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Kaskade Redux Tour 2019

Kaskade’s Bringing Back Those REDUX Vibes

by RiMo

A strong fixture in the Electronic Dance Music scene, Kaskade has proven that he has what it takes to maintain his presence in the ever-evolving music industry. If perseverance is one of Kaskade’s attributes, then it’s clear he will continue to be a force in the EDM world… but what does the future hold for such an accomplished and dynamic musician?

Looking at how Kaskade became the artist he is today gives us an idea of how hard he’s worked to get to this point, which clearly was not an overnight process. Growing up in Chicago he was lucky enough to hear Frankie Knuckles spin which lead Kaskade on a journey spanning over several decades. His love of the scene morphed as he witnessed the emergence of house music from attending house parties and feeding his inspiration with legends like Derrick Carter (who still tours today!). After attending college in San Fransico, Kaskade headed to San Francisco while the house scene was emerging. The unique vibe of the scene surely added to his development allowing him to hone in on his music production skills which lead to several releases and eventually record deals. Some of the most celebrated songs in EDM blossomed from his venture including EDM hits we know and love like “I Remember” and “Atmosphere.” I still bump those classics to this day!

After being drawn to the EDM music scene for the ever-changing and loving community, just like myself and many of us alike, Kaskade was in it not only for the music but for the sense of belonging. His candidness regarding songwriting and EDM caught my attention early on. Though the community is thriving, he pointed out that the number of songwriters in the field of EDM is limited and has been like this for the last 15-20 years. What does that mean for the future of the genre? Perhaps as time progresses and the EDM field gains more artists with original content, then maybe we will see a sort of EDM renaissance with a progression and stronger focus towards eloquent songwriting.

Kaskade acknowledges that there are currently two areas of electronic music, one categorized as more of a Mainstream Pop EDM and the other could be described as Underground EDM. These genres coincide with the fact that more electronic focused music is being featured on the radio and becoming crossover hits. Some fans would go so far as to say that these two areas of EDM tend to also vary in approach and direction so much so that they are noticeably different in both culturally and musically. I can see that mainstream EDM may not be so focused on trying to send the same message of artistic expression as its predecessor. It is without a doubt that the underground scene is trying to open your eyes to an issue no matter how obscure and far from groups that have been traditionally marginalized. For many of us who have been in the community for a while (I’ve personally been part of the scene for 20 years) we have noticed changes as the genre has become more mainstream… And not just because these songs are being played on the radio in a greater frequency but perhaps due to a change in the demographics and esthetic.

The message that the underground was sending us may have gotten lost along the way. Perhaps that is why we keep coming back to Kaskade to hear the message that we long for. Even when there’s a shift in culture that’s unexpected, many of us will still find our way back to what is familiar, and Kaskade seems to have captured that.

That’s why I made my family listen to “Kaskade Christmas” as well as watch all 5 hours of Kaskade’s Yule Log video more than once… I still watch that Christmas video! You can check out by clicking here! I also made an effort to hang out near the SiriusXM booth at EZOO 10 so I could get a glimpse of Kaskade before his set in all his glory. You can see him in the photo below taking time to meet and connect with his fans.

Yes, it’s a sense of nostalgia. Yes, it’s great to experience a show with the EDM community that I now call family. Nonetheless, I also think it’s about the legacy that he has created and continues to create. For me, I feel that he’s a storyteller whose tracks have become the soundtrack to so many milestones in my life. Kaskade shows that an EDM artist can continue a legacy through uplifting tunes that come from the heart for generations to come.

If you’re a fan of Kaskade’s more traditional underground House music, his REDUX tours are cannot miss. Often featuring tracks from his REDUX albums, the sets showcase cutting edge tracks both new and familiar while exploring his versatility and ability to continue his relevance in the scene.

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*Featured Image Via RiMo*

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