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I Can’t Get ManyFew “Off My Mind” | Interview

by RiMo

The dynamic duo of ManyFew is on a mission to make us feel good by delivering Electronic Dance Music creations with worldwide appeal. This Stockholm based music production team has created songs that procure their uplifting and positive message and we sure could use that message right now. As if producing hit singles isn’t enough, ManyFew has made a name for themselves that includes support from music heavyweights Oliver Heldens, Tiesto, Don Diablo, and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Blending House and Disco, ManyFew have released songs that consistently hit the mark both in the number of streams (in the millions) and in originality. Making sure the good vibes don’t stop Manyfew has assured us that they will keep creating songs they love to bring joy to us all. With their new single “Off My Mind” coming out on Friday, May 8, 2020, I had the opportunity to speak to ManyFew about their music production, what drives them and how love is such a powerful force in their work.

Hi, it’s RiMo at Fresh Music Freaks. I’m here with the talented duo ManyFew. How are you both doing today?

Hey RiMo, we’re all good thank you. Spending lots of time in the studio and trying to create as much content as possible during this pandemic.

I’ve been listening to your amazing songs over the last few years and it’s not a surprise that many other artists have been hearing and playing them too. I understand that you are self-taught music producers. What was your introduction to music like and when did you get into the music business? 

Thank you for your kind words! We have always been listening to Dance records as long as we can remember. We started as DJs at local nightclubs and created mashups of original songs to play in our sets. Then we purchased our first studio laptop and started to produce (just for fun at first) and really fell in love with it. We sent some demos out to record labels and got some feedback and tips. We love to produce and create everything from kick drums, hi-hats, and synth sounds. It’s just fun to be in the studio and play around with sounds 🙂 

Can you please tell me in your own words how you would describe your music style or styles and how that style came about? 

A mix of Old Dance, House Music, and a splash of Funk in there as well. I guess that our style comes naturally based on the music we love. We haven’t been thinking about it really, we just do what we love. 

What type of equipment (software and hardware) are you currently using and why? 

We’re working in the box and love to produce when we’re on the road. We’re using our Sennheiser headphones and two pair of monitors also we usually bring a pair of monitors while touring as well.

Your music has those pure feel good, in love, and happy to be alive vibes along with thrilling beats that soothe your soul. Your Song “On My Own” was almost prophetic. I just love your latest track “Off My Mind”, the vocal hook is lovely and those piano chords are spectacular. This song is a banger song and I see it rising on the charts this Summer and Fall season. How did you come up with the idea for this track and what was it like working with Voost? 

Thank you so happy to hear that you like it! Last winter we sent a demo track to Spinnin‘, we were missing the summer so much we came up with some uplifting chords (we have been big fans of the label for many years and we have also wanted to release music there). Spinnin’ came back with some feedback and really liked the song and Voost joined the track as well. Such a great vibes when we wrote this song together! 

Have you been able to work together during this COVID-19 Pandemic? Do you anticipate having to make unexpected changes going forward due to this issue (For example doing more live streams, remote work)?

Yes, indeed we have been doing loads of more remote work and live streams than we usually are doing. It’s a crazy situation worldwide and we’re trying to be as productive as possible and continue to release music. Can’t wait to perform live at a real festival after this period, it’s going to be such an amazing feeling to meet the crowd again! 🙂 

Can you please tell me about the music scene in Stockholm and the impact the Stockholm music scene has had on your development as artists? 

It feels like it’s growing. There are some cool festivals and nightclubs in the town. Even though we’re from Sweden we would say that London feels like our musical home as well. London gives us lots of inspiration and we’ve produced many of our songs there. 

What types of music have you been listening to recently and has it had an impact on your music? 

It depends on the mood but we really like to listen to old House stuff in a combination with new. At the moment we’re also listening to radio podcasts from various DJs. 

I loved that you shared your production process while working on “For You” Why was it important to share this with your fans? 

We wanted to give a little glimpse into how we’re working in the studio and how we produced this tune. We produced a couple of different versions of this tune before deciding which one to go for. Glad that you like it!! 

The making of ‘For You’.

The making of ‘For You’ with ManyFew. Remixes dropping soon.

Posted by Axtone on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What type of activities do you utilize to stay healthy while working?

We’re trying to eat healthy and do workouts. We love running to get new inspiration and energy. 

It’s so cool that you are brothers and you have a close relationship that involves your careers. Can you please tell me about your upcoming Ministry of Sound Club appearance. How did that come about?

Yeah, guess it started when we performed at Ministry of Sound The Weekend last November and had a blast. After that gig, they asked us to join them for a live set at the club in London. We’ve always been fans of the Ministry of Sound Club so we’re really looking forward to this!!! 

Can you please explain to me your interpretation and execution of producing a remix? 

Well, remixes are fun to do because there are so many opportunities. Our approach is often to do something different from the original track, almost like doing a whole new track. If it’s a vocal-based song we often start with that and then building everything around that. 

I’ve listened to“Still in Love”, “Closer Love”, and “Making Love”, (which alone has over 1 million streams on Spotify). The titles of just a few of your songs say there’s a whole lot of love going on here. Tell me about your upcoming debut on Spinnin’ Records and how you plan or have already maintained that loving feeling in your music?

Good question, we feel that our mission as DJ/Producers are to spread positive vibes and to make people wanna dance. To be honest, we haven’t really been thinking about it and planned it, we just do what we feel for and go with the flow. Love is a powerful word and you can express it in so many ways. In our new release on Spinnin’ Records, we’re expressing love through the emotional melody. 

Is there anything you would like your fans to know?

We would like to say a massive thank you for the love we have received from all over the world. It means the world to us!! We can’t wait to see you all around the globe as soon as the world is opening up again!!!

Thank you ManyFew for speaking with us. “Off My Mind” comes out Friday May 8, 2020.

Check out ManyFew: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | SoundCloud | Instagram

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