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‘Open The Window’ And Let This Week’s New Music Take You To ‘Different Places’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Matoma x SUPER-Hi – ‘Take Me To The Sunshine (feat. BullySongs)’

Inspirational Norwegian DJ and producer Matoma has released his first single of 2022: ‘Take Me To The Sunshine’ with SUPER-Hi and vocalist BullySongs. The song is perfect for those who are living in the midst of winter with a bouncy, dance-driven feeling that only comes with the summer months. Collaborators SUPER-Hi add their productive flair and BullySongs’s vocals pull the whole track together.

GRiZ x CloZee – ‘Color of Your Soul’

Today, multi-instrumentalist and producer GRiZ has teamed up with French producer CloZee on ‘Color of Your Soul’, the much anticipated collaboration between two long time friends, and fans, of one another. After months of teasing the track out live at multiple shows, the track arrives via CloZee’s label imprint Odyzey Music

Infekt – ‘Breakout’

“Experimenting with different styles, genres and techniques is the key to my progress; it is what keeps music production fun for me. In the past, I often haven’t felt confident to release these experiments, but with this EP I’m trying to break that pattern! This is why I titled the EP ‘Breakout’ — getting over some of my insecurities and releasing different styles, while still implementing a lot of the sound that I’m known for, and that I have grown into. Very proud to present this EP!”



Riot Ten and BERNZIKIAL team up on the energy-bending single ‘GAWT DAT’, layering aggressive vocal chops with their infectious experimental bass. ‘GAWT DAT’ opens with a pulsating drum beat and a clean build into a hypnotizing first drop of high frequencies and percussive textures. The drop evolves with each count into a rhythmic breakdown of electrifying instrumentals. Then, you have just a brief moment to collect yourself and prepare for what’s next. The second build takes you into an exhilarating drop of heavy-hitting bass and an explosion of lasers and effects.

NorB x juSt b – ‘Different Places’

NorB and juSt b’s 3-tracker opens with the title tracks’ [‘Different Places’] haunting vocal mix; a measured slice of underground bliss that puts juSt b’s spoken word front and centre. The monologue style offering is a euphonic mesh of deeply personal lyrics, representing the transition from a place of darkness to a rather hopeful position; existing in perfect harmony with the brooding soundscapes and cosmic synth-work. Reimagining techno’s sci-fi foundations in a more contemporary format, you’ll hear hints of dissonance throughout the track’s 8-and-a-half-minute run-time with a dark, emotive effect. These subtle production techniques are even more apparent in the cut’s instrumental-only counterpart, with hollow percussion and intricate sound design elements dipping and peaking over the rolling bass line. ‘Close Your Eyes’ is the EP’s final offering and presents a similar sonic identity to its predecessor. With intrigue around every corner, it boasts an extended stripped-back break, highlighting the arpeggiated synth riff and juSt b’s echoing vocal chops. Navigating a new and diverse path for the dance music scene, the pair’s debut offering for Bedrock is a celebration of innovation and originality; marrying the at-home and club-ready listening spaces.

Brando – ‘Slip N Slide’

“For this EP, I wanted to focus on bringing together a sampling of the vibes I had on the records I released last year to tie up my project. 2021 for me was a year of discovery in finding my sound in the dance music genre, and this year is going to be even more honed in and defined for me in terms of creativity. ‘Slip N Slide’, the lead single of the EP, encompasses this new focus on being true to myself as an artist and releasing records that tie back to my roots in the RnB world. This EP represents both a capstone moment for my 2021 releases and a hint of the evolution in my music I’ll be working towards in these next few years. I’m hoping my fans enjoy it and keep their eyes peeled for my next drops. They are going to be epic!”


Dot Allison – ‘Love Died In Our Arms (Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Remix)’

Of all the tracks on the ‘Entangled Remix’ EP, none hold a greater importance than Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s remix of ‘Love Died In Our Arms’,  the final work of his long and storied career. Perry works brilliantly as he always has within the framework of Dot Allison’s original song, weaving his signature dub beats into the music without distracting from Dot’s moving singing and songwriting.

Astralwerks x Blue Note Records – ‘Bluewerks Vol. 6: Open The Window’

Astralwerks and Blue Note Records have released the sixth installment of Bluewerks, the iconic labels’ collaborative Lo-Fi series where downtempo electronica meets jazz-infused sounds. ‘Bluewerks Vol. 6: Open The Window’ signifies a new beginning and a breath of fresh air with another standout cast of Lo-Fi’s latest and greatest creators including Nokiaa, Moderator, Bobby Dreamz BIG, Otis Ubaka, Gregory David, Living Room, Rosoul, and Viktor Minsky.

dj poolboi – ‘malo okoma’

“I first heard Theresa Ng’gambi’s voice when I was writing the instrumental to this track over a year ago. She is amazingly talented and I thought she was the perfect voice for this song. This album has a heavy focus on international collaborations, and I wanted to let her have the creativity to express herself and Zambian culture. Her lyrics are a beautiful representation of exactly that, and I couldn’t be prouder to be releasing this collaboration [‘malo okoma’] together.”

dj poolboi

NEVERGLOW – ‘Make It Work’

Eindhoven’s NEVERGLOW return from telling social media to check itself with the thudding low ends of ‘Make It Work’. More bass house sent to twist subwoofers inside out, stepping and climbing like an electrified spider while gooey boss baby lyrics lay down the law and a vocal line takes it back to Double 99’sRIP Groove’ hollering at Tina Moore, this is all good clean fun until NEVERGLOW’s levels start going into the red: cue much sharpening of elbows and the dropping of jaws.

Alpha Zoo – ‘The Grind’

Featuring a classic house music gospel monologue for those needing to see the light, Alpha Zoo, he of the ‘Popo’ programme, gets deep, funky and diligent for Artwrk. ‘The Grind’ demonstrates the sort of dancelfoor tunnel vision that won’t be put off its stride, pledging allegiance to a bassline pivot, and watching all other production tricks and tics, percussion and power plays, rebound off into the distance. A string-pinched breakdown is a mere pause to reload and come back again, so get your game face on and go the distance with Rotterdam’s real deal.

NFNR – ‘Dog Rose’

“The songs on the album are about own transformations and states: about finding inner strength (‘Chorda’), obsession and pursuit of one’s own dreams (‘Ahab’), about the sudden forced calm at the start of the lockdown, which hit everyone (‘Cards Against Humanity’ and ‘Dice 2’). It also explores us being cruelly made to watch through the window, as spring is gaining momentum, which made me stop and enjoy the delicate rosehip flower from my loved one (‘Dog Rose’). These states were resolved in the composition of ‘Eros Bird’ – the triumphant pleasure of both being and a sense of unity.”


*Featured image via Matoma, Brando, GRiZ and CloZee*

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