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Macky Gee Drum and Bass Jump Up

#MCM | Macky Gee | The King of Mashin’ Up Jump Up

by Kate Chambers

Grab your subwoofers and get ready to have your eardrums blown out by Drum and Bass legend Macky Gee.  Macky takes the jump-up subgenre of Drum and Bass down unconventional paths.  His deep basslines and heavily energized sound have made him a striking figure in the Drum and Bass world.

Born and raised in the UK, thirty-year-old Jack McGeorge (Macky Gee) started teaching himself how to create electronic music at the age of ten.  It was only six years later that Macky landed his first gig in a small club. He later took classes on DJing and production to further expand his creativity.  This unlocked a goldmine full of skills and knowledge to push the boundaries of traditional Drum and Bass into his own bizarre sound.

Today, Macky Gee continues to produce music while further developing his musical genius.  With over 506k monthly Spotify listeners, and a top twenty chart-hitting album “Sway”, he’s undoubtedly popular in the UK and European drum and bass scene, though not widely known in the U.S.  His latest release is a collaboration with Dux n Bass, “Walk n Skank”, which is my personal favorite of his many tunes.

On top of his successful solo career, Macky Gee is also a member of the award-winning group SASASAS.  The group is made up of  MC’s Harry Shotta, Skibadee, Shabba D, and Stormin’ along with DJ Phantasy and Macky Gee fearlessly manning the turntables.  SASASAS started out as a one-time show comprised of the six musicians, but their creative juices flowed so well together that they decided to develop a whole career as a group.  Now, they’re one of the most favored acts in Drum and Bass.

SASASAS Macky Gee drum and bass jump up
Members of SASASAS | Click Photo for More Info

Macky Gee’s success lies in being fearless of experimentation.  He mashes ‘Jump Up’ into an uncanny Drum and Bass style that is completely unique to the mastermind himself.  Macky’s music is a monster that eats passion, recklessness, playfulness, and small children for breakfast. After listening to Macky Gee, there is no mistaking his sound.

Macky Gee currently has tour dates scheduled in the UK, Europe, and New Zealand.  Unfortunately, he will not be stopping in the U.S. in the foreseeable future. But hopefully, his ever-growing popularity will bring him out to the States.  In the meantime, his fans in the U.S. can savor his music through YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

SASASAS Macky Gee drum and bass jump up
Click Photo for More Info | Image Via Artist Website

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