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Night in Review: Paper Diamond @ The Rave – Milwaukee, WI. 3/5/15

by TerraNova.Lov3

So…I bounce into the The Rave around 10:00 pm,  and quickly find my friends. They had my ticket. After submitting my email to a list,  (I’m sure, I will now receive 30 emails a weeks about upcoming shows), the three of us ascended two flights of stairs.  We were greeted by a line of security guards checking for god knows what. Easily past security, we rocked past the bar, said a few hello’s and gained entry to the second level dance floor located just under the main room of this gigantic venue. Some rock band was playing upstairs. Who cares.

(I didn’t make it in time for the opening act, Louis Futon, but reviews were decent.)

The sound was deafening. The crowd was pumped. Dan and Ian, the duo that makes up the slightly more laid back, on a house tip, bass music phenomenon, Gladiator were demolishing the faces of all those in attendance. I looked around to catch a glimpse of hipsters, kandi kids, tweens, gangsters, pin hat heads, bohemians (or so they dress) all moving in unison to a recent collaboration with LoudPvck called GLADPVCK , “Tony ft. Nippie Hussle.”

Gladiator set the stage perfectly for the night’s headliner Paper Diamond who’s currently on his Rain+Drops tour with Galdiator and Louis Futon.

I felt this was a good to to grab a drink. I dipped to the bar. (I might add that anyone going to the venue should know they only deal in cash.)

I ran into a few friends and had a  chat or two as the intermission took place and Paper Diamond set his gear.

Paper Diamond, is a one of a kind artist who brings his own unique music to the table, a sound unparalleled to anything else around today. The Paper Diamond sound has raw energy and the kind of dramatic anticipation only a seasoned producer can incite. His signature style combines memorable melodies, space-age synthesizers, catchy vocals, chops, glitches, and serious experimentation to create a rich listening experience. His music can’t really be categorized or labeled — he produces high-energy electronic music that sticks to no genre and strives to broaden the listener’s musical spectrum. As The Huffington Post says “Paper Diamond’s sound has the capacity to make a packed dancefloor vibe as one.”

When his debut mix for BBC Radio 1’s Diplo and Friends aired, Diplo mentioned that  “every festival in the world is not complete without booking Paper Diamond.” Paper Diamond latest singles and original productions include “Black Rose” and “WYLIN” which received 250,000 plays within one week and was trending as the number one track nationwide on Soundcloud.

[wpvideo SzdZG1dz] 

Seriously…the bass drop that Paper Diamond intro’d with shook me to the core. The vibration in the room absolutely sent a shockwave through the room. The music was almost too loud and not in a good way. The first track began to build( sorry didnt catch the name of it, but it was a goodie.)

Diamond jumps on the mic.

“Yo Milwaukee what you do,  how you doing out there? he booms.

“Lets start it off right.” He adds.

He must have noticed the volume pushing the max because he adjusted and the night progressed well.

Dropping underground (if his style of music could be called underground now). Track after underground track he guided the ears of the masses on a journey that included trap, twerk, dubstep, house and even some “shoulder sideways, clap it clap it in the air.”..yes Beyonce, made an appearance. He managed to slip in some “Reload” by Ingrosso, and “Summertime Sadness” by Lana…so what if is was just the hook, Diamond made it work.

The massive screens made a point to entertain those paying attention with some mind numbing visuals and perfectly timed LED flashes while the light jock did a on point job of not over flashing the crowd.

The one thing about The Rave is all of the shows seem to end at or around midnight, which for me is fine as it left just enough time to hit up Dick’s on Milwaukee St.

Overall it was a good night.

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