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‘Lift Off’ And ‘Shine On’ With This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & Pulsedriver – ‘Lift Off (Talla 2XLC Remix)’

After 21 years, Talla 2XLC and Pulsedriver meet once again to mix the legendary DJ compilation Technoclub Vol.63. They celebrate this very special occasion with their superb collaboration called ‘Lift Off released on That’s Trance. The arrangement follows the trance rules by the book and the composition takes advantage of all the usual and trusted trance elements to deliver an unforgettable sonic experience. A great atmosphere with sensual chords, a warm piano theme and a full-on euphoric synthy riff take us all the way for the most uplifting ride of our lifetime. If life looks miserable and dark after all the lockdowns, this track promises to lift off your spirit straight away!

KhoMha – ‘Earthshine’

Two years have passed since KhoMha last touched down on Armind, and that time away has evidently been well spent in preparation of this incredible effort. Juggling his signature drive with plucked melodies, airy vocals and sound bites geared more toward progressive and melodic techno, ‘Earthshine’ brings to light the exceptional production qualities of the Colombian creator.

The Space Brothers – ‘Shine (Jody Barr Remix)’

Well over two decades after The Space Brothers released their U.K. Dance #1 single, Welsh producer Jody Barr pushes ‘Shine’ back into the contemporary with his expert remix treatment. Helmed by broken beats, well-crafted melodies and an atmosphere as timeless and entrancing as that of the original 1997 classic, this fresh rendition has set itself up nicely for nothing but glowing recommendations.

SAYMYNAME – ‘Dynasty’

“I’m so hyped to finally release my EP ‘Dynasty’. There’s 4 tracks that are all different versions of SAYMYNAME. It was great to have Softest Hard and Edison Cole featured on two tracks as well.”


Airbase – ‘Escape (Sunny Lax Remix)’

Remixing the evergreen Airbase classic that charted in the Top 250 of Armin van Buuren’s all-time A State Of Trance Top 1000, Hungary’s Sunny Lax sends his famed signature sound into overdrive. Building upon the anthemic melody of the 2006 original with raw bass grooves and impeccably layered synths, this version of ‘Escape’ will keep the ears of Trance fans ringing for a long time.

Tempo Giusto – ‘Yakuza’

Displaying high levels of sophistication and street smarts, Tempo Giusto’sYakuza’ is set to rule the A State Of Trance lands with an iron fist. From the mighty synths to the fiercely influential bassline, this track is so energetic you might as well deem it criminal.

NGHTMRE x Smokepurpp – ‘MOSH (Remix Pack)’

Earlier this summer, NGHTMRE and Smokepurpp brought the heat with their incendiary collaboration, ‘MOSH’. A battering of bone-crushing 808s and Smokepurpp’s riotous lyricism, ‘MOSH’ quickly gained traction within electronic and rap communities — now, the record resurfaces in a remix pack featuring reworks by Kumarion, Stoned Level, and Cheyenne Giles

AmPm – ‘Amsterdam’

This week, after over 18 months of waiting, the electronic music industry juggernaut that is the Amsterdam Dance Event finally opens its doors to a waiting world. To celebrate, and with impeccable timing, masked production duo AmPm have dropped the latest single from their city-themed series, ‘Amsterdam’. 

Insomniac – ‘EDC Las Vegas 2021 Compilation’

In the leadup to the massive three-day dance music gathering in the desert, Insomniac Records is delivering its annual festival comp providing a snapshot of the vast pool of wide-ranging talent spread out across its 8 stages. Celebrating its 25th year anniversary, Electric Daisy Carnival is excited to commemorate the huge milestone with its largest album to date, clocking in at a whopping 64 tracks, including appearances from Jauz, Seven Lions, Diplo, Deadmau5, Charlotte de Witte, Alison Wonderland, Nicky Romero and and many more.

Danny Lees – ‘You Tell Me Lies’

“This was one of the first house tracks [‘You Tell Me Lies’] I made and at the time this kind of music was a new discovery for me, never in a million years did I think it would have become as popular as it has!”

Danny Lees

Quivver – ‘Revelate’

Having served as an indispensable figure in dance music’s progression since the early 90s, Quivver’s consistent and versatile production output has helped shape the very development of our beloved scene. ‘Revelate’s’ ten unique sonic narratives ring true to the commitment of his craft, embodying that of a man who has dedicated his life to the artform. Intended for start-to-finish listening the aptly named opus will bring forth a new spirit to Quivver’s sound palette, as he explores a plethora of musical references through his own perspective. Its identity is free and feral, journeying through ambient bliss and high impact breakbeat, with tinges of techno and infinitely deep melodic house.

Lamorn – ‘Between Us’

With a penchant for fusing sonic electronic production with lush alternative instrumentation, Lamorn is a teenage virtuoso, championing a unique stadium-indie sound with each new release and live performance. His latest release kicks off with ‘Between Us’, it’s robotically funky namesake single. Featuring a vocal performance from Lamorn himself, the brilliant track serves as a shining testament to Lamorn’s innate dexterity as an artist.

Henry Fong x Psycho Boys Club – ‘Lights Out’

Henry Fong and Psycho Boys Club join forces for ‘Lights Out’ on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label, a fusion of hard/industrial techno and bass sounds, which are definitely not for the faint of heart. With serrating synths and relentless, heavy-hitting basslines, the new track perfectly represents both Henry Fong’s and Psycho Boys Club’s sonic styles. From its electro-influenced opening to the massive, underground-style drop, ‘Lights Out’ teleports you to the darkest corners of festival stages where tireless dancers and stabbing strobe lights reign supreme.

DESTRUCTO – ‘Shine On’

DESTRUCTO (aka Gary Richards) has released ‘Shine On’, a new single featuring vocals from four-time platinum Canadian artist Harm Franklin and DESTRUCTO himself.  For the song — inspired by Richards’ late brother Steven “Rocker” Richards founder of No Name Worldwide, visionary manager behind metal legends Slipknot, Mudvayne, and dozens of other great artists who passed away from brain cancer in 2004 — is a future classic house anthem reminding us that a brighter day lies ahead.

Dabin – ‘Between Broken’

“‘Between Broken’ feels like a return to the sounds that inspired me to make music in the first place. I spent years trying to find and develop my own sound and this record felt like I had the means to pay homage to the sounds that pushed me to create my own music. Growing up I’d listen to a lot of acoustic and folk music. Those genres felt so delicate and intimate and that was a feeling I really wanted to replicate in ‘Between Broken.’ You’ll also hear some mid-west emo and pop punk influences sprinkled throughout the album as a nod to the bands that got me through some tough times.”


Soulji x Braev – ‘Shutter’

Shutter’ is a crimson-colored creation penned about “betrayal and brutal revenge.” Braev joins Soulji on the hunt for justice. Wielding their own set of razor-sharp skills, the pair perfectly complement one another as they take matters into their own hands. Braev’s hushed tones fill the air with an unsettling tension, while he outlines the soon-to-be crime scene with his haunting falsetto. Owning his own end of the bargain, Soulji introduces ominous harp motifs and foreboding pads to set the mood of the blood bath to be had. Soon enough, the premeditated plan is carried out with meticulous care as the slash of gritty basslines, pounding percussion, crisp hats, and piercing synth growls culminate into a murderous bounce of the first degree. At the end of it all, Soulji and Braev walk away with the comfort of knowing no one would ever dare cross this double threat because their life could very well depend on it.  

SNBRN x Cavin Scott – ‘Home’

In ‘Home’, SNBRN is back to his best, joining forces with an emerging talent in Cavin Scott for a tune that sets the stage immaculately for what’s to come. When it comes to house music, SNBRN has proven himself as one of the most forward-thinking and consistent producers in the world. Combining quality with ingenuity, the LA-based artist has made a name for himself with his groovy, dancefloor ready productions and consistent creative output. Simply put, SNBRN is house music at its versatile best, touching on deep emotion and conjuring nostalgia. Synthetic but also organic, if it doesn’t make you move, rest assured it’s not SNBRN. 

SOHMI – ‘Time’

Rising Korean-American sensation SOHMI shows us why she’s commanding our attention right now with the launch of her DIY label, Permission. Kicking off with the first release is her own single ‘Time‘ – a minimal tech cut that envisions a 90’s Detroit techno-esque dreamscape brushed with a modern sheen.

Couros – ‘Untitled21’

“I wanted to make something that didn’t feel as connected and was more of a no-minded approach to making a song [‘Untitled21’]. I went off instinct for a whole day, added a vocal from a song I just wrote, cut it up and kept it fast and didn’t obsess. Probably the fastest from idea-to-master I’ve done yet and while there’s always that voice in my head telling me it’s not good enough, I’m really into leaving all the human mistakes/touches in because I guess that’s what makes it my song.”


*Featured image via DESTRUCTO, KhoMha, Tempo Giusto and SNBRN*

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