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Listening To This Week’s New Music For ‘One Moment’ Will Get You ‘Closer’ To Happiness | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Ferry Corsten – ‘Poison (Breaks Mix)’

Revisiting his recent collab with U.S. songstress Lovlee, Ferry Corsten amplifies the initial magic with an incredible Breaks Mix. Juggling the luscious vocals and rich piano chords with brisk breakbeats, authentic lead synths and deep bass layered underneath, this version of ‘Poison’ simply brims with crossover potential.

Allen Watts – ‘Visions’

Hammering down in signature fashion, Allen Watts does exactly what he’s been doing for years: simultaneously cracking both sound systems and dance floors. Equipped with a thumping bassline and a super-anthemic melody that paves the way for the bass-powered beat drop , ‘Visions’ is exactly what you’d want the future of Trance to sound like.

Andrew Rayel x Takis – ‘Closer (feat. Zagata)’

“‘Closer’ truly has the perfect balance of everything; the emotion in this record is so euphoric. I’m very excited to team up with the talented Takis. He’s an upcoming artist from Canada, and I highly recommend keeping an eye out on him!”

Andrew Rayel

Kenan Teke – ‘The Rise Of Darkness’

ZYX Trance welcomes another massive future hard trance classic this time by the well-known Turkish producer Kenan Teke called ‘The Rise of Darkness’. The track is a full-on euphoric hard trance uplifter with a strong arrangement characterized from its long cinematic breakdown. It’s truly magical with orchestral strings, opera style vocal samples and intense threatening and a highly dangerous main riff that leads the track nicely to the earth shattering crescendo moment that will please any trance fan worldwide. 

Ryan Farish – ‘Rhythm of the Seasons’

Through the highs and lows of the journey we call life, Ryan Farish reminds you to return to the consistent beat of your heart with his album ‘Rhythm of the Seasons’. This new body of work hones in on his signature sound of uplifting melodic, trance, and deep house while veering towards new analog techniques in the mix and mastering process. The interaction between ambient instrumentals and rich percussive elements throughout the album resembles the underlying heartbeat that prevails as a constant in our lives.

Lumïsade x Lucid Blue – ‘Open Water’

Making their long-anticipated debut on the A State Of Trance label, Finnish pair Lumïsade place their brand of Balearic bliss in the limelight once more alongside U.K. based vocal/producer group Lucid Blue. With rich tones and classic vocals washing over a groovy yet energetic beat-bass foundation, ‘Open Water’ exudes an irresistible sense of freedom from start to finish.

Sam Bagira – ‘One Moment’

Sam Bagira delivers another authentic production to Armin van Buuren’s Armind label. Groovy and intriguing in equal parts, ‘One Moment’ is all the Russian producer needs to put a spell on the global Trance crowd.

BOND – ‘Our Anthem (feat. Kazi Jay)’

Taking listeners on an immersive sonic journey, Luke Bond’s BOND moniker and Kazi Jay team up for ‘Our Anthem’. Kicking off with a heavy-hitting bassline and trance elements, the track’s soaring vocal piece leads into an emotive piano-led breakdown. Building back up, this explosive collaboration shows the producers versatility and will leave fans wanting more from this exciting duo.

MOGUAI – ‘Adventures Of Babylon (feat. Dissolut)’

Trailing the release of his long-awaited third album ‘Colors’, mainstay producer MOGUAI returns with a reggae-charged house single, ‘Adventures of Babylon’ featuring German duo Dissolut. Blending key elements of the genre that spawned electronic music with their respective signature styles, this world-inspired number is out via Dim Mak.

Party Favor – ‘Whenever You’re Around’

“This song [‘Whenever You’re Around’] first started life as a session with my friend Drew Love way back before the pandemic. We never really ended up doing anything with the idea, but over the past year as I was working on all this new music, I remembered the vocals and reopened the project. I was able to totally flip and resample Drew’s voice into something completely removed from where it started, and I turned it into what I think of as a more ‘Party Favor’ version of a house beat. Super happy with the way this shaped up and feel like it’s such a unique take.”

— Party Favor

Evalution x Stellar – ‘FL Sound’

Two of Florida’s most exciting bass artists Evalution and Steller unite on Bassrush Records to write a love letter to their hometown state. ‘FL Sound’ is a womp-filled dubstep heater fusing blazed-out bars with slow-burning beats, hazy melodies, and oscillating wonks. 

CAPYAC – ‘Take Me Closer (CLUBZ Remix)’

CAPYAC passes off their track ‘Take Me Closer’ to Mexican duo CLUBZ for a spirited and groovy remix. This synthwave-inspired flip marks the third remix in a series of many taken from the album. A welcome addition to the catalog, this fresh flip is due for release Eye in the Sky Collective and ONErpm.

Township Rebellion – ‘Signal’

The burgeoning Berlin-based duo, Township Rebellion have cemented themselves as one of the most forward-thinking forces in the underground space with a singular sound. They are fresh off an extended set in Los Angeles at a Factory-hosted party in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, and they are now following up the performance with a dark and driving techno number ‘Signal’ marked by thunderous melodies, haunting arps and goosebump-inducing oscillations.

Kito – ‘Blossom’

On the heels of her first RIAA Gold certification as a listed artist, Astralwerks artist Kito announces the release of her new seven-song EP, ‘Blossom’. 

Shane Codd – ‘It Ain’t Right’

Irish superstar Shane Codd is back this week with another dancefloor hit ‘It Ain’t Right’. Known for his signature vocal-laced, piano-driven energy, this new track immediately transports the listener to the sweaty, hazy dancefloor of the club.

Aiden Francis – ‘Elegy’

“‘Elegy’ was essentially written for those early morning walks home from the club with the sun rising and the world around you waking up. It was written one early morning after I got home from a rave at the White Hotel, Manchester at the beginning of March 2020 where I wanted to document that blissful feeling after a night of partying. Without me knowing when I first started writing the track, it would be my last rave before the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown came into effect. Subsequently, I carried on working on the track through the early part of lockdown where the track took on a whole new meaning. An elegy to a time, a feeling and a place we were all hoping to get back.”

Aiden Francis

Satori – ‘Yellow Blue Bus’

The production of ‘Yellow Blue Bus’ is dreamy and ethereal, the composition delicately yet masterfully evoking dusty Balearic roads and hazy sunset moments. Satori moves seamlessly between elements of Eastern-influenced orchestral instrumentation, warm, sun-drenched guitar and percussive lines, and a dual topline from the artist and his partner Laska, aka Karina.

King Henry – ‘It’s Not U’

King Henry returns with ‘It’s Not U’, a moving reflection on relationship anxieties. Fluidly shifting between a deep house bassline and emotive, poignant lyrics, ‘It’s Not U’ speaks to those who struggle with the disquieting feelings of isolation that mental health challenges can bring about. ‘It’s Not U’ allows listeners to peer deeper into King Henry’s artistic and personal worlds.

Armin van Buuren x Davina Michelle – ‘Hold On (Acoustic Version)’

Strengthening the heartfelt emotion by stripping the original song to its bare essentials, Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle proudly present the acoustic version of their recent collab. With the Dutch songstress’ breath-taking vocals shining over graceful piano play and warm strings, this rendition of ‘Hold On’ is sure to strike a chord in all who listen.

*Featured image via Allen Watts, Andrew Rayel, Takis and Sam Bagira*

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