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Snailed it! | SNAILS Hollywood Palladium [Recap]

by Meag Bo

Whoa, that was intense! Does anyone have the number for a good chiropractor or yoga studio?! Everyone at the SNAILS show last night is going to need it! Boy oh boy, did we break our fucking necks or what?! Los Angeles was given mad love by all the artists that took the stage to play fan favorites and some new music. To get the vibe going and start the night com3t, Jayceeoh, AL Ross and Rusko came to support SNAILS at the Hollywood Palladium in that order. I arrived as Jayceeoh was stepping onto the stage. I’ve learned that getting to shows earlier is the best idea. It gives you time to get a prime location for the night. Not to mention if you don’t know the opening artists, a chance to hear some new music you might totally enjoy!

This was my first ever show at the Palladium. I didn’t realize how large the venue was. I absolutely loved the area for bottle service upstairs. There was an amazing view for a short girl like myself. However, there was plenty of floor space to get a solid shot on the floor below. The screen was so huge it seemed hard to not catch everything that was happening! Also, I liked that there was a smoking area at the top to take a break from the headbanging and get some fresh air. I think it was the perfect venue to host this show. The hero’s of rail riding were just going for it! I swear I thought they were going to tear down the rail or better yet, smack their heads on it. Either way, it did not seem like any of them cared. There were a few times I looked down and in unison the entire crowd was headbanging and it looked like a true wave in the ocean. I also love the variety of outfits and styles that come out! There is everything from bodysuits and rave clothes to goth styles or plain t-shirt and jeans.

Then SNAILS just murdered the speakers and the screen as we entered Mission: Slugtopia. I was so blown away by the intricate design of the show. Everything from the lasers and the visuals. Phew! It was absolutely unreal. One of my favorites of SNAILS set was when he played “Magnets” and the visuals was a double snail outline in fuschia and light neon blue. The lyrics were playing on the screen leading up to a neck-breaking drop. Everyone in the large sea of people lost it! The mosh pits went crazy and dancing hit a high. I never really understood the reason for banging your body against others in a chaotic manner but, hey to each their own. You can tell that when SNAILS was planning the production of this performance, he cared to cover lol the small details. It seems like he put himself in our shoes and showed us what he we would like to see. Personally, I think it’s badass when an artist is so multi-talented. Especially when they take advantage of it and utilize their skills.

Not only was LA fortunate enough to get the Holographic Shell 2.0 and Super Slimy Lasers show, we also got some unreleased music. SNAILS dropped a collab with 1000 volts who consist of Jayceeoh and Redman. From time to time when the screen hit a bright white or lighter color, you caught a shadow of the man himself doing his thing like a boss. One of my favorite parts of a show is watching the artist really get into it and show love for themselves. Believing in yourself is part of achieving the magnitude of success these individuals have. The other is getting other people to believe in you the same way. Showing love to the fans is so important and SNAILS did just that when he was ending the epic night. On the massive screen there it was in neon green letters, THANK YOU LA. Furthermore, he came from behind it and got on the microphone to say “Every single person out there, you guys are fucking legends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” It doesn’t get much better than that! Needless to say, he Snailed it!

This tour just kicked off in the beginning of November leaving many opportunities to catch it in a city near you. He is bringing the Holographic Shell 2.0 tour across the US and Canada hitting bigger cities like Boston, New York, Toronto and Orlando. However, he is also stopping by smaller places like Hartford, CT and Tulsa, OK. If you are wondering what to do for the rapidly approaching New Years Eve, and you’re in Michigan check him out at Royal Oak Music Theatre! Or you can start your year on the right foot and watch in Philadelphia at The Fillmore. Check out the full set of tour dates on his website. If you make it to the show, do not forget that he’s selling his one of a kind merchandise including the exclusive pashmina which is beyond sick!

*Featured image Snails | Shell Tour 2.0 | Pittsburgh | Photo via Ty Barch

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