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Rossy Rocked My Soul at Deadbeats Arizona | Interview

by Eric Valencia

Deadbeats Arizona was my first opportunity to check out both a new venue and some new artists, and they were everything that I could have asked for. While I was definitely there to see Zeds Dead, there was another name on the lineup that I was excited to finally see live. Hopefully, you had the same pleasure of hearing Rossy drop some fiery beats, otherwise, you missed out on one of the greatest sets of the night. I was lucky enough to connect with Rossy following her Deadbeats Arizona performance, and learn a bit more about who this up-and-comer is.

Rossy @ Deadbeats Arizona 2022

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and what led you to become a DJ?

Of course, I am Rossy. 🙂  I have loved music since I was a child. I used to beg my mom to play Spice Girls and Shania Twain and then as I got older and discovered and explored more music, it eventually brought me here. I completely fell in love with music and the community, and it felt just very much like this is exactly where I am supposed to be and exactly what I am meant to do. 

What would you say makes your sound unique and separates you from others?

I think for me, no matter what I create, there is a level of emotion in my music. I always try to create depth and space, so even if it is a “banger”, the intro, breakdown, and outro is going to still feel melodic and emotional. It’s just a way I like to express myself, so every song is authentic to me. I just like to create and am really thankful that it has the chance to resonate with others.

You’ve been recognized as an artist to watch in 2022 and are appearing at a number of festivals this year. What are your thoughts/feelings about being considered a rising star?

I mean truly every day, I wake up and try to just be as present as I can because I’m so lucky to be doing those exact things. Even though I have huge dreams, aspirations, and goals, every day I’m getting to live something I have dreamed about for years. And, that is so special. It still will trip me out to see myself on lineups for festivals I went to years ago or to be on the same bill as someone who has inspired me for years, it is truly a what in the actual heck feeling that I will never be able to explain. Really, really thankful to be in this spot in my life.

With female DJs being underrepresented in the EDM community, what advice can you give women trying to break into the scene?

To freaking go for it. I know it is so scary and so intimidating, but once you do it, it is like “okay, bring it on, I got this.” The girls in the scene are so supportive. For years, we were so conditioned to feel like other girls are competition, which is so messed up. So all of us now are like “hey no, there is space for all of us and we are all going to see each other to the top.” And even though it’s so hard and we have so much to fight for. We will be here and we will do it together, cause we are not going anywhere and just going to take over more and more!

Rossy @ Deadbeats Arizona 2022

What made you decide to use your first name as your professional name, versus creating some kind of alias?

I always joke and say “thank you mom, you named me to be a DJ.” Haha, honestly, I just really love my name. I’m really thankful and lucky my mom gave me such a sick name. To use my real name just felt so right because anything I put out or do is 10000% authentic to me and my creativity. 

You often use the term “angels” when referring to your fans, why is that?

I’ve always called the people close in my life angels as a term of endearment. So it just happened so naturally and not like I sat and was like “okay, what am I going to call the amazing people who support me.” Someone would just be like “I love your new song” or something and I would just be like “thank you angel!” and it just kinda grew into what it is now! To me, calling someone an angel is being like “thank you, you sweet, beautiful, kind, caring human.” And the people who do support me are truly nothing but angels. I love them all so much, so yeah, it just happened so naturally and I think that’s so important cause people can feel when you are being genuine with things like that, and I think that is really important. 

What exciting news can we share with your fans about upcoming releases, projects, or tour stops?

Well, I actually have a brand new single coming out with Deadbeats on May 4th! Then I have many festivals and shows coming, like Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge, Sunset Music Festival, Moonrise, Breakaway, and much more both announced and unannounced! 

Any final thoughts you would like to leave with our readers?

Honestly, this year is just going to be so special. I am doing so many things I have never done before and have been working really hard and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Going to be an amazing journey! 

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