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Imagine Festival crowd

Our Saving Grace this Year May Be Imagine 2020

by MIke Ciro

With most other major festivals throughout the summer getting canceled, Imagine may be our saving grace. The founders (Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand) have made an announcement on the festival’s website in regards to some exciting news for the very end of the Summer season of 2020. This includes the new location and a pledge to keep Imagine going this year despite the pandemic that we have all been pushing through… imagine that? This is great news for those of us that have been displeased and have low expectations on the return of any events soon. Additionally, they have mentioned that a memorable lineup is to come, which is no surprise because their past lineups have been nothing short of phenomenal.

The new location announced is actually on TomorrowWorld’s former stomping grounds, Chatahoochee Hills, Georgia. It’s been decided that Bouckaert Farm is the ideal home for Imagine Festival to settle and the founders are excited to show off the beauty in store for us. It seems they are just as excited, if not more than us ravers are for it, and that must really say something! Many improvements have been improvised to deliver attendees a satisfactory experience, and a convenient one at that:

  • Newly paved roads for dependability and accessibility
  • Car Camping and RV Camping (primitive camping available as well)
  • Day Parking on site 
  • Uber & Lyft (Rideshare) drop off and pick up on site 
  • On site Shuttle Pick up and Drop off 
  • Great communication and coordination with city officials to ensure a smooth arrival and departure
  • Condensed site plan for your convenience

If you’ve been praying for the festival scene to open back up, Imagine is probably your saving grace. Having some of the most diverse lineups America’s Electronic Dance Music scene has to offer, it is welcoming to anyone and guaranteed to have some music of your taste. Tickets are on currently on sale, offering payment plans as well and can be purchased on Imagine’s website. Let’s keep our fingers crossed in hope that this miracle saves us from the boredom we’ve all been dealing with.

Here is a video to help you imagine just how magical this experience is bound to be.

*Featured Image Via Fabeaux*

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