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Notaker Teams Up With Grey MTTR for Dance-Floor Friendly “Too Smooth”

by Guest Contributor

Notaker has made a name for himself through atmospheric, cinematic sonic journeys, but he proves his capabilities as a producer with dynamic prowess on his newest track “Too Smooth” featuring Grey MTTR on Monstercat. “Too Smooth” is a refreshing departure from Notaker‘s usual sound, delivering a funky, deep house bassline and lively vocals, a rare occurrence in his prior releases; the lyrics add a playful, flirtatious vibe that contrast against his tendency toward profound melodies. The combination makes for an upbeat, dance-floor friendly track that still embodies Notaker‘s sophisticated and genreless style. Featured artist Grey MTTR adds their share of energetic, groovy house vibes; the newcomer is most well known for their release “Tomorrow Sounds” with We Are Loud & Justin Prime on Armada and are now adding the all-star collaboration with Notaker to their accomplishments. Press play on “Too Smooth” and prepare to get those feet moving!

David Nothaker – better known as Notaker – has received much acclaim for his musical embodiments of ambiguous concepts, like his interpretation of fire through “Born in the Flames” on Armada Captivatingand the vengefully sweet “Retribution” and subaqueous “Abyss” on Mau5trap. With each impressive display of his prowess, Notaker is steadily evolving from talented newcomer to vetted dance music prodigy. He certainly has a unique musical style, one that has been praised by fans and tastemakers alike in his relatively short professional career. Inspired by legends like Hans ZimmerDeadmau5, and Eric PrydzNotaker specializes in creating an atmosphere around his productions to immerse the listener in the story of his sound, rather than just the track itself. Notaker‘s accomplishments in 2017 had his name on the lips of fans and industry tastemakers alike, and we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for this talented producer.

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