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Red Rocks Common Ground, I’m Coming for You!

by Tigerlily

Having grown into a full-fledged trance fanatic in Seattle, The Gorge Amphitheatre has been my stomping grounds for many years.  So when people talk about shows at Red Rocks and I notice the same stars in their eyes that are in mine when I wax nostalgic about The Gorge, I can’t help feeling like it may just blow me away.  So I looked up aerial photos of Red Rocks, and consider me impressed!  I’ve always been wowed by nature (can you say Wilderness Girl?) and I can only imagine the perfection of sound that happens between those formations.  Do I think Common Grounds Red Rocks will be as good as ABGT250?  My fingers are crossed!

For this lucky girl, Red Rocks Common Ground will be the third time I get to see Above & Beyond in a week.  I’ll be in Las Vegas with my Anjunacrew and fellow Fresh Music Freaks Editor, Jennifer Dawn Fall for EDC week.  We’ll see the boys at Hakkasan Wednesday night and Wet Republic Thursday and then part ways, me to Red Rocks and Jennifer to Electric Daisy Carnival.  Since it won’t be a part of their Common Grounds tour, I’m hoping that in Vegas, they’ll play some hits from Group Therapy, my personal favorite, and get back to their roots with Oceanlab.

[irp posts=”14755″ name=”Above & Beyond Group Therapy 250 | Common Ground Tour | Photo Gallery”]

As their final U.S. Common Ground stop, a bit of a one-off almost two months after the end of the official tour, Anjuna brought out the big guns with the lineup announcement on April 18th.   We’ll be graced with Anjunadeep’s Fairchild, Moonboots playing a live set, and Mat Zo.  I imagine we’ll start smooth and slow with Fairchild’s Titan EP, before moving into the funky synth of Moon Boot’s I Want Your Attention.  Then we’ll really get going with Mat Zo’s ethereal strings in The Sky before bouncing to the reggae vibes of Ruffneck Bad Boy.

If my experience seeing the boys both nights in Portland is any clue of what we’ll get, when they take the stage, we’re gonna love what they lay down.  Expect a set heavy with Common Ground favorites, a slew of Anjuna new releases and some throwbacks.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for My Own Hymn, Northern Soul, Naked, Cold Feet and Alright Now, maybe even some remixes of them.  I’ve heard each at least 100 times and I could hear them 100 more.  WHAT?!?  When I find what I like, I know what I like!  And since we’re at an open-air venue that’s the finale of their huge Common Ground tour, could we maybe get some fireworks?!?  Here’s to hoping!  Red Rocks, I’m coming for you–WOW me with your beauty, the booming sounds amplified by your natural formations and the love of Anjunafamily.



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