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Opiuo x Vorso

OPIUO and Vorso Drop a New Collab to “Martian March” Their Way to an EP

by Tanya Rincon

For those of you out there who have Opiuo on their radar, you already know he is having a banging 2020. Earlier this year he premiered the collab “Bam Bam” with CloZee and it was met with an explosive response. As a solo venture, Opiuo delivered “Til We’re Dancing Together” in March of this year, as most of the country began switching into a quarantine state of mind. I’ve come back to this song time and time again as I soothe my festival blues this festie season.

Opiuo continues to create banging collabs

Heading into the summer months, Opiuo is back with another collab guaranteed to make your living room social distancing dance parties Bass heavy. Teaming up with Vorso, a UK native, his spirit is firmly rooted in a diverse range of bass music, with ultra-refined production values. Pairing this with the broad sound Opiuo is known to deliver was beyond genius. The track “Martian March” comes as the first feature single from their upcoming joint EP and the latest collab from the Kiwi and Brit since the synthadelic track “Photonics” dropped in 2019. 

When asked about working with Vorso on the new track Opiuo says, “Some songs are just infinitely more wonderful to write than others, and Martian March was one of those songs. An intergalactic spastasmic adventure through the warbling worlds of our minds, this song became one of my favorite songs to play as soon as the first session was complete!” 

Vorso provides an acoustic taste to “Martian March”

Opiuo’s acoustic accomplice on this tune and long-time friend Vorso added, “We were both so inspired we were sending the project between us nightly. I love that kind of murky rolling vibe at that tempo, it’s been something I wanted to experiment with for a long time.” And we love it too!! 

As you listen through the track you get lost in the building of subtle beats that incites a power that is heavily pronounced. This genre-bending track brings electric energy and heavy bass that I am craving to experience at a live show. With this being the first taste of what they’ve created as a duo for their EP, I can already promise it will blow away our expectations. Reflecting on the delicious track that is “Photonics” and considering their second effort being “Martian March”, there is no doubt the two producers have found a creative groove together. It’s one thing to release a single collab, but to find a natural flow that leads to an EP, that’s something that doesn’t come along every day. 

“Martian March” is available for streaming everywhere via Opiuo’s label Slurp Music with the full EP to follow later this summer. Keep your eyes and ears out! We are dying for the next single!

OPIUO: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Vorso: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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