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Rufus du sol standing in a desert

RÜFÜS DU SOL Trades Sunshine for Snow in Indianapolis

by Jennifer Fall

Live House Electronic band RÜFÜS DU SOL played their first U.S. tour date in Indianapolis at the massive venue Pan Am Plaza Thursday night, as young and seasoned fans came together braving the wintery sleet and snow mix to hear the dynamic trio hailing all the way from Australia. For many in attendance (myself included) it was their first time witnessing the wonder of one of EDM’s most incredible live House music acts. The city was a chilly 25 degrees, and most attendees wore their summer attire, adorned with pashminas for warmth and clacking fans for dancing. This perplexed my old lady raver self as we walked into the venue to be met only with warmth and passion from a nearly sold-out crowd. Shockingly, only one fan clack was sighted during the show. (That’s progress folks). How hot was it inside? Sweltering. Even I shed most of my external layers.

Rufus du Sol
Photo via Austin Friedline

Lead singer Tyrone Lindqvist has quite the set of pipes on him and, might I add, one hell of a fashion sense. Accompanied by bandmates Jon George on Keyboards, and James Hunt on the drums, made the experience a perfect symphony of euphoric sound convergence.

The crowd was mesmerized by the futuristic stylings. Overheard throughout the night: “Am I really in Indianapolis?” “I’m so PROUD of our city.” “I can’t believe we got RÜFÜS DU SOL!”

Illuminating the trio from behind was an impressive, and at some times nearly blinding production set up that felt otherworldly and added to the unique experience that is a live RÜFÜS DU SOL set. Nearly every song was given due diligence, with no cast off’s in terms of singles, leaving the crowd giddy to have experienced their favorites live. Our only complaint… that it wasn’t longer.

Rufus du Sol Indianapolis
Photo via Austin Friedline

The boys were seemingly enamored with their kickoff show, and with Indianapolis, exclaiming “Thank you for making it snow for us Indianapolis.” Touche’ boys, come back any time.

rufus du sol
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RÜFÜS DU SOL is continuing their North American tour, and have added even more tour dates. Click the image above for tickets for your city!

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