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An In-Depth Look at Mark Farina, the Creator of Mushroom Jazz

by Billie Jean Hardin

Mark Farina is an American DJ well known within the Electronic Dance Music community for his funky styles and ability to get the crowd swaying to his mastermind beats. A mixmaster extraordinaire with years of experience under his belt, I got really fired up when he was added to the Powabunga Festival 2020 lineup!

Born in 1969, Mark has led the House community as a renowned DJ for well over 30 years. In 1988, Mark met Derrick Carter in a record store and the rest is history. Developing a love for House music, Mark experimented with deeper styles sampling such talents as De La Soul and other disco hitmakers into his tracks. In this journey of finding his own particular style, Mark developed his unique trademark known as “Mushroom Jazz,” an Acid Jazz base infused with organic productions and urban beats. With his smooth mellow flow, many fans quickly embraced his Downtempo style. Pulling samples from many of his favorite Disco artists, as well as countless others, you can detect noticeable beats mixed into Mark’s own personal creations.

”I’ve always thought that if you’re lucky to be sampled, that’s a compliment. Who would sample crap? We live in a perpetually remixed world. Samples are like photos of a sound moment, an audio collage.”

-Mark Farina

Over the years, I’ve seen Mark Farina perform countless times and I love the way the music flows through the night. My last experience was at Ophelia’s here in Denver, a very intimate venue that felt more like a house party than a live show. Slicing up his beats with samples from songs I remember from the ’80s while grooving in his own fashion behind the turntables was a show I won’t soon forget. I’m really looking forward to what Powabunga Festival in Vail, CO has to offer as it will be my first time visiting this beautiful city and I’m excited to lose myself in the music night after night.

“I look at my job as a modern-day traveling minstrel, to bring new music to as many places as I can and expose obscure records that otherwise might go hidden.”

-Mark Farina

Mark Farina will be performing at this year’s Powabunga Festival in Vail on my birthday weekend April 17-19th alongside other headliners like Griz, Goldfish, Claptone and the Desert Hearts crew of Mikey Lions, Lee Reynolds, Porky, and Marbs. This girl is already on cloud 9 thinking about it. Find your tickets to Powabunga Vail by clicking here! Hope to see you all there! 

Click Powabunga Festival 2020 lineup above for tickets and info!

*Mark Farina Featured Image Via Adam Cormier*

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