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‘No One Ever Said’ You’d Be ‘Better Off Leaving’ Before Listening To This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Ayumi Hamasaki – ‘Cyber Trance pres. Ayu Trance 2 (Complete Edition)’

Featuring remixes from superstar producers Ferry Corsten, Rank 1, Push, Lange, Flip & Fill and more, the mix-only album propelled Ayumi Hamasaki into the global spotlight, achieving chart success around the world. At the time of the albums’ original release, the individual singles were not made available to the public, and only a handful of superstar DJs ever received vinyl promo copies to play out in their sets.

Now all that is set to change, thanks to a digital reissue of ‘Cyber Trance pres. Ayu Trance 2 (Complete Edition)’ which includes remixes that were only available in certain territories or never even published.

Siskin – ‘Villaneve’

From its opaque title to its elegiac, hard-to-exactly-pin vocal nature, Siskin’sVillaneve’ is all about the ether and all about the feels. With a carry-you-away quality, quite unlike anything you’ll have heard this year, its chorus transcends words as straightforward as ‘beautiful’ or ‘atmospheric’, landing closer to ‘enchanting’, ‘bewitching’ or outright ‘esoteric’.

Dolly Parton – ‘Jolene (Destructo Remix)’

“‘Jolene’ has been part of my musical DNA since day one. It is a true classic not only for country music but American music. I’ve always felt its lyrics and melody could be the bones to build a real dance floor banger around. Something to sing along to while getting your dance on. I’m beyond thrilled being given the opportunity to remix one of the greatest songs of all time and that Dolly loves it.  She is a national treasure and to be able to have the world hear my version of it with her behind it is a blessing.”


Kasablanca – ‘Cronus’

Seamlessly combining elements of both progressive and melodic techno, Kasablanca’sCronus’ is a powerful showcase from the pair. Traversing through tranquil breakdowns and blood-pumping build ups, the duo stimulates the senses in overwhelming melodic abundance. A flurry of ripe analog synth work and crisp percussive elements, ‘Cronus’ is the wondrous mau5trap debut from the mystifying pair.

Funtcase – ‘DPMO Vol. 4’

You think you’re ready, you’re not. You think the previous episodes have prepared you for the latest in a series so dramatic, explosive and downright dangerous it’s got Marvel panicked. They’re frantically back in the writing room to pull an ideas all-nighter. Welcome to the DPMO cinematic universe! FuntCase presents: ‘DPMO Vol. 4’.

HNTR – ‘Better Off Leaving (feat. Tribe Alexander)’

Tribe Alexander and I worked on a ton of music during the last 18 months or so and I’m so happy to see so much of it [‘Better Off Leaving’] see the light of day. Often when you’re writing songs you have no idea where it will end up and most of them never leave your hard drive. We took a lot of inspo from classic progressive house so to have it co-signed by one of the greats and released on his label couldn’t be more perfect.”


syence – ‘bass pop’

US dance music duo syence have unveiled their new 5-track EP ‘bass pop’. An exploration into the self-styled genre of music that the record is named after, ‘bass pop’ captures the essence of the syence sound.

Kallaghan – ‘How You Like That (feat. Melii)’

Born out of a desire to do something different and out of the box, Kallaghan and Melii have created a unique and incendiary track (‘How You Like That’)  that encapsulates the strengths of both artists.

Slow Motion x Victor Lou – ‘I’m Flying’

Brazilian electronic talents Slow Motion and Victor Lou have joined forces on new single ‘I’m Flying’, making its official release via Astralwerks. This track is a marriage of atmospheric synths, slick vocal fragments and infectious tech house grooves, with all of the essential elements of an irresistibly refined club jam.


Texas-based DJ and producer BAILO has spearheaded the movement to bring back the sound of trap music from the genre’s golden years, beginning with his 2020 ‘TRAPPED OUT’ EP followed by his latest single ‘EAGLE VZN’. Now, BAILO returns with an arsenal of ruthless trap cuts on ‘TRAPPED OUT II’, his latest collection to pay homage to his roots.

Astralwerks x Blue Note Records – ‘Bluewerks Vol. 5: Warm Up’

Astralwerks and Blue Note Records bring the holiday cheer with the fifth installment of Bluewerks, the iconic labels’ collaborative Lo-Fi series where downtempo electronica meets jazz-infused sounds. ‘Bluewerks Vol. 5: Warm Up’ is a Christmas-themed collection that was entirely produced by Sebastian Kamae, a Bluewerks alumnus who was featured on ‘Bluewerks, Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right’. Each of the tracks on the new EP are an ode to the winter months. 

Louis Futon – ‘Couchsurfing’

“I’ve always felt like a creative nomad. It’s hard for me to commit to one style because I’m naturally enticed by so many different genres. I wanted to lean into my creative spontaneity and create a project [‘Couchsurfing’] that not only covers the whole spectrum of sounds I like to make, but also feels connected.”

Louis Futon

Audigy x Lucas Larvenz – ‘Collision’

As two planets fall into each other’s gravitational pull, a volatile nuclear reaction creates a shock wave so strong, it can be felt millions of light years away. This is Lucas Larvenz and Audigy’sCollision’ EP and it is explosive!

*Featured image via Ayumi Hamasaki, HNTR, Destructo and Funtcase*

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