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Amtrac, FTampa, Many Few, and Return of the Jaded

Just ‘For You’, a ‘System Overload’ of New Music! | #FMF

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

SNAILS – ‘System Overload’

SNAILS is back with a huge collaboration with Kompany and Virus Syndicate. ‘System Overload is a sublime fusion of the heaviest dubstep sounds and grime-like vocals. It’s mind-blowing basslines and menacing build-up will have the headbangers going mental.

SNAILS presents 'System Overload!
Click on image to stream ‘System Overload’ on Spotify!

ManyFew – ‘For You’

Brothers Jacob and Victor Andersson otherwise known as ManyFew, team up with Hayley May for their stunning new single ‘For You’. This track exudes an anthemic aura from the very first beat. Brimming with euphoric synths and a powerful bassline, it seamlessly blends their signature sounds to create a larger than life release.

ManyFew present 'For You'!
Click on image to stream ‘For You’ on Spotify!

Amtrac – ‘Between the Lines’

Amtrac releases ‘Between The Lines’ off his forthcoming album Oddyssey. This track is a blend of new-wave feels and a smooth progressive groove.

AMTRAC release 'Between the Lines'!
Click on image to stream ‘Between The Lines’ on Spotify!

Return of the Jaded – ‘Soma’ EP

Canadian producer Return of the Jaded makes an outstanding debut on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records with his two-track EP ‘Soma’. The title track is a rework of The Smashing Pumpkins hit ‘Soma’, this rendition features deep guitar licks and psychedelic synths and commands attention with its enticing aura. ‘Taiga’, the second track, builds gradually across its duration and transforms into an out-of-this-world electronic masterpiece.

Return of the Jaded present 'Soma'!
Click on image to stream ‘Soma’ on Spotify!

Moonshine – ‘SMS For Location, Vol. 3’

Moonshine proudly shares their latest mixtape, ‘SMS for Location, Vol. 3‘. Its release was timed to coincide with the Montreal-based collective’s 5th anniversary. It’s an electrifying mix that defies categorization, the track carries on Moonshine’s mission to bring exciting, innovative beats to the dancefloor.

Moonshine releases 'SMS for Location, Vol 3' mixtape!
Click on image to stream ‘SMS for Location, Vol 3’ on Spotify!

PEEKABOO – ‘Impossible’ EP

PEEKABOO returns to Deadbeats with ‘The ImpossibleEP. This four-track EP is a gritty mix of hip-hop, trap, and bombastic basslines!

PEEKABOO release 'Impossible EP'!
Click on image to stream ‘The Impossible’ on Spotify!

XAVAGE – ‘Stay Xavage’

XAVAGE is back with a four-track EP, Stay Xavage‘. This release contains his debut single ‘Give Me All Your Love’, as well as the follow-up track ‘Error’, and two new thumpers

XAVAGE release 'Stay Xavage'!
Click on image to stream ‘Stay Xavage’ on Spotify!

FTampa – ‘F.i.A!’

FTampa is pushing Brazilian EDM to the next level! His new release ‘F.i.A’ is an exploding mix of electro-pop flavor with hard-hitting bass beats.

FTampa releases 'F.i.A!'
Click on image to stream ‘F.i.A’ on Spotify!

Ricky Retro – ‘Happy New Year’

Fun-loving Ricky Retro is back with a collaboration with Love Harder for his new single “Happy New Year“. This track has happy electro grooves and is the perfect banger to bring in the New Year!

Ricky Retro presents 'Happy New Year'!
Click on image to stream ‘Happy New Year’ on Spotify!

Vlade Kay and DJ Snake – ‘All This Lovin’

Russia’s own Vlade Kay teams up with DJ Snake for his much-anticipated release ‘All This Lovin‘. This track perfectly blends electro-beats with soothing pop vocals and is bound to be a dancefloor favorite!

Vlade Kay x DJ Snake - All This Lovin’

*Featured image | via Amtrac, FTampa, ManyFew, Return of the Jaded*

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