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It’s No ‘Illusion’ That You’ll Be ‘Falling’ For This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

BT – ‘The Lost Art Of Longing’

“One of the things nearing extinction; is the art of longing. As in, wanting something you cannot immediately have. If anything positive is to come from the situation the world collectively finds itself in, it is my great hope — speed, instant gratification, and over-stimulation are swapped out for longing, imagination, and relational connection. For a child or teenager to sit thoughtfully and ponder what is to come, to hope for or envision something amazing, to dream of a place or a future — is becoming obsolete. Longing has been replaced with instant gratification. My hope is that this record reacquaints my audience with the lost art of longing. That they will take pause, get quiet, daydream, and connect to their own place of longing. Because that, I believe, is where the magic is.”

BT on ‘The Lost Art Of Longing

Armin van Buuren x AVIRA – ‘Illusion’

After making their intentions clear with debut collaboration ‘Hollow’, Armin van Buuren and AVIRA push out with their next offering. Like a mirage of melodies changing form at every turn, ‘Illusion’ expertly showcases the kind of sonic magic that will wow its listeners time and time again.

Davey Asprey x onTune – ‘Paradise’

A State Of Trance regular Davey Asprey returns to the imprint to wreak havoc again, and he’s brought onTune along for extra impact. Their track ‘Paradise’ is exactly what the Trance crowd has been screaming out their lungs for: a super-energetic, hyper-melodious masterpiece they can always come home to.

Allen Watts x Roman Messer – ‘Skyline’

Quality uplifting with a good amount of attitude, Allen Watts and Roman Messer’s Skyline’ truly is a track to behold. Defined by smacking bassline, dreamy vocal touches and a brilliant melody that tailspins into the night, this record makes for a sonic experience no Trance fan will ever forget.

Martin Jensen x RANI – ‘At Least I Had Fun’

Created during the current global pandemic lockdown, Martin Jensen’sAt Least I Had Fun’ fuses a collection of genres together giving fans a track that beams with fun, positive vibes. RANI’s sassy delivery proves the perfect emphasis for the song. Elevating the message of care-free fun and positivity with lyrics that reflect “That summer feeling” and that you “Don’t need no reason just living life,” ‘At Least I Had Fun’ is punchy, feel-good pop-house at its finest.

Ian Storm x Ron van den Beuken – ‘Clocks’

Dutch DJ and producers Ian Storm and Ron van den Beuken have teamed up for their first release of 2020 ‘Clocks’ via RCA UK/One Seven Music. The pair add a slick new twist to the Coldplay classic, creating a high energy, deep house feel which is topped by an enchanting female vocal. Already garnering over 4 million global streams, the track is set to dominate charts and dancefloors alike.

Grum – ‘Heartbeats: Ten’

Homecomings are always a special thing, and with music it is just the same. After the successful launch of his own Deep State imprint earlier this year, Grum is celebrating with some epic remixes of the music that started it all — his ‘Heartbeats’ LP from back in 2010. 

Biscits – ‘From The Start (Sonny Fodera)’

Following Biscits’ crossover anthem ‘From The Start on Solotoko, label head Sonny Fodera continues to champion the rising producer with his remix of the original. Transforming the original and making it his own, Sonny’s remix weaves sun-kissed piano stabs amongst the the vocal before chopping the top line into an exhilarating drop driven by a captivating drum line and certainly taking ‘From The Start’ to a whole new level.

4B – ‘Going Nowhere (feat. Trippie Redd)’

Since debuting the record live two years ago, 4B and platinum-selling rapper Trippie Redd have finally unraveled their highly anticipated collaboration ‘Going Nowhere’. Out Now via Ultra Music, the two deliver a melodic bolt of energy that will pool together fans from all areas of music. Trippie’s versatile style of rapping blended elements of cloud rap, emo rap, and trap have granted him chart-topping singles and albums, making him a perfect suitor for this collaboration. Combining Trippie’s infectious toplines with 4B’s signature jersey-club sound, this single showcases Bobby’s best.

Slip Beats – ‘Trapped In Pastel’

An illustrious act both on stage and in the studio, Baltimore-based producer Slip Beats is an independent artist with a penchant for future bass. Capitalizing on recent career milestones, Slip Beats delivers his fresh new single ‘Trapped In Pastel’. 

Kid Bloom – ‘Blood Sugar’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kid Bloom crafts a signature style independent of era and genre, yet universally receptive with the release of new EP, ‘Blood Sugar’, released today via Electric Feel/Island Records.  

Quix x Juelz – ‘Chicane’

After teasing the track at QUIX’s EDC 2019 set, the hype around ‘Chicane’ has been immense. The bass-heavy track throws you into the pit right off the bat — as the car engine ignites,  ominous sounds and hard-hitting bass attempt to prepare you for what’s to come. The drop counts down into a filthy beat, aimed to give you whiplash by the end of the song. Combining QUIX’s unique trap soundscape and Juelz’s hip-hop arsenal, ‘Chicane’ is the perfect combination of edgy bass.

Kito x ZHU – ‘Follow (feat. Jeremih)’

Kito and ZHU have teamed up to create the ultimate summer club record — ‘Follow’ with Jeremih, released today by Astralwerks. Kito and ZHU pay a tribute to house music, letting the song unfold gently, with Jeremih’s infectious melodies over anthemic chords and a beat that forces you to get up and move. The result is an exhilarating, unabashedly hopeful declaration of devotion.

Solardo x Paul Woolford – ‘Tear It Up (feat. Pamela Fernandez)’

British dance music icons Solardo and Paul Woolford have joined forces on new single ‘Tear It Up’, also featuring Chicago singer-songwriter Pamela Fernandez. Bringing together three of the UK’s most respected producers, ‘Tear It Up’ is a feelgood, hands-in-the-air rave anthem, combining euphoric piano chords, soaring diva vocals from the legendary Pamela Fernandez, and a chunky bassline to devastating effect.

Tensnake – ‘Make You Mine’

“‘Make You Mine’ is an homage to visualization and asking the universe for what you want. This is a fun and uplifting declaration of love set to a‘90s dance-pop backdrop, which I feel perfectly contrasts the darker and more vibey approach of ‘Strange Without You’ and ‘Automatic’.”


Muri – ‘Fallin’’

Danish pop-house DJ, Muri, has released her debut single ‘Fallin’’ via Astralwerks. The suiting female vocal takes the listener on a journey through seductive verses to a catchy hook with a heavy drop and a strong, dark-sounding kick.

Above & Beyond – ‘Falling (feat. Zoë Johnston)’

The GRAMMY-nominated trio Above & Beyond and their live band have reunited with Zoë Johnston to record a cover of ‘Falling’ by Julee Cruise, the opening theme of cult 90s series Twin Peaks.

Gillian Heidi – ‘Desperate’

Today, emerging pop singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi is releasing her new single, ‘Desperate’. Underscored by layered harmonies and full-bodied instrumentation, Gillian’s R&B-infused pop vocals take center stage on ‘Desperate’ as she sings of the guilt and thrill that comes with having a crush while in a relationship.

GATTÜSO x Love Harder – ‘Cruel’

GATTÜSO is back again with his genre-fusing skills in ‘Cruel’ produced alongside Love Harder — the new single that will leave you wanting more with its powerful beats and melodic synths. ‘Cruel’ starts off with a grand opening, immediately captivating listeners with commanding vocals. The song itself is about the image people create of themselves, specifically how those with power instill dominance and even cruelty.

*Featured image via BT, Grum, Armin van Buuren and AVIRA*

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