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I’m “There For You” Stop “Wonderin” I’m Bringing New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Rabbit in the Moon – “Raver Girl”

Longstanding live electronic act Rabbit In The Moon are returning to their own Thumper Music imprint with a new trippy single called “Raver Girl“. The duo from Florida has been a trailblazing sensation since first getting started in the rave scene in the early ’90s. RITM is now using that deep history to poke fun at the standard life cycle of a dance music fan from PLUR pushing raver to full-blown underground snob. .

Moonshift – “Chemistry” (French Original Remix)

Rising producers Moodshift and Cannes-based producer/songwriter French Original have been hard at work in the studio. Moodshift’s debut single ‘Chemistry’ initially came out mid-August, and has now been remixed by the esteemed French talent, alongside the release of an acoustic rework of their own. French Original’s remix of “Chemistry” immediately begins with a brooding beat, slowly building tension alongside the resonantly rich vocal cut. The propelling rhythm carries this infectious, high-energy momentum throughout the feelgood track’s entire three-minute runtime.

Kruder X Doffmeister – “Swallowed The Moon”

Legendary trip-hop duo Kruder & Dorfmeister release their latest single, Swallowed The Moon“. The single is the third to be taken from their long-awaited album, “1995“, which is set to be released in November. Like a dancer taking delicate steps through time, this release is dreamily unhurried. Take a step backstage with the dancer, to where the drinks flow freely and a sense of wonder fills the air. Exploring each soundscape and allowing them to permeate the air and refine simplicity.  Instead of overcomplicating their own work, the duo chooses to distill each note, giving it the attention to developing into maturity before fading away. The final single to be released before the album, this track is like a fine whiskey, to be gently sipped at leisure, and each note explored on the sonic pallet. 

John Roberts – “Freaks”

Singer/Songwriter John Roberts releases his new single “Freaks”, produced by legendary studio artist and longtime club friend Junior Sanchez. This release has a vintage but completely modern vibe, digging deep into eighties new wave, pop, and house music through the lens of the twenty-first century.

Vin Diesel – “Days Are Gone”

Global superstar Vin Diesel returns to the airwaves dropping his second single, “Days Are Gone“. The feel-good dance track, which reminisces on good times past,. This release was co-written by Vin Diesel, Petey Martin, and Noah McBeth (better known as NoMBe) and produced by Palm Tree Records artist Petey Martin

Pat Reilly – “Act of Love”

Pop artist Pat Reilly is releasing his new single “Act of Love“, the first tease of his new EP, “Prince of the Night” out mid-November. This release is a pulsating pop-electronica track full of fizzy synth beats, cinematic vocals, and hypnotic grooves.

Landis – Same Mind”

DJ/Producer Landis has cultivated quite the name for himself in dance music with his pristine brand of bass-heavy, pop-influenced house music. Today, he shares his track “Same Mind” the slick new single from Landis and Amanda Collis. The deep and groovy house track is a fun cut from the producer and explores new sonic territory.

R3HAB – “Am I The Only One”

For his newest crossover single, R3HAB teams up with European pop sensations Astrid S and HRVY, on “Am I The Only One.” It’s a modern dance-pop smash, delivering organic melodies and a groovy breakdown complemented by emotive vocal performances which gives a unique guy-and-girl perspective on a relationship. The lyrical side of “Am I The Only One” will hit home for anyone who has ever experienced a prospective relationship fall apart from a lack of vulnerability.

Gillian Heidi – “Wonderin'”

Rising pop singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi is revealing her new single, Wonderinfeaturing Michael Christmas. Inspired by the buzzing local music scene in her hometown of Boston, MA, Heidi tapped fellow Bostonian Michael Christmas for her new single. Christmas’ buoyant, playful rap verse brings an exciting and unexpected element to Heidi’s melancholic dark-pop stylings, a song that tackles relationship insecurity.

Benson – “Designer Girl”

Australian artist and producer BENSON has revealed a new club-driven single “Designer Girl”. This release incorporates the best elements of tech-house, acid house, and is polished off with jacking house beats. Kicking-off the single with high hat notes, the track takes on a new shape leading into the latter portion, where BENSON lays rave inspired lazer samples over rugged basslines to form the perfect club-ready track. BENSON flaunts his exceptional producer skills that further exemplifies his ability to craft chart-topping singles.

oblyx – “Another Life”

Bristol-based producer obylx has announced the release of his latest single, “Another Life“. Take a step back into the eighties, where flashing arcade games ruled the weekend and cheerful 8-bit tunes staked their claim on the airwaves. Here, you’ll find obylx, emerging once more with his monthly release and filling fans with unearned memories and nostalgia. This release embraces the escapism of games whilst maintaining upbeat, pop elements that will drive all listeners to the dancefloor

Myrne – “Wandering”

MYRNE at last debuts his full length “Wandering” EP, which includes four new tracks, as well as his previously released singles. The EP showcases the depth of MYRNE’s sonic maturity and follows an organic and deeply emotive flow, which was inspired by his own experience wandering and traveling without a purpose.

Skazi X Gattuso – “Haunted House”

If you’re looking for a new Halloween-themed dance hit, look no further than GATTÜSO and SKAZI’s spine-chilling anthem “Haunted House. The single embraces a harder side of production and packs elements of psytrance into its Halloweeny punch!

Niiko X Swae – “Can’t Feel my Face”

LA-based producer and DJ duo Niiko x SWAE have revealed a new bass-driven single Can’t Feel My Face“. This release sees Niiko x SWAE return to their club roots where they have concocted the perfect dose of dance-floor ready music that will satisfy all of your bass cravings. Featuring stand-out production, this new release incorporates heavy bass-house drops with punching basslines and is polished off with a sinister vocal sample. 

Topic – “Why Do You Lie To Me”

Topic and ​A7S ​unveiled the official video for their new global hit, Why Do You Lie To Me” ​featuring chart-topping, GRAMMY®-nominated rapper ​Lil Baby​. Exploring themes of love, loss, and sensuality, the video paints a hazy picture of a party where reality and illusion blur.  View the video HERE.

Bhaskar – “Stone Heart”

Brazilian DJ and producer Bhaskar, one of the most-streamed electronic music artists in his country, has just achieved another great goal in his growing career. His newest track has just been released by Armin van Buuren‘s major record label, Armada Music. “Stone Heart” is a contagious production that brings a lot of the artist’s personality and sound.

Riotron – “Dark Highway”

Riotron returns with “Dark Highway“, an evocative slice of retrowave pop! He coupled the release with a cinematically lush video directed by Gianennio Salucci and produced by Jennifer Goodridge. According to Riotron’s Jeff Fettes, “Dark Highway is a metaphor for all the bad decisions we make. You’re going too fast, you’re out of control but you don’t stop. And then suddenly you can’t stop. For the video, I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorite 80’s videos. There’s horror, sci-fi, and even some hand-drawn animation.” Director Gianennio Salucci adds, “Jeff came to us with this really cool concept that was more of a short film than a music video. We came up with this story about a person’s journey through the dark side.” Check out the video HERE. 

Steve Brian – “August Nights”

Over the last few months, Enhanced artist Steve Brian has shared a handful of impressive singles from his forthcoming artist album “1986”. These album cuts have proved it to be a euphoric masterpiece, and his new instrumental single “August Nights” is no exception. This single is the fourth release off Brian’s upcoming project, and shows off a different side to the producer. Unlike the other singles, this track is an evocative instrumental work, putting Steve Brian’s strong, uplifting production in the spotlight. The song gradually picks up, taking listeners on a euphoric sonic journey. The song is reminiscent of his signature trance and progressive house sounds and is just a taste of an album that promises to deliver more emotional works telling a story of love, triumph, maturity, and the road towards fatherhood.

Luca Rezza – “Locked in the Future”

Luca Rezza presents his debut Circus Records EP “Locked In The Future“. The four-track release features the DJ’s dynamic future bass skills at the fore with irresistible vocals hooks for good measure. The EP captivates the essence of Luca Rezza showing four melodious and innovative tracks, each with an identity of their own.

Sad Money, Gallant & Felix Cartal – “Lose My Love”

LA-based writer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sad Money release “Lose My Love” featuring Felix Cartal and Gallant. This release is a retro-infused, deep house cut with buttery R&B undertones. Markedly groovy and accessible to boot, all three credited artists bring their respective styles to the table to bridge the gap between four-on-the-floor compositions and contemporary soul. 

Jon Gurd – “The Dream” (Max Cooper & Rob Clouth Remix)

The Dream“, one of the more melodious singles off Jon Gurd’s powerful 2020 album “Lion” now receives the remix treatment from the famed forward-thinking producer and multi-disciplinary artist Max Cooper and electronic musician, sound designer, and new media artist Rob Clouth. Released on Anjunadeep, Cooper and Clouth contort and stretch Gurd’s track, interspersing glitched-out percussion and warped chords alongside the original’s arpeggio in an exciting, disorienting arrangement.

Clubwire – “There for You”

Spanish producer Clubwire releases his newest single “There for You”. This new release is packed with his silky textures and euphoria-inspiring chord patterns. Exploding into life via a delightful melody, the track is sure to serve as a serious weapon in various tracklists across the globe as live-streaming continues to boom during the second half of the current pandemic.

*Featured Image | via Luca Rezza, Gillian Heidi, Landis, and Pat Reilly*

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