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Fresh Music - August 26, 2021

‘Say Nothing’, Just Turn Up The ‘Radio’ And Listen To This Week’s New Tunes | Fresh Music Friday

‘Say Nothing’, just turn up the ‘Radio’ and listen to this week’s new tunes from the likes of Mark Sixma, ReOrder, Everyone You Know, Jake Bowen and more.

Kebu – ‘Hope (Talla 2XLC Remix)’

In this world, we all need a little ‘Hope’ to get through it all and this tune surely brings those uplifting and hopeful vibes. Kebu’s already cheerful track is brought to life even more so with Talla 2XLC’s powerful and well-known sound. Your feet won’t be able to stay on the ground with this one!

Mark Sixma pres. M6 x ReOrder – ‘Crash’

After a series of high-octane bangers under his M6 alias, Mark Sixma teams up with ReOrder to great effect. Guiding listeners through the energetic intro and intro the vocal-led, melody-inspired breakdown culminating in the uplifting beat drop, ‘Crash’ is set to make an impact across the globe.

Allen Watts x Kinetica – ‘Vertigo’

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Northern Irish talent Kinetica, label regular Allen Watts brings yet another high-octane banger to Who’s Afraid Of 138?!. With destructive kick-bass combos and tantalizing melodies soaring to dizzying heights, ‘Vertigo’ will have Trance fans reeling within seconds.

Brando – ‘Party’s Over’

Summoning images of empty bottles, soaked carpets and delicate mental states, Brando’sParty’s Over’ brings to the table something many people can relate to. With the subject of the song being a former love interest showing up late to the party, this track ties Brando’s unique vocal delivery to a dark production that effortlessly slides from the end of the night into the early-morning afterparty.

Everyone You Know – ‘Radio’

“We’re buzzing to have ‘Radio’ as our next single. It was the last song added to the EP and it instantly felt like the missing piece to the project and a great follow up from ‘Just For The Times’. Throughout the whole EP you can hear the influences of the artists and genres we grew up listening to. And this tune is us paying homage to the late 90’s/early 2000’s garage scene. The project as a whole feels like a journey of our lives over the last 18-24 months and this was made just as we were coming out of lockdown, so it feels like a great party tune too. You can imagine people singing along to the chorus on the dance floor or at an after party. And that’s exactly the type of tune we wanted to make.”

Everyone You Know

Martin Gore – ‘Capuchin (Wehbba Remix)’

Building on Martin Gore’s hypnotic slow roller, Wehbba indulges in his own sonic identity on this slick rework of ‘Capuchin’, giving the measured original a club appropriate revamp. Championing strong, meditative percussion that amplifies that of its predecessor, the cut sits perfectly in both at home listening and dancefloor spaces. With his distinct sound palette on full display, Wehbba tames the modular-synthesizer components for a more controlled approach, all whilst upholding the quirks of its counterpart.

Jake Bowen – ‘Say Nothing (feat. Abbi Press)’

Say Nothing’ adds a soulful human touch to Jake Bowen’s new electronic body of work. Lyrically, Abbi Press offers a story of loneliness and isolation, a relatable and central theme of living quarantined through a pandemic.

ASW – ‘Dahlia’

“‘Dahlia’ might be the most transformative experience of my career. In writing each song, it helped me understand my own flaws, my own beauty, and embrace the person that I am amidst all the pressures of the world. I accepted my authentic self, and found peace. Now, I can better love and give to all that is around me. My life changed to serve others the best that I can, and the final song ‘Dahlia’ is a roaring celebration of that.”


Monsieur Frazier x Nick Garcia – ‘Keep You Close’

Featuring fellow Understated producer and audio engineer Nick Garcia, ‘Keep You Close’ exhibits a pastiche of styles that Monsieur Frazier has sculpted into his own sound, mastering something entirely new and unique. The track boasts skittering U.K. garage style drums that bear the charge of a heavy bass drop and squelchy mid-range bass lines, married with a chopped soul sample, colorful jazz keys, and trap style triplet rap.

Jason Derulo x Tesher – ‘Jalebi Baby (DallasK Remix)’

Jalebi Baby’ has taken on a life of its own over the past year. Fans, Jason Derulo included, took to its cheery groove and cheeky, bilingual lyrics that riff on the popular Indian dessert — jalebi. The song continued its rise when Derulo hopped on it this year, and the pair shared their feel-good music video in July. The DallasK remix only emphasizes the song’s euphoric energy, spinning up a faster tempo and adding a neon-lit, disco-inflected groove to the irresistible instrumental.

syence – ‘talking way too much’

US electronic duo syence have unveiled their new single ‘talking way too much’. A vibrant combination of glistening synths, euphoric bass energy and seductive vocals ‘talking way too much’ sees syence tap into their trademark sound with dazzling results.

RIOT – ‘Juggernaut’

RIOT is making their fourth appearance on NGHMTRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations camp with ‘Juggernaut’. The Israel-bred, L.A-based duo has been on a release rampage of late, with numerous appearances on Gud Vibrations. On their latest creation, they lean hard into their metal roots with a face-melting dubstep number that is slated to demolish festival dancefloors.

Carré – ‘Turn Down The Choir’

LA-based French psychedelic electronic rock trio CARRÉ return with a brand new single and video, ‘Turn Down the Choir’. Imagine Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ crossed with LCD Soundsystem on a trippy LSD journey. This psychedelic driving techno is on point with the French trio’s unique sound that they premiered last spring on their self-titled debut EP which garnered global acclaim.

*Featured image via Mark Sixma, ReOrder, Everyone You Know and Jake Bowen*