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PANG! releases on Dirty Soul. Explore & Live Life through a Silverscreen

by TerraNova.Lov3


The mesmerizing vocal bridge to PANG!‘s newest track, appropriately titled “Silverscreen” and coming out on Dirty Soul, are an ethereal probe to a much deeper question. The mysterious duo behind the PANG! project explore our modern society’s attachment to media through inspiring vocals, rich instrumentals, and tropical melodies.PANG! creates an audiovisual experience by releasing vivid, captivating artwork with each track.”Silverscreen” depicts a young tiger cub staring at his reflection as a magnificent adult in a psychedelic lake, prompting listeners to explore what in their own lives might not be as it seems.

Living your life through a silver screen, is it giving you everything that you need?

Anonymous DJ projects are a dime a dozen in the modern music landscape, but PANG! is taking a truly unique approach to opening their world to their fans. The “World of PANG!” is both an aural and an ocular experience, one part easygoing and experimental electronica and one part stunning artwork that depict the duo and a friend who resembles a giant tadpole exploring fantastical worlds.

The PANG! experience is both a getaway from the mundane aspects of everyday life and an introspective journey into one’s own mind. Stay tuned for PANG!’s next adventure through their social media channels.

Out Now! Download -or- Stream PANG! “Silverscreen”, HERE

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