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Louis the Child

So Glad We’re “Here for Now”, Louis the Child’s Debut Album

by RiMo

Making music with unbridled passion, music producers, and DJs  Louis the Child have set themselves on a quest to make their fans happy. This talented duo stems from Chicago and creates music under multiple genres including Electronic Dance Music, Pop, and Alternative. With over 600 million streams and endorsements from Taylor Swift and Lorde, Louis the Child’s “Go” notably soundtracked an Apple iPad commercial in 2017, while their breakthrough “Better Not” with WAFIA earned a gold certification from the RIAA and powered the 2018 Kids At Play EP. Appearing at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest to name a few, Louis The Child is making their presence known and thrilling audiences across the country. 

Additionally, Louis the Child has teamed up with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder’s hemp-infused sparkling water, MAD TASTY, for their first-ever capsule collection. Coinciding with the launch of the album, 5,000 Louis the Child x MAD TASTY cans are available for purchase from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, an organization that is providing immediate assistance to musicians and music industry workers who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first time I saw Louis the Child perform live was at Decadence 2017. It was also my first time at that festival and I found myself ringing in the New Year excited to be spending the holiday with my EDM community. In the VIP section, I stood mesmerized by the extraordinary performance of Louis the Child. They took the stage and gave their heart and soul in a set that was truly memorable. It was relatively early in the evening and after their act, I knew that this would be one of the best New Years’ events that I would ever attend. And it was.

If you’re looking for an album that makes you feel good and is packed with extraordinary songs covering multiple genres then this is the album for you. “Big Love” is an anthem for joy, using Worldbeat sounds to reverberate their message of hope with a Caribbean flair and choral styled vocals. High pitched chords elevate the sound to the heavens. “Bittersweet” urges you to make the best of your life when you have time and be grateful for what you have. The chords have a vibrating chiptune feel and express that excitement of being in love while acknowledging the pain associated with its loss. Its lyrics ‘happy just to be around’, I’ve found myself saying over and over again now more than ever. The soulful elements in the vocals and groovy beats will make your spirits soar. “Little Things” takes a spin on what is important in relationships, sweetly told as a happy go lucky beat. The song helps you to realize that actions speak louder than words. The hook on this song is mesmerizing and will have you humming all day long with its melodic vocals and playful switch in the lyrics from one partner to another. A careful drop in this song builds up an exciting synth exploration that is exhilarating! “We All Have Dreams” deals with the struggles to meet those expectations we all set for ourselves. What are our aspirations? Can we get where we want to go?  It’s hard to see the future but it’s impossible to ignore. A certain theme in the sound seems to be apparent by this point in the album. It’s meant to inspire you with wonder even when you doubt yourself. “Nobody Like You” factors in what it means to appreciate the persons around you. Better hold onto this one. “Don’t Mind” is a sure-fire summer hit that will keep you dancing all night long.

“Every Color” is a vibrating existential trip to clairvoyance that explains the complete experience between two people. Get ready for an emotional rainbow. I love the global Electropop sound in this song with the perfect mix of Techno. “Get Together” is a lovely Rythm and Blues song that reflects on the complications of feelings even though they may be painful to you and your partner. Jazz segments give it a robust and fresh feel. “La La La” is a reassurance of life and survival. The lyrics ‘Everything’s Okay’, are repeated in this song and I loved hearing this, especially right now. A celebratory feel in the synths was soothing and a gospel-inspired vocal climax drives this song and your spirits higher. “Free” takes place in a changed state of reality as you watch the person you cared about the most go ahead without you. You were his everything and he’s not over this by a long shot. “We Are Here For Now,” asks the listener to analyze the reality of being present in the moment, which feels hard and challenging to do in the world the way it is. “Fade Away” is a Techno banger with heavy bass elements that drive into your soul and won’t fade away from your memory.

“Here For Now” is a sophisticated analysis of living in our modern world and trying to hold on to the important things in life if you are lucky to have them; love, family, and dreams. It’s a summer of love. Be glad you are in this moment because you’re the one who gets to enjoy life to it’s fullest.  Masterfully mixed, impressive vocals and deliberate timing of transitions make this album so enjoyable to listen to. It’s a feel-good introspective look at the emotional journey of life with a positive point of view, helping us live our best life and to find the magic in every second because we are only here for now.

Purchase Louis the Child’s “Here For Now” here.

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