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Recaps and Reviews - Tour - February 3, 2020

Spencer Brown Takes us on an Extraordinary Musical Journey with ‘Stream of Consciousness’

Aimee Rivas


Anjunabeats fav Spencer Brown is back with a sizzling new album!

Anjunabeats favorite Spencer Brown is back with his highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Stream of Consciousness’. After the smashing success of his debut LP ‘’Illusion of Perfection’ in 2018, he is once again giving us a peek inside the mind of a master producer.

‘Stream of Consciousness’ is a twelve-track mix album that seamlessly takes you on a musical journey from start to finish. SF to Berlin’, the first track on the release is beautifully crafted. With its deep driving beats and melodic underlying soundscapes, this instrumental track is the perfect piece to pull you into the album. ‘Lose You’ takes it up a notch with its flirty feel and catchy lyrics. ‘Pursuance’ a collaboration with Marsh has an otherworldly vibe about it. It’s light but powerful simultaneously, a really great track.

Throughout the entirety of the album, it flows as one solid mix which is one of the things that make this album extraordinary. You don’t know where one song starts and the next finishes. ‘Leaving Newcastle’ pulls you in with bangin deep beats but then picks up with a lively and energized melody. ‘Donna’ is bound to be a new dancefloor favorite; its vibe is bold, funky and throbbing. The close of the release ‘Womaa’ has chunky driving bass beats and gorgeous piano undertones and then climaxes with a powerful and dramatic finale.

Spencer Brown has once again outdone himself and leaves you with a perfect 63 minute beautifully crafted gem. The mix album concept is one to strive for and Spencer explains his love for the format.

“The mix album took 329 revisions to finalize. I’m a control freak with my mixes—it’s deeply ingrained in my creative process. With that in mind, I didn’t send any tracks to anyone for mix help, and I created and mixed 100% of the final product. Creating an album of radio-edited singles has never interested me creatively. I prefer to craft music that keeps my listener in a flow state—working, studying, traveling, exercising, dancing, whatever it may be. I conceived my album as one carefully mixed piece: an hour-plus of continuous music. It’s a collection of tracks I wrote from 2015 to 2019, inspired by the majesty of nature, missing a loved one, and the ups and downs of touring—all bundled into a single Stream of Consciousness.”

Spencer Brown

I perfectly understand his intention when making an album that keeps the listener in “flow state”. I feel this type of release keeps the listener engaged and brings you into the album’s journey. I can only imagine the exciting remixes and edits that will also be created for the dancefloors. The feeling of this release is timeless and will no doubt be on the way to classic status.

Stream of Consciousness’ is out everywhere on Anjunabeats. You can also catch Spencer Brown on his biggest North American Tour which is scheduled to start this week in Denver. He is bringing along some amazing talent to accompany him; Qrion, Nox Vahn, Marsh, and David Hohme. Make sure to get your tickets and catch him in a city near you.

Spencer Brown tour dates.
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*Featured Photo | via Bennett Sell-Klein