining’ is a saccharine dance-pop jam brimming with infectious, feelgood energy. 

TheFatRat – ‘Hiding In The Blue (feat. Riell)’

Hiding In The Blue’ is an epic anthem that combines upbeat modern electronic sounds with orchestral elements. It tells the story of the main character (from previous TheFatRat songs ‘Close To The Sun’ and ‘Stronger’) retreating herself from the world due to injuries she’s experienced in the past, both physically and mentally. She reminisces about Arcadia, where she “once called home” and a time she “fought against the demons” and “monsters made of gold.” Featuring mesmerizing sounds from Chinese instruments like the guzheng, the monumental song’s instrumentals appropriately match the warrior theme of the lyrics.

Mattia Cupelli – ‘RUINS’

“‘RUINS’ came to life when I decided to finally reinvent and innovate myself. I started to reflect on the meaning of Time, and how this reflects in our lives. The music reacts to the controversy and contradiction of moving in this and trying to make sense of this dimension. I also find it fascinating to compare this with all humans that reflected are in these themes throughout the centuries. So, I made it through the abstract concept of Art, and with ancient stories from classic mythology.”

Mattia Cupelli

Axel Thesleff x ShiShi – ‘Sajani 2.0 (feat. Ben Parag)’

The deep emotion found within the original single [‘Sajani 2.0’] is amplified as poetic lyrics are showcased against modern bassline elements and jagged electronic tones provided by Axel Thesleff. Using a classic Hindustani style of singing, Ben Parag brings a refined magic to the sound, calling for the comfort of his missing lover and delicately entwining his voice with ShiShi’s evolving production style and the conversational tone of the organic pan flute.

ALLISTER X – ‘Nothing Like This’

Nothing Like This’ is quintessential ALLISTER X, that is playful, quirky, and effortlessly catchy. Horns, snaps, and a rockin’ bassline are accompanied by vocal effects that give this track a futuristic vibe with a youthful appeal.

WATEVA x Emily J – ‘Someone Better’

“We wrote this track [‘Someone Better’] back in 2018, and we totally forgot about it. But when we started going through old ideas for the album, we felt that this one could connect with the album on a completely different level. Having the artwork paint a picture of a seemingly romantic sunset with a twist of a heavily polluted lake seemed appropriate to describe the song as a metaphor for a toxic love interest.”


Kuu – ‘How To Change Your Mind’

A five-track release, ‘How To Change Your Mind’ is characterised by the kind of spiritual, transcendental house music that is quickly becoming KUU’s trademark sound.

Motez – ‘ReSet’

Australian producer Motez has garnered a fanbase across the globe for his expressive and purposeful approach to dance music, and now, the Adelaide-based producer impresses listeners with his new EP ‘ReSet’. The release follows up his 2020 EP ‘Soulitude’ which was a minimal, emotive and ambient style release that was positioned to help those who were struggling with the effects of the global pandemic. Whereas the new offering, ‘ReSet’ draws on elements of hard dance, dark synths and techno to create a piece of music that is a reflection of the world’s countries’ current state of frustration.

Topic x Bebe Rexha – ‘Chain My Heart’

Topic and Bebe Rexha take viewers into a shadowy, sexually-charged world in the official video for their hit single, ‘Chain My Heart’. Jason Lester unfurls a bold, noirish clip that chases the two artists and a crew of leather-clad dancers through an industrial Los Angeles location, with a nod to 80s videos and action films and a wink to Berlin nightlife.

*Featured image via Gareth Emery, ATB, SNAILS and Nitti Gritti*