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It’s No ‘Mirage’, This Week’s New Music Will ‘Ignite’ A Fire Inside Your Soul | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & Christina Novelli – ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Remix)’

The vocal trance gem by Talla 2XLC and Christina Novelli — ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long’, which was also the number 1 on the Beatport trance chart, is now receiving a remix by the Slovak super-hero ReOrder. He’s bringing his own brand of trance sound which is a modern, straight-forward style with old-school trance references. This remix supplies us with pumping basslines, thumping kicks and a brand new synthy theme with warm strings supporting Christina’s vocals allowing them to stand out and shine.

Chris Lake x Cloonee – ‘Nightmares’

“Working with Chris Lake was an absolute honor and a huge milestone in my career that I will look back on fondly. It took us a few attempts to land on this record [‘Nightmares’], but I’m incredibly happy that we did as the final result is amazing. It was also nice for Chris to see how a real producer works in the studio. ;)”


Will Clarke – ‘Mirage’

Will Clarke is making his highly anticipated follow-up appearance on Factory 93 Records with his latest offering ‘Mirage’, a booming techno single riddled with peak-time sensibilities.

Sevenn – ‘Champagne & Pizza’

Champagne & Pizza’ enters with an irresistible smattering of velvety vocals and hushed chords. The record’s palpable energy escalates with a fervent swarm of rapid-fire notes before nose diving into Sevenn’s trademark Hybrid Techno beatwork. A pulsating bassline and reverberating knocks take over as Sevenn flexes his expert sound layering, crafting a sound that will surely cement this semi-dark cut in rotations everywhere.


NGHTMRE and KLAXX’sThe One’ begins with a singular strumming guitar, pulling the listener into the music with its hypnotizing strings. As the instrumentals delicately lead out of the intro, “Tell me if you are the one” is whispered. The simple yet impactful lyrics bring out the rhythmic bassline, which  continues to shine throughout the music. The gradual build up to the chorus heightens the anticipation for the climactic moment, and the instrumentation and volume contrast between sections further highlights the uniqueness of each verse. Such alternation brings dynamic and tension to the music.

R Plus – ‘WeDisappear’

A love affair translated into lyrical narratives by the master storyteller and the emerging vocal talent at his side, ‘WeDisappear’ by R Plus perfectly captures the various stages of a relationship that grows, unfolds and regrettably withers in the end. From infatuation and passion to disillusionment, freedom and bittersweet reminiscence, the eleven-track album touches on love’s most resounding emotions, carefully and expertly narrated by the brilliant vocalist. 

Borgeous x Kastra x Luxtides – ‘Infinity’

Ahead of his debut at the inaugural Creamfields Thailand, Kastra brings bliss to his inspired melodic house collaboration with Borgeous and GRAMMY-nominated vocalist Luxtides. The hopeful track swells with its energetic tempo and heartfelt lyrics, showing a new depth to Kastra’s production in this unique single — ‘Infinity’.

Matroda x Bleu Clair – ‘PWR’

Matroda and Bleu Clair are fusing their strengths together on a new single, ‘PWR’, a formidable house collab slated for release on Insomniac Records.

CruSz – ‘Liquidz’

Join us as we embark on a startling contrasting journey of retro flourishes and modern productions in CruSz’s latest EP. Each turn holds something new, whether it’s unstoppable riffs, catchy vocal samples, effective disco rhythm, bewitching strings and a “liquid” bass. Across the ‘Liquidz’ EP, creeping, sinister tones here against light rolling embellishments there manage to find their home in a nineties-esque tech sound.

Roni Amitai – ‘Voices’

“‘Voices’ was created at the very beginning of the pandemic. I found myself experimenting in my studio for days, trying to convert the confusion into creation. We all experienced a new reality of social distancing but inside this tangle I found a lot of space to explore. This EP is a culmination and celebration of the freedom this time gave me.”

Roni Amitai

Eats Everything x Shermanology – ‘Tell You What It Is’

House and techno titan Eats Everything also known as Dan Pearce has joined forces with Caribbean duo Shermanology on new single ‘Tell You What It Is’. Capturing the essence of house music, ‘Tell You What It Is’ combines euphoric gospel-like vocals, rousing organ chords, and a pulsating bassline – an irresistible combination that’s simply made for the dancefloor.

Marc Straight – ‘Beauty In Transience’

On ‘Beauty In Transience’, Marc Straight lays his heart out on the table in a journey that began with the urge to progress melodically, and in due course evolved into a divine product of life’s uncertainties. 

Francisco Allendes – ‘What You Do’

A contemporary dose of four-on-the-floor house, ‘What You Do’ leaves few prisoners in its wake, as rampant drum patterns converge on a heady combination of kicks, synths and irresistible vocals right the way through. There’s an infectious energy to the track by Francisco Allendes!

Kintar – ‘Ascending Lights (feat. Jinadu)’

“I began this track [‘Ascending Lights’] during lockdown and I was emotional at the time, so I wanted to reflect those feelings in the tune. I sent it off to Jinadu, he came back with the idea for the lyrics and I loved it. It seems I managed to find the sound I was looking for: two versions, each of which represent my entire vibe. I can’t say the track has just one influence. There’s something of Depeche Mode and Dead Can Dance in there, as well as twenty-one years of being a music producer and a lifelong music fan.”


Nyxen – ‘Silence In Motion’

A futuristic take on 80s synth-pop, ‘Silence In Motion’ is driven by hazy reverberated vocals, thumping basslines, and organic percussion. Through a mesmerizing blend of new wave and glam rock, the second single off Nyxen’s upcoming album synthesizes Nyxen’s unique sound and further establishes her as an artist to watch this year. 


Since first emerging in 2017, sonic innovator PEEKABOO has left a firm stamp and impression on electronic music at large. Defined by a signature sound design that marries modern bass music with a leading edge in nuance, the producer’s catalog has become an instantly recognizable sound of the time. For his latest flex in modernization, PEEKABOO is teaming up with the UK’s CASPA for a heavy-hitting collab, ‘Reload’, out on Deadbeats.

Prismo – ‘Ignite’

Prismo puts an end to a two-year release hiatus with a delightful dance-pop duet alongside singer-songwriter Elle Vee on ‘Ignite’, the latest single to catch fire on the burgeoning Lost In Dreams imprint. 

Kahani – ‘Ranjha’

The track immediately envelopes listeners’ eardrums, transporting them to a sultry sonic atmosphere. Rife with layered percussive instrumentation, Kahani’s latest offering showcases his global dance music influences. Fusing the lines between genres into a propelling house cut, ‘Ranjha’ delivers a propelling intensity throughout. With a groove-inducing rhythm at the forefront, the offering perfectly captures the talent’s innovative sound design, creating a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

AmyElle – ‘Let Me In’

Scottish DJ and producer AmyElle returns with new single ‘Let Me In’ on Another Rhythm. An intoxicating house cut, ‘Let Me In’ centers around ethereal synths, hypnotic breakdowns and Shania’s sensual vocals.

Banx & Ranx – ‘Headphones (feat. Rêve)’

“When we got the confirmation that we were working with Pat and saw his concept for the video [‘Headphones’], we were immediately hyped up. This is definitely going to be one of our biggest videos so far and we’re excited to share it with the world.”

Banx & Ranx

*Featured image via ReOrder, Will Clarke, Prismo and Sevenn*

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