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Night in Review: Cashmere Cat @ Miramar- Milwaukee, WI. 2/28/15

by TerraNova.Lov3

By Nicholas Gullikson – March 1, 2015
cashmereEver wanted to experience something so sacred that it could change your life forever? Or maybe just for one night?


What took place last night (February 28th) at the Miramar theatre was magical.  Brew City Bass and React Wisconsin which are known for delivering Milwaukee’s underground scene the freshest talent, once again set the bar higher. The venue pumped from the moment I walked in. A wall of sound hit me in the chest as I stepped beyond the main bar,  through the double doors and into the dark lit theater.

The time spent inside (for some) could be described as religious. Transcending one’s mind, body and soul to such heights that when they leave they will countdown the seconds until the next event  takes place. Those who have experienced the wonder of the Miramar know what I have said, to be true. I had this experience, which is the same everytime I step into the room.


Local talents Melvv, Mr. Gat, and Strehlow set the perfect mood for headliner, the King of the Felines, Cashmere Cat. The night was young, Melv kicked the night off just right with his deep bass and impeccable transitions, that grabbed my ears and got me moving. Everyone was moving, the urge was irresistible.  Mr. Gat flooded the room with smooth trap beats that made me feel like I wanted to lather every chick in the place with what I was feeling.  My senses flooded with every pulse of the bass waves. I opened my eyes and noticed the dancefloor had filled bodies of people,  yearning for more. I dipped to the bar for a drink.

Mr. Gat said his farewells, he had the entire crowd welcome and wish Strelow the happiest of birthdays which sent shockwaves of love and good vibes as he began his set. Strelow took the music to the next level which drew every person in the venue to the dance floor. I could feel the energy surging through the air. Every gut wrenching drop and nasty bass line brought the crowd closer together; everyone pushed forth towards the stage to be closer to the glory and from my position in VIP all I saw was the ecstatic joy and bliss on everyones face in the room. Epic.


The father of the chill trap sub genre , Cashmere Cat took to the stage at roughly 12 AM. If there was any dancefloor space left it was quickly occupied by everyone at the sold out show.


Cashmere Cat brought a level of expertise and flawless skills that are unmatched by most in the industry. Every transition and tempo change was executed with such intricacy,  that it must have taken months of planning by a group of the greatest minds in music. As I looked around the room the sight was pure magic. The exchange of love and togetherness was everything I’ve come to expect. Smiling faces, gyrating bodies and the embrace of friends and lovers could be seen in every square inch of the Mar. Cashmere Cat dropped his “Do You”… remix of Miguel which sent the crowd into a serious love filled frenzy. It was intense. It was perfect.

When his set was over, the house lights came on and I was reborn with a new level of heightened purpose in the world. I came to witness a night of music and fun spent with my closests friends and what I  got was an experience that I struggle to put into words. As people shuffled out the doors into the frigid Wisconsin winter air,  exuberant discussion and the chants and screams of Cashmere Cat’s music could be heard for blocks as everyone traveled to their respective homes and after parties. The magic that took place last night dispersed out the Miramar doors into the air forever, I know this, because I can still feel it today. So when you desire to experience something sacred and  change your life forever, step inside the Miramar and join the giant family’s of Brew City Bass and React Wisconsin, they are known simply as “the scene.”

See you at Infected Mushroom.

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