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“Meet Me Later” Because I’ll “Never Leave You” Without New Music ” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

ilan Bluestone -“Stranger To Your Love”

The first release from the long-awaited new album from Anjunabeats favorite ilan Bluestone has finally arrived, “Stanger to your Love“. His new album “Impulse” is slated for release in May on Above & Beyond’s iconic Anjunabeats imprint. The new single has ilan reuniting with frequent collaborator Ellen Smith. This new single opens with intoxicating vocals and goes straight into deep upbeat bass. If this is a taste of what’s to come, I can’t wait for May!

Nicole Moudaber – “The Volume”

Nicole Moudaber, has been hard at work behind closed doors in her pursuit of creating in a time of uncertainty. Representing some of her most liberally untethered work to date, the 2-track opus “The Volume” echoes a tenacious dedication to both her craft and the circuit to which it’s home to.

Ace Aura – “Comatose: Awaking”

In 2020 melodic riddim pioneer Ace Aura made his mark on Circus Records with the momentous “Comatose” EP. Ace Aura has recruited the great and the good of color bass and beyond for “Comatose: Awakening“, six remixes, and a fresh original fit to disturb the deepest sleep imaginable. Brand New re-imaginings from scene titans and rising stars: MIGNIGHT CVLT and Myki as well as recent interpretations from Chime, Skybreak, Sharks, Trinergy, & Blosso.

re:tract – “Waiting”

Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer re:tract is starting his year adding to his blossoming discography, joining forces with vocalist Iora to release the new single “Waiting.” This release showcases re:tract’s masterful production and engineering abilities, providing the perfect musical backdrop for Iora’s stunning vocals. With an authentic passion and humanity always a driving force in his music, this release is no exception. The depth of sound, coupled with effortless vocal capabilities of Iora make the release a standout collaboration.

Lucas Estrada, Matvey Emerson, James Carter & MKLA’ – “Never Leave You” 

 Lucas Estrada, Matvey Emerson, James Carter & MKLA’s release their massive international dance-pop collaboration, “Never Leave You“. This new release is pure electro-pop perfection and will definitely be a new fan favorite!

Sun-El Musician – “Ubomi Abumanga”

South African artists Sun-El Musician and Msaki have unveiled a fan-made video for 2020 single Ubomi Abumanga“. The feel-good video for is compiled of multiple TikTok dance clips sent in from Sun-El fans from the UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, France, Belgium, and more. Check out the video HERE.

G3MINI – “Savage”

Blossoming duo G3MINI releases their highly-anticipated debut single, Savage“. The new track features the vocal talent of American singer-songwriter Aaron Pfeiffer, Opening with pristine vocals from Aaron Pfeiffer, the driving house melody quickly floods the soundscape. Steadily building tension, the pulsating bassline captivates the listener and maintains the high energy of the track from start to finish.

Align – “California Coast”

ALIGN looks to the horizon in debuting his sophomore EP, “VISTA”. Leading the charge is the debut single “California Coast” featuring Sarah De Warren, an enthralling blend of lush electronic and pop. Stirring and emotive, this single whisks listeners away to a West coast, desert dream. Sarah De Warren’s buoyant vocals weave delicate tales of love as ALIGN’s blissful compositions carry the three-minute work of art. A wondrous amalgamation of effervescent percussive work and light-hearted synths, “California Coast” is a gold-hued gift for warmer weather and coastal cruising.

Kastra – “Fool For You”

Kastra, aka Ray Decker, has been making music for years and he is adding “Fool For You”  to his latest edition to his extensive discography. Kicking off with light piano and a sultry vocal to match, ‘Fool For You’ builds into a pop-leaning dance track, with vocoded effects and chopped vocals. Relying on a heavy pulsating synth, the three-minute track is both radio and club-ready, with head-nod-inducing percussion. 

STAR SEED – “I’m Outside”

The experimental duo STAR SEED shoots onto the Night Mode catalog with their electro-pop single “I’m Outside,” featuring an alarmingly smooth vocal delivery from Charity Vance. The single plays out like an unexpected rendezvous with a duo that will inevitably be lurking around every corner you encounter. Just you wait and see.

Whethan “All In My Head” (Saint Punk Remix)

Visionary DJ/producer Saint Punk releases the brashest and grungiest remix of Whethan and grandson’sAll In My Head,” Utilizing his rock background, Saint Punk creates the perfect blend of grunge roots with today’s evolving electronic scene, producing a new style of enticing dance music that has been coined as “Grunge House.”

HYYKEN – “Meet Me Later”

Rising Irish DJ and producer HYYKEN releases a grooving new EP “Meet Me Later. Boasting pumping kicks and 90s inspired keys, this single pays homage to early house classics whilst transforming it into a modern classic with quirky synth builds and jacking hi-hats. Meanwhile, b side “Passion Innit” unleashes darker energy, with deep acid riffs and hypnotic vocal distortion that makes for a genre-bending house and techno cut.

Gl0bal – “Snake”

Canadian producer and DJ Gl0bal releases another trap-forward single to add to his catalog. Snake” with So Sus serves as another prime example of Gl0bal’s signature bass-infused style. Much like a snake itself, the track opens with a slow-building menacing atmosphere before cascading into the trap-forward bassline. Packed full of distorted instrumentals and commanding vocal samples, this single  emulates all the hallmarks of a classic trap offering.

Moska X Henao – “Paraiso”

MOSKA is teaming up with Henao to reprise her smash single “Paraiso” with a heavenly house reimagining on IN / ROTATION. “This single is a Spanglish-fueled number pulling retro Latin ‘80s influences into a modern-day context. It revolves around the story of the “other” woman; a broken-hearted individual who’s caught on the bitter end of entanglement but manages to find profound empowerment when gaining control over her destiny.

Sophie Essél – “Reachin”

Hailing from Liverpool UK, Sophia Essél has been surrounded by inspiration in a city brimming with musical heritage. Sophie Essél returns to ONYVA’s rising imprint for the new single Reachin. Beginning with euphoric vocal monologues, this release proceeds into a floating groove that weaves progressive drum lines and percussion whilst melodic synth waves and vocal distortions soar, making for a hypnotic dance roller.

FREAK ON – “See You”

A sound that is uniquely his own, FREAK ON experiments across multiple spectrums that infuse throttling bass, hip-hop influences, and addictive hooks to make for certified dance hits. His new release “See You”, boastss dreamy vocals, paired with weighty drums and 90s style synth pulses, it’s set for peak time appeal, perfect for the euphoric dance floors destined to return in the months to come.

Zeds Dead – “Late Night Drive”

Zeds Dead releases his newest single “Late Night Drive. From dubstep to drum & bass to house, Zeds Dead’s genre-defying sounds have never been pigeonholed into a singular style. This single showcases a deeper, more delicate side of Zeds Dead’s production. Ripe with highly diverse and nuanced Zeds Dead sound. The release is a compelling looking glass into what is yet to come from their Altered States endeavor.

Retrika & Alex Mueller – “Another Day”

Retrika & Alex Mueller make their Sosumi debut with massive new dancefloor destroyer Another Day“. Showcasing their atmospheric Future Rave style, the pair blend elements of techno, groove, and tech-house to form the ultimate Summer 2021 rave anthem.

Autonomix – “Emerald” (Funkstatik Remix)

Denver-based psychedelic dance band Autonomix releases a remix album with the lead single “Emerald” remixed by Funkstatik. This release is a trippy, dubby, funky track and will take you to another level!

HNTR – “Mind Games”

Toronto-based techno stalwart HNTR, formerly known by his underground moniker Hunter Siegel, has released a new single titledMind Games”. This is his second EP to date and it’s a cerebral commentary on the digital world we live in from HNTR’s technology-fueled moniker. HNTR beams his throbbing underground beats from inside the internet, and his Mind Games EP takes listeners on a self-aware walk through the cyber realm.

SNAILS – “Slime Time”

Renowned bass music artist and Montreal native, SNAILS, has released his highly-anticipated new “SLIME TIME” EP. The 3-track offering marks a return to the international DJ and producer’s musical roots, the metal-inspired sub-genre he created and his fans dubbed as ‘Vomitstep’. This release is the result of a year of introspection which led SNAILS to the realization that both he and his fans wanted a return to his original genre. Thus, the EP coincides with a complete rebranding of SNAILS with more musical storytelling and visuals.

*Featured image | via ilan Bluestone, Nicole Moudaber, HNTR, and Ace Aura*

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