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Seven MORE Quarantine Live Stream Sets I’m Addicted To

by Haley Wood

It’s been a long five months as the world has abruptly been turned upside down. It’s undoubtedly been a hard time for everyone collectively on a personal level, as well as a global level. Two things that have been the glue to hold me together are my friends and live streams. I am a total music nerd and having so much free time to listen and keep up on music has almost felt like a dream (a bittersweet dream at best). We put out a list of our seven favorite live streams a few weeks ago that reflected mostly Bass artists. I hang out on the opposite side of the spectrum so here’s a list of my top seven House and Techno streams that have been on repeat because they just fuckin’ BANG.

1. Boris Brejcha and Deniz Bul April 2020 Live Stream

Video via Boris Brejcha Club

The first stream that comes to mind for me is Boris Brejcha and Deniz Bul streaming from Boris’s backyard in Berlin, Germany. The man with the mask aka the king of High-Tech Minimal and the man that stands behind the statement of “the world needs more Techno” teamed up and this one is INCREDIBLE. I remember blasting this one full volume while cooking myself breakfast and just dancing around the kitchen with the biggest shit-eating grin on my face. If you can’t tell already, I am obsessed with European Techno and I am here to hopefully turn you on to my ways. Check it out!

Boris Brejcha: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

Deniz Bul: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

2. Modeselektor presents: Seilscheibenpfeiler @ ReConnect | Beatport

Video via Beatport

Here I go again with another Techno-vibe Berlin artist, Modeselektor. These guys truly showcase a wildly diverse and absurd sound. This stream takes place in black and white and is set at what appears to be an old school castle labeled the Original Seilscheibenpfeiler Industrial Site. Fun fact: Seilscheibenpfeiler is the place in Berlin where it all began for Modeselektor back in 1994. Since this idiosyncratic structure is also the name-giver for their label Seilscheibenpfeiler, this DJ-Set consists only of tracks that have been released on their label. I hope you check this out because these sounds are otherworldly and will take you down the rabbit hole. Enjoy!

Modeselektor: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

3. Charolette de Witte b2b Enrico Sangiuliano Lockdown Livestream

Video via Charlotte de Witte

Honestly, if you’re a fan of international Techno and you have not listened to this one yet – you’re doing yourself a disservice. I CANNOT get enough of this lockdown mix (seriously, I’ve probably listened about 50 times now) from Techno princess Charlotte de Witte and Techno big shot Enrico Sangiuliano. These two have been at it the entirety of quarantine and the sounds they have made together are SPICY. Do your ears a favor and check this out, you’ll thank me later. This set is also available on Soundcloud here.

Charlotte de Witte: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

Enrico Sangiuliano: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

4. i_o presents: ACID RAVE

Video via i_o

If you know me, you know I OOZE love for my favorite Techno demon bae, i_o. He is a dark, mysterious, musical genius who just so happens to be a very intelligent creature as well. This 30 minute set is a banger. The most unique component to this live stream is the production. It is fucking INSANE and entrancing. Did you know it was built entirely by CODE? This is unlike any other artist that I’ve seen thus far and wins big kudos in my book. The warehouse was generated by the team over at TWOFIFTYK & EYESUPPLY and previewed through Insomniac Events. Indulge in some eye candy and feast your ears, we’re headed in a dark direction.

i_o: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

5. Elternhouse | Live für Nürnberg

Video via Haus 33 Nürnberg

The best discovery I made in my quarantine has to be my new favorite boys from Germany, Elternhouse. They have only amplified my love for German Techno and come with a sound of their own. They offer up some truly happy, dirty, fun-loving Tech-House vibes that I CANNOT get enough of. They are also the owners of We Are Freaks Records which just feels at home to me because we have the same FREAK theme going on across the world. They put out weekly mixes, podcasts (most are in German so I can’t listen lol) and have introduced me to a lot of new artists I wouldn’t have otherwise found. They are just all around one of my favorite set of humans to follow on the internet. Here is a taste of what they bring to the table. Have fun dancing!

Elternhouse: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

We Are Freaks Records: Facebook Instagram Soundcloud | Website

6. Dr. Fresch for Insomniac Records Live stream (May 9, 2020)

Video via Insomniac

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Fresch perform, you know he is one big ball of contagious energy. He has got to be one of my favorites. His signature sound is labeled as “Future Ghetto” and really bumps those bouncy Bass House sounds I love. Check out the live stream set he provided for Insomniac Records in May that is just straight up a nasty flex.

Dr. Fresch: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

7. Zeds Dead – EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon (May 15, 2020)

Video via Insomniac

To finish out my list, I believe Zeds Dead deserves a proper shout out for their unbelievably sick EDC Rave-A-Thon hour long set. These two dudes are so incredibly talented and always showcase a wide range of genres from House to Stank-Face-Wubs that will have your body dancing no matter what. I was left in awe after watching this set and consistently play it when I need a pick me up. Zeds Dead baby, Zeds Dead.

Zeds Dead: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Soundcloud

*Featured Image via Modeselektor FB*

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