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Sage Armstrong

Sage Armstrong’s “Fukitup” Puts the Dirty in Dirtybird

by Hannah Berney

Sometimes, people don’t want to hear something sweet. They want to hear something, deep, visceral, and above all, they want the dirtiest beat they can get down to. Thankfully, Dirtybird Records regular Sage Armstrong has done exactly that with his newest release, the funky “Fukitup”. Armstrong is one of Dirtybird’s rising stars, not only with his bouncy underground style of House music but with his foray into the creation of his own custom festival fashion pieces. He’s got style, and that clearly comes across in “Fukitup”. 

Cover for Sage Armstrongs "Fuckitup"
Get ‘Dirty’ with “Fuckitup” | Image Via Dirtybird Records

“Fukitup” kicks into high gear right from the start with a strong, rolling bassline that lets you know exactly why Sage Armstrong is on the Dirtybird label. Virtually every act on Dirtybird features that signature heavy bassline, all the way up to Claude VonStroke, the Dirtybird don himself. A heavily edited snare then pumps into the bassline before leading into the preamble to the drop, pairing a feverishly fast high hat with an edited vocal sample from Pheezy 420, urging all listeners to “fuck it up.” The drop builds with the punch of a synthesized clap, building to a pitch before leading back into the rolling bassline, with the “fuck it up” sample pushing through, punctuated with a bouncy synth that’s reminiscent of other Dirtybird DJs like Will Clarke and Walker & Royce. It’s what I would call a “nasty” track in the best way, with the deep bass and the crude language of the sample, which even throws in an occasional “unhh” that makes me think that Pheezy 420 was in the recording booth making the ‘stank face’ that every raver does when they hear this kind of track. The second drop even has what I’ve started to call the “fakeout breakout,” where you’re given the briefest musical deviation before launching right back into the true drop. It’s a double-cross of the best kind and combined with the blunt, heavy-hitting yet somehow polished production value, it makes Sage Armstrong’s “Fukitup” a track that truly puts the ‘Dirty’ in Dirtybird.

*Featured Image Via Artist FB*

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