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Sage Armstrong

Sage Armstrong Drips in Style and Meaning

by Tanya Rincon

Hey there Fresh Music Freaks. I got a chance to talk with Sage Armstrong about all things fashion and style. I’m stoked to get the point of view of a DJ in the scene and how you connect with fashion. I’ve followed Sage Armstrong for a long time as a DJ and his lewks are always positively dripping. I was ready to learn more about the man behind the decks. This DIRTYBIRD veteran is riding in the wave of his new release “Fukitup” which I’m sure to have on repeat for weeks to come. Beyond his music, Sage is a fashion icon in the making. Check out what he had to say in our interview below!

Sage Armstrong
Sage Armstrong Flexes his Fashion Sense All Day, Every Day | Image via Artist FB

What was the initial spark that drew you in the fashion side of the festival world?
I’ve always been into collecting rare pieces and clothes and putting looks together even in high school. I’ve always been into art and doing graffiti as well, and eventually started drawing on my clothes before shows with music-related drawings and lyrics of my songs. One day I woke and told myself I wanted to get into fashion, so I made a pair of custom volley shorts which I posted on my story. Someone asked if they could buy them, and that’s really what started me off creating pieces for people in the rave scene. I’ve been pretty slammed with fashion orders ever since.
Also keeping the family generation going; my grandfather was a Master Tailor/ Guitarist & Vocalist.

Where do you generally pull inspiration for your looks?
All over really, I live in Downtown LA and I’ll see stuff like white vans or trucks covers in sick street art and tags. Sometimes it’s the colorways in street art I will get inspiration from; even stuff like torn down walls on these old buildings that have really sick textures too can inspire me and the way I will distress clothes. Music as well—I will hear lyrics that really hit me when I’m making a piece and it will inspire me to write or draw something.

How do you see fashion and style fitting into who you are as an artist?
It all goes hand-in-hand to me. As a creative I believe you should express yourself not only musically, but with how you look and feel. Just like there aren’t any real rules to making music I feel the same with fashion, and it makes it really fun to create with no boundaries in ways outside of music. It’s cool to be able to look and sound how you want; it adds to the experience (almost like the cover of an EP or album—what you would see from the outside.

Sage Armstrong
Sage Armstrong Doesn’t Shy Away From Color in his Wardrobe | Image via Artist FB

What was your style like growing up?
Man…I’ve had a few phases. Everything from wearing Fat Albert fubu in elementary with highlights in my hair like NSYNC, to middle school where I was wearing 6x tall tees with Air Forces or Chucks [laughs]. By the time I acquired a little bit of sauce in high school, I was really big into collecting Jordans and Nikes and selling and trading BAPE, Supreme and popular street wear at the time..

How have you seen your music influenced by your explorations into fashion?
I’ll drop a line in songs about custom clothes or style.

What are you trying to communicate with your style options?
Freedom, Self Expression, music, street Art & Unification

What can you tell me about your custom fashion business that is currently growing?
It’s all personally designed by me and most of the pieces are singular, or specially made or super limited. I just launched my website, (sagearmstrong.com) where you can check out/ purchase my pieces and my music as well. I’d really love to get my work into some stores and collaborate with some bigger brands.

*Featured Images via Artist Facebook*

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