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Matter is the Free Creative Platform for Artists and Fans Alike

by Eric Valencia

Those that love to enjoy music and those that love to make music have something new to explore together. Matter is a platform that allows artists to go “beyond streaming” and truly connect with their fans. This digital canvas allows for artists to bring the full breadth of their creativity to a single location, which can include merchandise, new music, behind the scenes, and anything else they want to share with their fans. This free service empowers creators to really connect with their fans while maintaining full creative control of the content they want to bring.

Closer to Twitch than it is to Spotify, Matter is not limited to only music. Creatives of any kind are able to share their content with the world. For fans that truly want to provide support, Matter Club is available (previously branded as “Artist Club”). This subscription-based feature, with the fee set by the creator, provides fans with exclusive content. Here fans can receive the unplugged versions of their favorite tracks, early access to tickets, backstage footage, and anything else the artist wants to make available exclusively. A tipping service is also integrated into the platform, for those that are feeling extra generous.

For artists that utilize the market place or Club Matter, a 10% transaction fee will be charged on all sales. Knowing that funds can be tight for new creatives, Matter does everything it can to get you your funds as fast as possible. All of the guesswork has been removed with instant withdrawals to Paypal, weekly royalty payouts, and transparent transactions. Some features that are currently available on the platform are:

  • Upload and stream uncompressed audio with no ads
  • Marketplace to sell any digital content like beats, samples, and cover art
  • Horizontal payment splits to share revenue
  • Picture, GIF, and video hosting
  • Text posts (tweeting and reposts)
  • Interactive global and artist live chat

Future versions will include an expanded marketplace, where artists can sell services and physical goods, launch live streams, and have a Matter Card. The mobile app is currently available for Apple, with an Android version coming soon. So if you are a creator looking for the best way to give your fans everything they want, and deserve, then you need to check out Matter. Did we mention it was free to signup?

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