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Of the Trees

Celebrate an Early Arbor Day with Of The Trees! | The Untz Festival 2019 Artist Spotlight

by Erik Sisco

You do not want to miss The Untz Festival’s Early Arrival Party, featuring two of the most talented and distinctive producers making music today: Of The Trees and Freddy Todd.  My first chance to see Tyler Coombs, aka Of The Trees, was all the way back in December of 2017 in Philadelphia.  He was the first act to play on Space Jesus‘ Morphed Tour that evening, and my friends and I constituted about 80% of the people that were there early enough to enjoy his full set.  Suffice to say, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Of The Trees has a knack for masterfully blending seemingly disparate styles of music into a single cohesive flow.  In a single song, one can expect to hear anything and everything from deep dubstep all the way to minimalist harmonies that have a distinctly shoegaze vibe to them.  This mix of styles with prominent nature sounds conjures a feeling of something that is simultaneously natural and machine. Just listen to Old Growth, from the 2018 Harvest EP; it blends psychedelic, almost dissociative-feeling soundscapes with some more ear catching wubs seamlessly.

Each song features something for everyone. Another track from the Harvest EP, Everglade March, has been in heavy rotation for me since the release of the EP in November. It is, in my opinion, one of the best tracks to come out in 2018 and when the drop comes, don’t be surprised if you start to feel like a druid raising an army of forest spirits to cast off your Roman oppressors.

Of The Trees is no stranger to masterful mixing either. His remix of Pnoid by Guccimen was far and away my favorite track on the official remix album; not at all an easy feat considering the other artists whose remixes were featured include Conrank, Dirt Monkey, Party Wave, DMVU, Mr. Bill and Toadface. If you’ve been under a proverbial rock since Thanksgiving and have managed not to listen to that release by now, first, reevaluate your life, and second, GO LISTEN!

Aside from his musical prowess, Of The Trees also demonstrates a keen sense of humor. Anyone who saw the Untz Festival promo video would have to agree.

Following the release of the Harvest EP and the conclusion of a tour with fellow Wakaan collaborator DMVU, Of The Trees is poised to have a wildly successful 2019.  If you absolutely cannot wait until The Untz Festival, buy yourself a ticket to see him throw down as support (yet again) on Space Jesus’ Temple of Noom Tour. You will not be disappointed.

The Untz Festival 2019 Lineup Of the Trees
The Untz Festival 2019 Lineup

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