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Paul van Dyk at Shine Ibiza.

Paul Van Dyk | A Living Legend

by MIke Ciro

I can list plenty of reasons explaining why Paul Van Dyk is a living legend, but due to his consistent relevance throughout the years, it’s probably unnecessary. He started his reign in the early 90s and had no fear of causing a ruckus. The Trance Master grew up in East Berlin, Germany, and grew a love for electronic dance music throughout his years there.

Paul Van Dyk solo image
Paul Van Dyk via The National Student

Paul Van Dyk has released 10 studio albums, including his latest album ‘Guiding Light’, which his fans have been waiting patiently on as he has yet to announce an official release date. He held a North American tour in the last few months of 2019, which premiered many of the tracks from the upcoming album. While Paul has released music through various labels in his career, most of his work has been released under his very own record label, ‘Vandit’, which has become an impressive outlet for some of the best Trance around.

Trance has been a controversial genre for quite some time now, mostly because the term is being used more loosely than ever and is being used to describe music that leans more toward Progressive House and Electro. Paul expressed his thoughts on this topic in an interview back in 2009 and it was probably the most out of character we’ve ever seen the kind German native. In short, the point he was trying to make is that Trance should not be used to label any song with a melody or a similar bpm, and I can absolutely relate to his frustration. This man has stayed true to his roots in the genre, more than almost anyone else in the industry.

Despite the unfortunate delay of the album release, Paul has been pumping out some of the best music since the start of quarantine season every Sunday on a live-stream, which is suitably named ‘Sunday Sessions’. If you’re interested in hearing some Trance classics, along with hearing possible music from his newest album, you should absolutely tune in. You can watch through his Facebook page or on Youtube every Sunday when he goes live, and luckily all sets are recorded. Van Dyk is truly keeping Trance alive, regardless of the pandemic that has shaken up the entire globe.

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*Featured Image via Marc de Groot*

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