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Subtronics behind the decks

Now That’s What I Call A Cyclops Invasion Vol. 2020

by Rebecca Parks

Last year, Subtronics started Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 4 with “I’m just going to skip all the formalities and let you know that you are not ready. You’ve never been ready. You never will be ready.” I’d say that’s an understatement considering I’m still obsessed with the past four mixes and find something new that blows my mind every time I listen to one. As the New Year approached, Dubstep lovers anxiously awaited the announcement of the next mix, and for good reason.

The mixes can have over 100 songs and feature over 40 of our favorite Dubstep artists. They contain some of the raunchiest chop jobs and double drops around. You know when Subtronics drops a mix because the online Dubstep community goes wild; timelines and news feeds flood with videos of listeners losing it to their favorite parts. When the mixes surface, you’ll hear talk of the old Riddim versus Dubstep conversation online, but like Subtronics says with almost every release of the mixes “SIKE!” It’s just Dubstep.”

Make sure to enjoy this one as it may be our last. As Subtronics took to Twitter to announce Volume 5 of the series he paired it with “ONE LAST TIME” and “I will probably at some point give a long-winded explanation as to why this is most likely the last one, mainly being that there’s literally only so many Dubstep songs and I’ve already used 500+. I’d need a solid 2 more years to build back up that stockpile of double ammo.” As sad as I am to see the series (possibly) come to an end, it’s admirable that Subtronics would rather conclude it than overextend himself artistically and not do it justice.

I could tell you about all the insane double drops and the nastiest, grimiest Dubstep that’s included in the possible finale of the mix series but where’s the fun in that? Take a listen and be warned: “You are not ready. You’ve never been ready. You will never be ready.” If you want to catch some of this filth live be sure to catch Subtronics and his friends on the Cyclops Invasion Tour!

Click Cyclops Invasion Tour above for tickets!

* Featured Image Via Artist’s FB Page *

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