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Shaky Beats Brings the Heat in Hotlanta [Recap]

by TerraNova.Lov3

Such a good time at Shaky Beats Music Festival! | Central Park sits in the center of an unassuming neighborhood, not far from Downtown Atlanta. Surrounded by hills, trees, and Apartment complexes, this park creates a shady, spacious oasis perfect for thousands of music lovers to converge. And on Friday, May 11th -Sunday, May 13th, 2018, that’s just what they did. If you were anywhere in the vicinity of Central Park Place and North Avenue that weekend, you would have seen thousands of young adults stepping out of Ubers and Lyfts covered in glitter, rhinestones, and colorful plastic beads. They were on their way to the third annual Shaky Beats Music Festival. We would know because we were two of them.

Friday was a toasty 88 degrees, but thanks to the ample supply of shade and cool water, it didn’t slow us down. Upon approaching the gates right after opening, we were quickly impressed with the lines (or lack thereof). Even with a very thorough security checkpoint, there were enough hands on deck to keep everyone moving through. In almost no time at all, we were transported from the streets of the city to the village of Shaky Beats. There were 4 stages: Peachtree, Piedmont, Ponce de Leon, and Criminal Records and in between each stage were plenty of spots for food, drinks, souvenirs, and rest.

With a lineup that included Kygo, Zedd, Marshmello, Louis the Child, and more we already expected some amazing music, but all of the artists exceeded our expectations. From one set on to the next, Shaky Beats created a schedule where amazing music was always playing.

Great music and impressive production are key aspects of an awesome music festival, but what we believed really set Shaky Beats apart were all of the beautiful people we were surrounded by. Southern hospitality was alive and well all weekend long, even by those not from the South.

[irp posts=”15714″ name=”What the Shaky Beats Artists are Working on This Year [Playlists Included]”]

During the hotter parts of the day, we saw people fanning each other and helping each other stay hydrated in the crowd. Kandi trading was happening all around us. Even in the crowds, there was a strong sense of comradery. We could easily make our way to the front, back, in, and out of the crowds and we were met with politeness the entire time. The community of Shaky Beats really made the festival such an incredible experience and for that, we are so grateful.

We especially want to thank the Shaky Beats Staff, Bailey with Fresh and Clean Media, and Jaymes our Airbnb host for making this weekend so amazing.

Check out the entire photo ALBUM here.



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