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“Something New” To Cure Your Friday “Boredom” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Sunny Lax – “End of Our Time”

Anjunabeats favorite Sunny Lax writes a new chapter with the release of a new EP, “End Of Our Time”. Penned before world events took a turn for the worse, the five-track EP celebrates all aspects of his sound in 2020. This release has a little something for everyone, tranquil sounds, club bangers, and a lyrically gorgeous and emotive track to close the release.

Above & Beyond – “Bittersweet & Blue” (Remixes)

Amsterdam’s Jordin Post and duo Lumïsade are the latest artists to put their spin on the Above & Beyond club anthem“Bittersweet & Blue”. Jordin’s “Bittersweet & Blue” remix is one of several releases to come in 2020 on the Anjuna label. Finnish pair Lumïsade provides a progressive twist to this classic track.

Gl0bal – “Believe”

Canadian based producer Gl0bal returns with another stimulating bass-centric track “Believe” on Circus Records. This new track features hauntingly ethereal vocals perfectly paired in conjunction with wicked synths and hefty bass drops.

ANIMÁL – “Let Me Down”

Brooklyn-based duo ANIMÁL are breaking into the alternative-electronic landscape with their debut album “Flight“. ANIMÁL’s debut single off the album is an awe-inspiring release. “Let Me Down” is an elegant experience from start to finish. Forging a bridge between indie-rock and modern Electronic Dance Music and simultaneously embellishing with their signature sound design and emotive chord progressions.

pluko – “Higher”

Rising producer pluko has teamed up with Australian vocalist Panama for a lush indie electronic single, “higher“. The new single is the latest in a string of dynamic collaborations from pluko. The new track uses glistening synth-work and a steady, rhythmic drum beat. pluko lays down a blissful musical bed for Panama’s harmonious vocals as the track builds towards moments of true euphoria.

13 – “Armageddon”

13 releases his new single “Armageddon” on mau5trap. The track is hard and dark out the gate with broken up basslines and a funky bold feel.

Project 46 – “Somebody New”

Project 46 is back with their new single “Somebody New” with BYNON. The Canadian duo continues with their progressive sound, employing dreamy melodies that develop into a bouncy, uplifting drop that will make your spirits soar. Soulful vocals add an emotive element with lyrics that touch on toxic relationships and getting over that certain someone that you can never seem to move on from. Project 46‘s ability to weave together relatable vocal elements and cathartic dance melodies is a true gift, one that they continue to share with the world with each new release

R3HAB X Timmy Trumpet – “911”

R3HAB teams up with Timmy Trumpet on the brand-new club banger “911“. The new release sees R3HAB switching gears, returning to his party-starting sound with one of the craziest DJs on the planet. In their debut collaboration, the track’s ultra-catchy vocals serve as the forefront for cinematic melodies and hypnotic hooks. Set to ignite dancefloors with its driving, quick-tempo bassline, “911” is an explosive anthem for both the festival stage and the stay-at-home rave.

Yoste – “Boredom”

Yoste shares his whimsical new track, Boredom off his upcoming EP “A Few Brief Moments,” slated for release in June. “Boredom” and its thesis statement of the tracks hook “could get better/but I don’t like to try” describes what Yoste calls a “defeatist yet optimistic sentiment all wrapped together” and will surely resonate with his fans.

Molly Parton – “Redneck”

Molly Parton returns with brand new single “Redneck“. This country house single is the second single from the producer Rob “Rez” Resnick of Timeflies. . The groundbreaking country house artist effortlessly blends his unique southern charm style with four-on-the-floor basslines to deliver yet another streaming hit. An impressive blend of  classic banjo twang with a nuanced kick, “Redneck” sees a dance-ready melody topped with catchy vocals to match.

CAPPA – “There With You Baby”

Electro-pop darling CAPPA is delivering a new infectious single, “There With You Baby.” The new track is the second tease of her forthcoming EP. This new single is a delightful, feel-good pop track and perfectly captures the giddy feeling of falling for someone.

Surf Mesa – “ILY” (Arty Remix)

Acclaimed DJ/Producer ARTY has remixed Surf Mesa’s breakout hit ily (i love you baby). ARTY’s rework brings a sparkling, up-tempo energy and progressive house style to the track, which has become an international phenomenon.

Man Cub & APEK – “Wrong To Let You Go”

Man Cub and APEK team up with April Bender to deliver the anthem “Wrong To Let You Go”, out now on Enhanced Music. This new release is a stunning collaboration that will be the highlight of your Summer. Delicate guitar riffs, pulsating drums, and flawless vocals make this a mesmerizing release.

Obylx – “Day by Day”

Bristol-based producer obylx has released his new single “Day By Day“. Using cheerful rhythms and beats, obylx deals with the less cheerful subject of enduring quarantine alone. Taking electric slides and delicate embellishments, the producer provides a needed contrast against the sobering lyrics. However, the listener can’t help singing along, being drawn into the catchy melody that radiates throughout the single.

Tchami – “Proud”

Paris-born DJ and producer Tchami has unveiled the official remix package for his single “Proud. The “Proud” remix package is a six-track offering and has a variety of reworks for your listening pleasure. It opens with a stomping, club-ready edit to a deep and chunky remix to a progressive house version that’s underpinned by two emotive breakdowns. The second half of the record features a bass-driven remix and wobbly, dubstep-inspired edit and concludes with a deconstructed, breakbeat-laden closer. There are so many reworks of “Proud” to choose from there is something for everybody!

Anthony Kalabretta – “This Fire”

Deep house music producer Anthony Kalabretta releases his newest single This Fire“. This track opens with intoxicating basslines that carry smooth vocals along with them. Deep house radiates throughout the track with shimmering synths guiding the way to an addictive groove. Calm cooling beats assist in maintaining the easy-listening tone of the single as they intertwine themselves into the listener’s ears with grace.

Matador – “Tuesday”

Matador returns to the foreground of electronic music’s vast landscape with “Tuesday“, his debut album contribution to the ambient realm. Tuesday project presents as a seminal down-tempo addition to his ever-flourishing back-catalog. Proposing a fresh perspective on both concept and sonic sensibilities, the ambient-led electronica opus takes an alternative stylistic route from its predecessors, welcoming nature as its muse.

Sam Lamar – “Major Arcana : Origins”

Sam Lamar is continuing his mystical bass journey with the next evolution Major Arcana: Origins”. This three-track EP comes just after the release of the lead single “The Hierophant”. In addition to the previous single, the release also has tracks “The Lovers” and “The Chariot”. “The Lovers” is a bombastic wonky original that headbangers everywhere can get down to while “The Chariot” closes things out with a bit more groove, but doesn’t let up on the gritty growls.


TELYKast releases their newest single DAYLIGHT”. The track has the Los Angeles trio bob and weave between a pulsating bassline, nocturnal synths, and steep drops towards a dancefloor-ready lunar chant.

Ted When – “Edge Off”

Ted When releases his debut solo single, Edge Off”. Ted When used all his life influences to produce his new, genre-defying sound. The new track has an out of this world electro feel and catchy lyrics that will surely be a new fan favorite.

Flux Pavilion X What So Not – “20:25” (ReauBeau Remix)

ReauBeau continues his fruitful Circus Records residency with a remix of Flux Pavilion and What So Not’s massive “20:25”. The Dutch DJ is once again bringing his innovative, trap-influenced production to this release. Reaubeau brings his own signature sound to the massive hit single and transforms it into his own style, he gives the track a whole new identity!

*Featured Photo | via Gl0bal, Sunny Lax, ReauBeau, and Yoste*

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