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It’s No ‘Mystery’ That You’ll Want To Listen To This Week’s New Tracks ‘All Over’ Again | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Will Atkinson – ‘Last King Of Scotland’

The most anticipated debut artist album of 2020 has arrived, as genius Scottish producer Will Atkinson delivers a seventeen-track LP that’s nothing less than a masterpiece. A body of music that seamlessly fuses trance, techno and drum n’ bass with progressive and poetry, ambient and acid and harmony and hard dance, it immediately vies for the tag of ‘timeless’. The ‘Last King Of Scotland’ is a musical journey like no other, but also an intoxicating and often-hypnotic collection, which is a musical narration of Will’s own path. That of a patriotic, electronic music loving boy growing up in a far-flung corner before moving on, out and up to global recognition.

Ilan Bluestone – ‘Paid For Love (feat. God Sedgwick)’

“‘Paid For Love‘ is the first track I’ve written where I’ve had a hand in writing the lyrics. The song is about a personal experience I had in a relationship, and I feel like these lyrics speak to people who may have gone through similar experiences. I’ve felt such a strong connection with fans at my shows when they’ve been singing the words back to me. I wanted a vocal in the style of Depeche Mode, and Gid Sedgwick delivered!”

Ilan Bluestone

Rodg x Sarah de Warren – ‘Do It All Again’

Premiered on A State Of Trance, ‘Evocations’ album single ‘Do It All Again’ is the second-ever collab between Rodg and Sarah de Warren. Digging deep into the progressive space with dreamy vocals and sparkling melodies, this cut is one of those records you’d keep smacking the repeat button for.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – ‘Explorer’

Designed to rough up listeners wherever it ventures, this next masterpiece on Armind is a giant leap for Trance kind. With pulsating synths, signature energy surges and wandering melodies that twist and turn like the winding road ahead, Giuseppe Ottaviani’sExplorer’ will take Trance fans to places of euphoria they never knew existed.

Maryn x Joel Freck – ‘Dawn’

With their debut release on A State Of Trance, Maryn and Joel Freck show the entire electronic music space what they’re made of. One of the most melodically appealing cuts on Armin van Buuren’sA State of Trance, Ibiza 2020’ album, this record may just epitomize the ‘Dawn’ of a new age for Trance music worldwide.

Afrojack pres. Kapuchon – ‘10 Years Later’

Afrojack has relaunched his Kapuchon alias to release his brand new single ‘10 Years Later’, out now on the newly formed Kapuchon Records. ‘10 Years Later’ is a pulsating tech track, displaying van de Wall’s ability to craft fresh and exciting house and techno productions. An exploration of a genre the Dutchman is truly passionate about, ‘10 Years Later’ proves van de Wall’s remarkable versatility as a producer.

Zack Martino – ‘Reflections’

“‘The inspiration behind this EP [‘Reflections’]  started on tour last year. This was the first time in my life that I was away from home for weeks on end and it filled me with a bunch of emotions. I fell in love, experienced heartbreak, was overwhelmed and at times felt alone. But at the same time, it was the best year of my life. I got to travel, see the world and meet so many amazing people along the way. My life was going so fast and I was getting lost. During the making of this EP, I had to take a step back and really reflect on what was going on in my life. It felt so surreal that I’m living this crazy dream of mine, but this is only the beginning.”

Zack Martino

Aressa x Amanda Darling x Adrian Alexander – ‘Mystery (Vocal Mix)’

It’s no ‘Mystery’ that Amanda Darling is a rising star in the trance scene. As you dance the night away to her new and uplifting tune, your body will take control as your hands reach towards the stars in the sky along to the blissful melody. 

AVIAN GRAYS – ‘All Over’

An upbeat, dance-pop hybrid that oozes airwave potential, AVIAN GRAYS’All Over’ immediately draws in listeners through sheer infectiousness. Interweaving pitched vocals, funky chords, delicious vibes and lyrics that lightheartedly reflect on extrarelational flings, this is that one record that’ll leave fans tingling all over.

Alison Wonderland x Valentino Khan – ‘Anything’

Friends, collaborators, and accredited pioneers of modern dance music, Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan join forces to deliver their atmospheric single ‘Anything’. 

David Guetta x MORTEN – ‘Save My Life (feat. Lovespeake)’

Landing on all streaming platforms, renowned music producers David Guetta and MORTEN make their debuts on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom for the release of their newest collaboration ‘Save My Life’ featuring Lovespeake.

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘A Million Times (HONNE Remix)’

“For our remix of ‘A Million Times‘ we decided to completely flip it. We wanted to bring out more of the emotive elements of the lyrics by re-harmonising with picked clean electric guitars and soaring synths. We liked the contrast of having all this set against the backdrop of the relentless straight 808 beat. It was a lot of fun working on it and we hope to finally meet the guys next time we’re in Australia.”


Onderkoffer – ‘The Turn Up’

Producer/DJ Onderkoffer today released out-of-this-world track, ‘The Turn Up’ out now via BrednButter. The distinctive tune, which serves as a sound representation of Onderkoffer’s diverse talent and musical taste, seamlessly intertwines a melodic, cinematic break with outer-space vibes throughout, contrasted by a massive trap drop and trademark Onderkoffer Moombahton switch. As the single progresses, Onderkoffer turns it up a notch with a massive psytrance drop before switching back to trap and closing out with a Kanye West inspired outro.

Bastian Benjamin – ‘Threshold’

Threshold’ dances on a balance of bold and sophisticated. Light and feminine electronic adornments are interspersed with confident, masculine basslines as Bastian Benjamin takes his listeners further on a journey of introspection and development. This is the threshold of the inner abyss, with the dark waters below calling your name and the urge to jump deep within your soul. Dare to take the leap.

Pat Reilly – ‘Prince of the Night’

“I’m taking my personal journey and smashing it against a darker side of me. I’ve lived in a much more colorful place in the past because I had enough distraction to keep me there. ‘Prince of the Night‘ is a release from all the pain I’ve been holding onto, that I wasn’t even conscious of prior, because I could distract myself with work, people, strangers, and my ambition.”

Pat Reilly

Ginesse – ‘Somewhere To Die’

Somewhere To Die’ is Ginesse’s first release this year and will consist of 5 brand new singles created with her long-time collaborator, producer Matias Mora. Mora’s left-of-center indie-pop production and catchy guitar riffs lay down the perfect foundation for Ginesse’s lush crystalline vocals. Over the EP’s 5 songs, Ginesse takes us on a dreamy sonic journey, chronicling some of her life’s defining moments with a diary-like touch: career changes, falling in love, falling out of love, blackout nights, depression, medication, sweat and tears.

DROELOE – ‘A Matter Of Perspective’’

A Matter Of Perspective’ is DROELOE’s most complete and sophisticated work to date, combining its previous three EPs along with seven brand new tracks that fuse elements of pop, dubstep, hip-hop, classical, and electronica in a riveting fashion. The cohesive feel of the album blends melancholic songwriting with a bold, colorful sonic palette that cuts brightly against the beautiful voices of their inspiring vocal collaborators.

Ilja Alexander – ‘Someday (LCAW Remix)’

“Working on this remix for ‘Someday’ was a lot of fun because I used only analog synths that I recently acquired. Very happy I got a chance to put my spin on this song. I hope someday soon I get to play it in a club and see people dance to it.”


White Cliffs – ‘Six Cylinder Run / On My Mind’

White Cliffs aka Rafe Cohan has released a double single with ‘Six Cylinder Run’ and ‘On My Mind’. The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, pianist and percussionist effortlessly blends psychedelic elements with indie rock, soul and electronic for a modern shoegaze body of work.

Hermitude – ‘Pollyanarchy (Deluxe)’

“It’s so great to be revisiting ‘Pollyanarchy’ with these bonus tracks that didn’t make the original release. We feel these songs complete the chapter as they each hold their special backstory and help round out the story and vibe of what Pollyanarchy feels to us.”


*Featured image via Giuseppe Ottaviani, Rodg, Will Atkinson and Ilan Bluestone*

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