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Sonn Shines in new Alt Pop-leaning ‘Something, Safe’

by Tom Fairfax

Young talent Sonn has shown promise from the start, landing 20 million plays for his 2018 single “Choke” and later being picked up by ODESZA on their Foreign Family Collective imprint. However, it’s on indie-pop! label Independent, where he really shines—as evidenced by his inaugural EP, Something, Safe. The shimmering alt-pop compilation was written from the ground up by Sonn, including mixing and mastering, making it an even more impressive feat for the 21-year-old star.

Something, Safe represents the blending of two global and sonic realms. Musically, Sonn felt inspired by his musician peers to delve deeper into the art of songwriting and warm, organic sounds. The five-piece collection thus bursts with soft guitar and keyboard riffs, lo-fi filtering, and cracking synths.

A year-long Malaysia trip (where his father hails from) gave Something, Safe its nostalgic overtones, coming together with its sonics to tell a familiar, yet idiosyncratic story that charts personal growth. Young love is the guiding force of this growth; tracks like “Rumours (ft. Lontalius)” and “About You (ft. Tamu Massif) tell the stories of chasing a crush, and later getting to know them. Meanwhile, “Colours”—featuring Sonn’s own vocals—covers a protagonist moving on from heartbreak.

One can’t forget Something, Safe’s title opener, which opens the EP with cheery tones accented by broken beats. Listen closer, however, and its bittersweet lyrics that speak of heartbreak and lost love. It makes for an apt opener, hooking its audience in and taking them on a trip down memory lane until the last not.

Take the trip yourself below, and grab a copy here.

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