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‘Release Yo’Self’ And ‘Stomp’ Along To This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Orjan Nilsen – ‘Between The Rays (Remixes)’

Ørjan Nilsen’s track ‘Between The Rays‘, which is a beloved classic for Trance fans across the globe, recently got a remix from Tom Staar and now welcomes another new version from Armada University remix contest winner Flaor and a fresh remix from the Norwegian DJ and producer himself under his renowned DJ Governor alias.

Talla 2XLC & Clara Yates – ‘Shadow Left Behind’

Talla 2XLC and Clara Yates’ track ‘Back to Life’ was an incredible success. ‘Shadows Left Behind is their second common journey with the same high quality standards released on That’s Trance, the home of quality trance music. Clara Yates outstanding vocal performance of heart-warming lyrics and Talla 2XLC successful recipe of effective sound design, ensure maximum impact. When beautiful airy feel good vocals meet mesmerizing melodies and pumping infectious beats, we can sense that we deal with a future vocal trance classic.

Alan Fitzpatrick x High Contrast – ‘Bourgeois Imagery’

Alan Fitzpatrick’s latest LP offering, ‘Bourgeois Imagery’ is the result of two heavy hitters joining forces for a bass-heavy fusion of breakbeat energy and dystopian atmospherics. Drum & bass legend High Contrast pairs his galvanizing sound with the dark brooding atmospherics Fitzpatrick is revered for. 

Roger Sanchez – ‘Release Yo’Self (Solardo Remix)’

“I love what Solardo have done with ‘Release Yo’Self’ — It was the first proper release on Ultra Records, as well as the basis for my Release Yourself radio shows and events and they have brought it up to date with their sound while keeping my original vibe — I’ll be dropping this in one in my sets!”

Roger Sanchez

David Forbes – ‘Isolate’

Judging by the previous offering ‘Equator’ as well as this new WAO138?! banger, David Forbes sure knows how to throw down. From the supercharged bassline to the anthemic melody to the inevitably colossal beat drop, ‘Isolate’ comes with a serious amount of dance floor destruction.

Beatsole vs. Stefkoo & CEA – ‘2008’

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Stefkoo & CEA, A State Of Trance regular Beatsole graces the label with a collaborative effort steeped in melodic prowess. Pushing listeners into a state of utmost bliss through its impeccable chord progressions and soaring melodies, ‘2008’ makes for a tantalizing listening session that instantly proves unforgettable.

Paul Denton – ‘Stomp’

Irish Trance titan Paul Denton powers through with another sonic whirlwind. Juggling mighty synths and thrilling melodies with scorching beat drops, ‘Stomp’ is designed to knock every listener senseless.

Lupa – ‘Insatiable’

“I was once asked what motivates me to create music and at the time I had no idea how to answer it. I love the music for the sake of art itself, but there was something else deep inside that pushed me even further. When I’m not working on music or art, I’m thinking about it constantly and it’s usually my first waking thought. The only thing I have is this relentless motivation for self expression and it’s the only thing I need. This EP represents that fierce, undefinable feeling in my gut, an ‘Insatiable’ hunger.”


Elephante – ‘Dopamine’

Elephante is on the prowl for his next fix on euphoric, hypnotizing new single ‘Dopamine’. Returning to his energetic House roots, Elephante weaves layered synths and floating vocals to create the pulsating track. Despite the risks, Elephante looks to quench his thirst for escape and pleasure.

Nervous Records – ‘Nervous Records: 30 Years’

Nervous Records, the iconic label synonymous with the rise of house from the streets of New York City, marks 30 years in the music industry by releasing the celebratory compilation LP ‘Nervous Records: 30 Years’. 

Seb Wildblood x Theophilis London – ‘MDS’

DJ and producer Seb Wildblood has joined forces with rapper and vocalist Theophilus London on new single ‘MDS’ via his own imprint All My Thoughts. Taken from Seb’s forthcoming EP of the same name, ‘MDS’ is an infectiously percussive house cut, characterised by vibrant bass stabs, understated grooves and Theophilus’ seductive vocals.

IVORY – ‘Bleep Bloop’

“‘Bleep Bloop’ is a boomer-ish way to say computerised music which is what defines this new EP. I’ve always tried my best to push the boundaries of my productions, especially in sound design. With this EP, I wanted to challenge myself to make something that sounds as modern as possible. With the bass music scene flourishing, I wanted to showcase the sounds that are inspiring me right now.”


NGHTMRE x Smokepurpp – ‘MOSH (Kumarion Remix)’

Bass music producer and DJ Kumarion continues to blaze his way into the American drum and bass scene with his latest remix of hip-hop single ‘MOSH’ by NGHTMRE and Smokepurpp. The ‘MOSH’ remix adds Kumarion’s signature ability to meld musical chaos with beautiful harmony to the already bass-thumping, heart-pounding track. MOSH shot to the top of streaming platforms upon its initial release this summer, and Kumarion’s feisty drum and bass remix is a welcome rendition that will surely be tearing down clubs and dance floors.

Beatcore – ‘Lunar Paradise’

Beatcore is a man on a mission, and it’s one that we at Circus thoroughly approve of. He’s bursting to create bass music with as much melody, emotion, colour and energy as possible – it’s inspiring us with boundless joy and excitement so we had to lock him down for an EP! Listening to this body of work really is like a kaleidoscopic dream, transporting us though the bass music stratosphere to his ‘Lunar Paradise’.

MozX – ‘You’

London-based electronic music duo, MozX, formed of producers Javier Martin and Leanne Moser, have dedicated themselves to creating vocal-centric, feisty dance floor dubstep and electro house tracks. The eclectic outfit return to the forefront of the release radar with another rapturous offering in the form of ‘You’. The song opens with a mysterious melody floating on top of a suspenseful ambiance, soon after exploding into harsh synths with funky bass rhythm fills. Leanne’s signature vocals are added to the arrangement, building the tension before transitioning into a bass-heavy, glitch chaos drop.

Parker – ‘Gateway’

“This album [‘Gateway’] is a reflection of my life, career, grief, loss, and love over the past couple years. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’m so happy I can put it all into music and share it with you.”


Tails – ‘CLOSE2ME’

CLOSE2ME’ immediately kicks off with a textured synth buildup paired with cut up and distorted vocals. Bringing forth a feel-good sonic atmosphere, the offering features softer instrumentation, while keeping the energy high. The spacious, propelling future bass track is rife with rich, layered drums and melodic sensibilities throughout. ‘CLOSE2ME’ resonates with listeners in an effortless manner, transporting fans to a rapturous soundscape, emulating the feeling of yearning for someone. Serving as another gleaming example of Tails’ explorative style, ‘CLOSE2ME’ makes a captivating addition to his already impressive discography.

Parra for Cuva – ‘Planet and Body (Max Cooper Remix)’

Max Cooper’s rework of ‘Planet and Body’ sees the producer from Belfast take Parra for Cuva’s originally serene track into a drum and bass tempo.

Space Yacht – ‘The Black Hole Vol. 1 (Mixed by HELLBOUND!)’

Following a series of tech-house, bass, and drum & bass compilations throughout 2021, Space Yacht is thrilled to present their debut techno compilation, ‘The Black Hole Vol. 1 in collaboration with techno aficionado HELLBOUND!. With a mission to revive the fundamental rave sounds that built today’s dance music scene, HELLBOUND! has quickly established himself as an outstanding force in the American techno community and beyond.

Everyone You Know – ‘Just For The Times’

Just For The Times’ is a rich embodiment of EYK’s sonic diversity and delves into the pairs’ journey over the last 18-24 months. The project provides a soundtrack to the highs, the lows, the nostalgia and the pent-up energy over lockdown, skewered in pin-sharp rhymes, layered over precision tooled bedroom beats. Listeners are treated to a dynamic body of work from the multi-faceted duo which includes 8 new tracks alongside previously released fan favorites.

*Featured image via Roger Sanchez, Solardo, Paul Denton and Elephante*

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