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“Sink Your Teeth” Into A “World” Of Hot New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Ben Böhmer – “Zeit & Raum”

Berlin-based producer and live artist Ben Böhmer returns to Anjunadeep with a much anticipated new release, “Zeit & Raum” off his forthcoming, “Phases EP” which is out at the end of August. A set of exuberant and unapologetically club-ready tracks, the “Phases EP” is an almost nostalgic evocation of a more innocent and celebratory time. The new release, “Zeit & Raum” is a deep driving progressive gem! With its catchy hook and dramatic beats, it sure to be a new fan favorite.

Blonde Maze – “Not All Flowers Bloom”

Producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist all-in-one, Blonde Maze uses her talented skillset to create another striking single, Not All Flowers Bloom”. This track is a euphoric chill house song that will captivate your soul with its chilling sound. Written from the dark heartbreak of ending relationships, this release captures you instantly with melancholic piano playing and Blonde Maze’s soft, angelic vocals. Throughout the track, she incorporates blissful synths and delightful chimes to bring some serenity to a heartbreaking song.

Trance Wax – “Lifeline”

One of Belfast’s finest musical exports, DJ and producer Garry McCartney has become a prominent figure in the melodic techno world. While his Ejeca alias took the underground, it was another passion project that drew Garry’s attention in the studio; Trance Wax. Under this alias, he is releasing “Lifeline” on Anjunabeats. This new single is a breath of fresh air with spellbinding vocals, energized chords, and funky dynamic beat!

Jordin Post – “I Know You”

Amsterdam’s Jordin Post cut his teeth making progressive trance as Juventa, before turning to melodic bass music as part of KUURO. Now releasing under his own name, Jordin Post debuted on Anjunabeats in May 2020. His new release “I Know You” showcases Jordin’s mature and progressive style.

Bassrush Records – “The Prophecy Vol. 2”

The Bassrush crew is back and ready to highlight more emerging artists and sounds from the deepest and rawest realms of low-end music. Their new release “The Prophecy Vol. 2” sees them shining a light on artists from the likes of Tek Genesis, Super Future, Hukae, Noer the Boy, Floret Loret, and more.

Psycho Boys Club – “Bull Kick”

Dutch hardcore legend Paul Elstak and Psycho Boys Club teamed up for their single “Bull Kick“. This release should come with a warning label: not for the faint of heart. The track is a unique fusion of hardcore, bass, psytrance, and ravey techno, evoking memories of early rave days in clandestine underground warehouses. Elstak and Psycho Boys Club deliver rapid-fire kickdrums and distorted synths, making the track as hard-hitting as it can possibly be.

Finn – “Still In The Storm”

Miami artist Fiin releases his latest single “Still In The Storm,” a collaboration with Argentinian duo Brigado Crew and British singer Jinadu. This single is the kind of track that is right at home in dark basement clubs or intimate techno festival stages. Haunting vocals from Jinadu and shaker-infused melodies bring an otherworldly element, making this a dark progressive gem with depth a sophisticated production.

The Weeknd – “Blinding Light” (Party Favor Remix)

Party Favor just dropped a surprise remix of The Weekend’s “Blinding Lights” available exclusively on Soundcloud. This new release is a fantastic rework of the original. It provides an extra layer of excitement with the deep driving bass beats!

Camelphat & Yannis – “Hypercolour” Remixes

Camelphat and foals frontman Yannis Philippakis have dropped the dynamic remix package for their latest anthem “Hypercolour“. The remix bundle contains edits from some of the biggest names in the industry including ARTBAT, Mind Against, and Patrice Baumel. ARTBAT are the first to spin their own take on the original, fusing their inimitable techno sound with trance influences. Next up, Italian-born, Berlin-based duo Mind Against lace their rework with euphoric, high-tempo chords and a floor-filling breakdown. Rounding off the package, German producer Patrice Baumel approaches his ominous remix which builds upon the hypnotic and darker tone of the original.

Divide & Dissolve – “TFW 7”

Few bands use their voice and platform quite as powerfully as Divide and Dissolve. Mirroring the brash, bone-crushing potency of their dynamic Drone music, the formidable Takiaya Reed and Sylvie Nehill carry their fight and ancestors fight forward each and every day, using the power of their performances to draw attention to the ongoing battle against systemic oppression. Today they release their newest EP TFW 7”. This release consists of two tracks, the new release is as thunderous as we’ve come to expect and precedes a brand-new album. Opening track “RVR” is three-minutes of menacing guitar riffs that always threaten to explode but never quite let go, while “8VA” grows from a minimal first-half to a colorful closing full of skewed, disjointed sax and inspired drum patterns that lend a whole new depth to the mesmerizing world they create.

Kutski – “Let Me Tell You”

Kutski releases his latest single “Let Me Tell You“. Known for having a blatant disregard for genres, Kutski takes us on a five-minute epic journey through his unrivaled versatility. His new single is wrapped around a magnetic top line, with a driving force and clever shifts in energy to keep the listener on their toes every second of the way.

BROHUG – “Stealth”

BROHUG boys are back with a special gift for fans in the form of their four-track “Mixtape 3,” which is full of the bass-heavy house vibes the Swedish trio is known and loved for. The full-length release features already released “Breach,” “Charge,” and “Escape,” all of which pack in shuffle-worthy beats and dirty synths, in addition to the brand new work “Stealth.” It delivers deep, driving bass that is sure to make your feet move, even if you’re listening from your living room speakers, and perfectly rounds out the bundle with BROHUG‘s signature sound. They made all the tracks from the EP entirely during the beginning of worldwide lockdown and are now giving it to their fans as a way to lift spirits during the pandemic.

Hairitage – “Hustle”

Hairitage has been on an absolute roll with a string of high caliber releases. The latest comes in the form of his OG hip-hop-inspired original “Hustle”, that stands as the last single ahead of Hairitage’s upcoming EP. This release kicks off quickly with some classic old-school vibes that Hairitage manages to blend ever so smoothly with contemporary trap sounds. The upcoming EP already has the iconic title track “Freeway” but “Hustle” gives the lead a run for its money. By stepping out of his usual dubstep-centric sound, Hairitage shows just what he can do when he wants to tackle other styles!

Robert Babicz – “Herz”

Robert Babicz returns with “Herz“, a cinematic, disco-fueled new addition to his ever-flourishing rolodex. Translating to “heart” in German, “Herz” holds a special place in Babicz’ catalog. The nearly six-minute endeavor begins with subtle hints of cinematic instrumentation, eventually making way for an exhilarating string build-up and bass drop, along with a propulsive, funky four-on-the-floor beat. The shimmering new release is uplifting and filled to the brim with palpably raw emotion and soul.

Pat DiMeo – “Somebody New”

Pat DiMeo is an established touring and recording artist, who has played in a host of bands over the years, composing his own songs from the age of 14. His latest release .“Somebody New,” captures a chill mood and incorporates an anti-drop sensation to really build up the tension with the lyrics in the chorus.

Ridgio – “World”

Hip Hop artist Ridgio releases his latest single “World”. Rodgio’s passion for music started at an early age which helped craft and hone his vision that we hear today! His new release is an uplifting lyrical masterpiece and will definitely be a new fan favorite.

Niiko X SWAE – “The Answer”

LA-based producers Niiko x SWAE have revealed a breathtaking new singleThe Answer feat. Greece-born singer/songwriter Nafsica. Leading the single with Nafsica’s emotionally-rich vocals, this release is an anthemic-tune about an exhilarating love shared between two people. Adding sonic depth to the track, Niiko x SWAE provides dark undertones, percussion-soaked melodies followed by a powerful future-house style drop that transcends the single into dance-floor ready tune. This release shows Niiko x SWAE’s growth as skillful producers and their ability to craft sonically-driven singles. 

Bob Moses – “The Blame”

Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance who make up Bob Moses are back with a new single The Blame. “The Blame” and “Desire” are two of six continuously mixed tracks that make up Bob Moses’ upcoming new release, a concept record for the club titled “Desire” due out at the end of August. Desire is a love tale for the digital age: all about the positives and pitfalls of humanity’s driving wants, especially in these technology-driven times. “The Blame” is the realization of pain from actions taken in the heat of desire.

Dabin – “Wild Youth” (Acoustic)

Dabin’s immensely successful 2019 breakout sophomore album Wild Youth” has officially received a gorgeous acoustic rework from the Toronto native himself. The highly-anticipated release features vocals from RUNN, Dia Frampton, Essenger, Lexi Norton, and Trove. This EP has a little something for everyone; beautiful piano chords, soaring vocals that accompany grandiose instrumentation. This rework is another level in itself!

Flux Pavilion – “Sink Your Teeth In”

Electronic music phenom Flux Pavilion presents his newest anthemSink Your Teeth In” featuring up-and-coming indie-pop vocalist Drowsy. Flux Pavilion has noticeably been exploring a whole new world, building his own electric guitars and synths plus immersing himself in an array of analog equipment. With this new release, this transition is becoming ever-present!

*Featured image | via Ben Böhmer, Robert Babicz, Kutski, and Jordin Post*

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