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Show Me New Music Like “When I Dream” I’m Always “In Your Hands” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Pendulum – “Nothing For Free/Driver”

The wait is finally over! Pendulum, one of the most iconic electronic acts of all time are now ready to reveal their first brand new music since “Immersion“. The long-awaited new EP “Nothing For Free/Driver” is a two-track banger! The releases include the massive halftime track “Nothing For Free“, featuring classic vocals from frontman Rob Swire that delivers the powerful rock-infused electronic music that Pendulum do best. The release also includes a mighty DnB anthem “Driver“. A brand new era for Pendulum has officially begun and fans couldn’t be happier! They are preparing for a busy festival season in 2021 and I can’t wait to catch them on tour!

Solarstone – “When I Dream”

Initially written for his own lockdown-relieving fulfillment, Solarstones newest single “When I Dream” is a confection of Ibizan inspirations, mentally picturing past and future trips to the White Isle. This single is off his forthcoming extended-release and embodies the theme of the album at large: the imagined, recollected, and mentally visualized island trip. Solarstone’s full 10-track evocation of the first 24 hours upon Isla Blanca is available later this month. This new release is a must for your end of summer playlist!

Dennis Sheperd – “In Your Hands”

Dennis Sheperd gives summer the most righteous of send-offs with his newest single “In Your Hands”. Dennis has teamed up with George Jema & Eric Lumiere for the release. Verse through chorus, Eric weighs in with a song that contemplates destiny, faith in others, and the indelible mark left by love’s last kiss. His unmistakable, unforgettable tones go straight to the thematic heart, while his lyrics connect over land, sea, and sky. Musically, Dennis and George set blueprints aside to swing an idiosyncratically distinctive staggered riff across the production’s biggest moments. Stepping its synth melodies down before they pirouette back up to meet Eric’s falsetto moments.

LAY – “Boom” (R3HAB Remix)

International music star LAY (Lay Zhang) continues to bridge cultures and music together with hit after hit! LAY announced an explosive new R3HAB remix for his hit tropical single “BOOMfrom his recent album. This remix is a fiery and progressive house mix that is set to transcend musical and cultural boundaries.

Jerro – “Closer”

Blossoming melodic house producer Jerro has cultivated the attention of fans and industry professionals alike with each subsequent release in his catalog. Jerro returns to the release radar with an immaculate five-track offering, Closer“. Each of the five tracks on the EP highlights Jerro’s intricate studio expertise while providing the listener with otherworldly delicate soundscapes.

Covenants – “Perfect Motion”

Rising duo Covenants consisting of Alan La Porte and Shane Thomas debut their hypnotic house single Perfect Motion(ft. River). The new track fuses together sublime synth chimes and thumping bass that compliments River’s soothing and hypnotic vocals. Covenants new single produces a refreshing spin on underground dance, making it an undeniably perfect sunset or sunrise anthem


Portugal-based producer PEACE MAKER! returns to Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION imprint with his latest single, “HCQ.” The track portrays the hope and suffering that HCQ (also known as Hydroxychloroquine) brought, through a melodic, heavy, and hypnotizing sound. A shuffling rhythm is the first element to break the skin before he starts to administer a potent dose of scratch samples and moody padlines streaming beneath reverberating vocalizations that echo out into the void. Once the groove starts to fully circulate in the bloodstream, the impossibly bouncy bassline starts to run its course through chopped vox, nutty sample work, crisp claps, and carefully plotted backspins.

Ekelle – “Dropped”

Toronto multi-genre artist and songwriter Ekelle rhymes about what she knows best, her real-life experiences! Her newest single, “Dropped,” is based on Ekelle’s true story of her 2015 false arrest under suspicion of drug trafficking. Not wanting this sudden roadblock to stop her momentum, she pushed herself to keep putting out music. After the enormous weight was lifted from her shoulders, she took this as an opportunity to be more honest and intentional with her craft. She is sharing moments and stories she would have normally kept to herself in the past. The new song is a look deep into the soul of Ekelle.

Blonde Maze – “To The Moon”

Blonde Maze has produced another mesmerizing track. To The Moon”. This release brings us into nature’s ear through the eyes, ears, and heart of the artist herself. The single builds a quaint atmosphere with its whimsical notes and mellow tones. Reminiscent of sounds on a summer night, the addition of cymbals creates a majestic air as crisp as the night sky. Just like in her previous releases, Blonde Maze’s chill persona yet again translates beautifully through her artistry.

Money Money – “Spend It”

Tech house newcomers Money Money prove they are here to stay with their dynamic debut single, “Spend It.” Sitting at the intersection of pop nostalgia and nuanced tech house, Money Money create an upbeat single best for grooving. Four-on-the-floor bass sets the stage early on as the duo weaves 808s in with laser-like synth work. A strong testament to what is yet to come from the NYC-born-and-bred duo!

Christian Löffler – “Roth” (Nathan Fake Remix)

Earlier this year, Christian Löffler released his newest album “Lys”. Now he invites UK electronic music artist, Nathan Fake to add his own colors to the album’s track “Roth(feat. Mohna). Dark drone sounds characterize Löffler’s track which also features vocalist and long time collaborator Mohna. Nathan has preserved the mysterious element of Roth, all the while speeding up and intensifying the beats and creating a fast, thumping electro-dance tune. 

Flux Pavilion – “You & I”

Flux Pavilion’s sound continues to evolve with his newest release. It’s a lovesick track titled “You & Ifeaturing award-winning music producer and singer-songwriter, Kata Kozma. Another taster of his upcoming album, the track shows Flux Pavilion going deeper into his new sound. It makes “You & I” an exciting continuation of the current wave of creativity!

*Featured image | via Pendulum, Solarstone, Dennis Sheperd, and Blonde Maze*

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