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I’m ‘On My Way’ To ‘Escape’ The Everyday With This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Kx5 – ‘Escape (John Summit Remix)’

As one of the hottest-rising artists on the scene, his remix of Kx5’sEscape’ featuring Hayla is a strong example of that. John Summit dazzled his audience with a perfect moment at Coachella this past April when he debuted his mesmerizing rendition of Kaskade and deadmau5’s smash hit.  Now John Summit’s official remix of ‘Escape’ is out via mau5trap/Arcade alongside an extended version.

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On My Way (David Solomon Remix)’

Payback Records is pleased to present David Solomon’s remix of pop culture icon Jennifer Lopez’s most recent single, ‘On My Way’. David Solomon leans on JLo’s moving vocals as he transforms the passionate ballad into a dark and driving piece of house music that’s perfect for dancing under the stars during the warm summer months to come. 

jackLNDN – ‘Bad Decisions’

“I feel like this is a highly relatable song [‘Bad Decisions’]. It’s about self-destructive tendencies and those moments when we knowingly make poor choices to escape the reality of our lives. We all turn to different vices for escapism, be it drinking, substances or sex. When you know what you are doing is unhealthy and a poor life choice, but you still engage in that behaviour with a deliberate desire to cause chaos while running from or numbing your own pain.”


Andrew Rayel – ‘Wild Feelings (Club Mix)’

Boosting the impact of his latest collab with U.K. singer-songwriter Sam Gray, Andrew Rayel delivers a high-energy Club Mix of the recently released ‘Wild Feelings’. Opting for a higher tempo whilst adding in undeniably massive synths to bring out the song’s club appeal, this version will surely make stadiums and festival grounds quiver.

Shogun – ‘Nezuko’

Making his mark with his first original offering of the year, esteemed DJ and producer Shogun returns with an enthralling new addition to his discography, ‘Nezuko’. Inspired by the enigmatic female protagonist from popular manga series Demon Slayer who shares the same name, Shogun’s hypnotic new production, ‘Nezuko’ is out via Serendipity Muzik under the legendary Blackhole Records.

Ben Gold – ‘Rest Of Our Lives’

British DJ and producer Ben Gold’s highly anticipated studio album is upon us! From energetic and emotional bangers to Balearic evocations, progressive productions and even downtempo, trance-minded piano pieces, ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ is a remarkably diverse ten-track offering that draws from Ben’s personal experiences and the memories he made on the island of Ibiza, all through broad-appeal tracks such as ‘Xtravaganza’, ‘Nostalgia’, ‘Same Sky Same Stars’ and its official title track. There’s no doubt that Ben Gold’s sophomore album has something for every trance fan, and that listeners will be content keeping this body of work on repeat for a long time to come.

Martial Simon – ‘High In July’

“‘High in July’ is very personal to me because I wrote the lyrics during the pandemic as an escape. I was inspired by the Hamptons beach town vibe to write a song that captures the imagery of summer. Beautiful beaches, sunbathing, drinking rosé and riding around in a convertible listening to music.”

Martial Simon

Super8 & Tab – ‘Lightning (feat. feat. Nazzereene)’

Together with Nazzereene, Armind regulars Super8 & Tab deliver their next quality vocal piece. Marrying the Australian songstress’ beautiful timbre with progressive-styled synths that tailspin into the night, ‘Lightning’ is a sonic phenomenon sure to light up the skies.

Bhaskar – ‘U Got My Body’

Alok’s twin brother Bhaskar returns to CONTROVERSIA with his new track ‘U Got My Body’, a dancey tech-house influenced banger that makes the label into a family affair. The track opens with a distorted vocal riff after its namesake, then Bhaskar kicks things into full gear by layering in a steady, four-on-the-floor bassline and heavy kick drums. This winning combination sets the stage for a true club sound that suits the label’s sound perfectly.

Ahmed Helmy – ‘Afterlife’

After touching down on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance label plenty of times, Egyptian DJ/producer Ahmed Helmy pushes the envelope with his exceptional debut release on Armind. With evolving pads, thick synths, epic choirs and suspenseful pad patterns, ‘Afterlife’ will steal the show as one of the premier cuts featured on the ‘A State Of Trance 2022’ album.

Thomas Jack – ‘Sandman’

After a transformative five-year hiatus, Thomas Jack is back with the best music of his career. Tight, sleek, and sophisticated, these new productions evolve well beyond the tropical house sound Jack pioneered in the mid-2010s and mark a new era of the Thomas Jack story. This new chapter begins with the lush and propulsive ‘Sandman’. A four-year labor of love for Thomas, the MGMT and INXS-inspired single expands the room with an array of vintage synths, live drum kits, huge basslines, and melodic leads. No doubt, though, it’s Thomas’ voice that stands out above all – this is the final piece of the puzzle that enabled Thomas to complete the track and realize his overall vision for his much-heralded return. 

Fluencee – ‘Frozen In Bliss’

The suspense is over — Fluencee is dropping his first Circus EP ‘Frozen In Bliss’! This stunning collection will make your heart skip a beat, transporting you to a dreamworld of Fluencee’s design. Overflowing with gorgeous vocals filtered through Fluencee’s lush production style,as well as a surprise track or two, this EP will have you floating on cloudnine right in time for summer!

Christopher Corrigan – ‘Sunlight’

Northern Irish go-getter Christopher Corrigan delivers a high-octane vocal cut of significant uplifting potential. Outfitted with slamming kick drums, rousing melodies and radiant vocal tones that drive out the darkness, ‘Sunlight’ will raise fans to greater heights as one of the brilliant tracks included from the ‘A State Of Trance 2022’ mix album.

SIDEPIECE x Lee Foss – ‘1, 2 Step’

Out now via Insomniac Records, ‘1, 2 Step’ by SIDEPIECE and Lee Foss kicks off with a smokey, cinematic build, slowly ascending with house high-hats and thumping kick drums before launching into the infectious Ciara sample. The synth-fueled single blends its fiery club-ready beat with catchy pop sensibilities, positioning ‘1, 2 Step’ as an early contender to be the ubiquitous hit of summer 2022.

Ivan Mateluna x Bigtopo – ‘No Point Without You / All Or Nothing’

Mexico’s Ivan Mateluna and Spanish DJ and producer Bigtopo pull out all the stops with their powerful, two-part debut release on A State Of Trance. From the epic ‘No Point Without You’ as featured on the ‘A State Of Trance 2022’ mix album to its heavy-hitting, melodically unrivaled counterpart ‘All Or Nothing’, this double offering will enrapture the trance crowd in no time.

Lauren Mia – ‘Eternal Existence’

The ‘Eternal Existence’ EP is a boundary-pushing release from Lauren Mia that pushes her sound to a new level, with the release of the Remix EP showcasing the versatility and staying power of her original works. Having cut her teeth in the studio and behind the decks, the spotlight continues to move towards and stay in the direction of her earned artistic talent.

Europa x GRACEY – ‘Lonely Heart’

Lonely Heart’ showcases a darker side to the Europa’s catalogue, with GRACEY’S melancholic and brooding vocals and lyrics guiding the persevering house beats.

JEANIE – ‘Bulletproof (feat. BLUPILL)’

JEANIE mobs back over to Bassrush Records with her latest single ‘Bulletproof’, enlisting the rage-fueled vocal talents of BLUPILL to kick down an armor-plated dubstep offering. 

PEACE MAKER! x Keizer Jelle – ‘Take Your Pills’

Rushing through your veins with a happy recklessness, ‘Take Your Pills’ is pumping, foaming house with a boost of glam and lots in its system to overload the senses and spike a dancefloor fever. Applying the track’s exclamation mark are Portuguese producer PEACE MAKER! and Netherlands chief Keizer Jelle, a collaboration going flat out with a caffeine-powered bassline, and administering sirens, hoovers, percussion promising frenzied side effects and lyrics telling you to always read the label. Looking for some hedonism to perk up your playlist? Fill up on this one.

Repiet x Andrew A – ‘Stuck On You’

Stuck On You’ by Repiet and Andrew A has a gentle big room vibe mixed with a future bass twist, wrapped in a very unusual structure, making for an emotive and yet dancefloor-friendly track that would light up the festival stage.

*Featured image via John Summit, David Solomon, Bhaskar and Thomas Jack*

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