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‘I’m In Love’ With This Week’s New Tracks That Are ‘Just For The Times’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Paul Oakenfold x Aloe Blacc – ‘I’m In Love’

Renowned producer/composer/DJ/ Paul Oakenfold has just announced that his fourth studio album ‘Shine On’ will be released in its entirety on July 30th. A taste of what’s to come on the album, the latest single, ‘I’m In Love’ embodies all that’s celebrated in dance music — an anthemic and uplifting melody, relatable and catchy lyrics, and the spirit of love that unites us all on the dance floor.

Valentino Khan x Nitti Gritti – ‘Your Body’

As festivals are slowly getting into their groove again, Valentino Khan and Nitti Gritti deliver a sure-shot crowd-pleaser for the masses. As if they’ve been waiting for the right moment to drop this one, ‘Your Body’ has everything you hope for when the dancefloor gets back in motion. 

Janieck – ‘Life’

“I was driving in my car and was listening to a radio station that plays mostly older songs from the 70/80’s. So, British artist Black came on with his hit song ‘Wonderful Life’. I shazamed the track because I loved it and thought, I need to remember this one for who knows what. Like a week later I was teaming up with a great Dutch musician and writer Leon Palmen, and he told me he had a song stuck in his head that day and wanted to try a re/write version of it. So then he played Wonderful Life, and I was like: ‘nooooooo wayyyy!’ And showed him my shazam history. We flipped around the chorus because we thought that was more catchy, put a heavy low moving bass under it and we had the new chorus. Then we both played around with our guitars and came up with a John Mayer inspired riff, and really went for a story telling verse and pre. And the story follows; life sucks sometimes but we all got to make the best of it and keep moving on. The sad or bad parts don’t have to be kept as a secret, we all know them.”

Janieck on ‘Life

Everyone You Know x Joy Anonymous – ‘Just For The Times (Westend Remix)’

Fast-rising DJ and producer Westend has unveiled his house-focused remix of ‘Just For The Times’, the latest single from Everyone You Know and Joy Anonymous. Adding a powerful bassline to EYK and Joy Anonymous’ soaring vocals, the euphoric anthem is set to become one of this summer’s biggest dance records heading into festival season.

Yawdel – ‘Soul Curation’

Yawdel’s astral message has finally become clear, revealing a fantastic array of music to expand our minds and hearts. This is Yawdel,and this is the ‘Soul Curation’ EP. Look to the stars!

Krimsonn – ‘River Runs Dry’

“‘River Runs Dry’ is about something that many artists go through — sometimes we want to feel free to create something unique and true to the artform but it’s hard to find people that believe in unusual and risky ideas. Melodically, it combines elements of dance with swing, with catchy and strong vocals.”


Famba – ‘Games We Play (feat. Brando x MKLA)’

Captivating vocals, lush melodies, and a billowing bass line characterize this release from three of dance music’s blazing newcomers. Brando and MKLA deliver stunning vocal performances while Famba’s production takes the song to stratospheric levels. As seductive as it is commanding, ‘Games We Play‘ is the love song with swagger that does double damage on the dancefloor.

2POINT – ‘Don’t Stop’

X&G unleashes their sophomore, 2POINT, track ‘Don’t Stop’. A heavily percussive track anchored by addictive breaks, nostalgic rave samples, and jagged synths, ‘Don’t Stop’ transports you straight to the dance floor, drenched in lights and engulfed by the bass.

Marcus James – ‘The Night We Nearly Threw It All Away (feat. MMYS)’

“There’s a certain time of night, usually around 1-3am, if you find yourself unable to sleep the thoughts you’ve pushed aside all day come to the surface. This song [‘The Night We Nearly Threw It All Away’] reminds me of those moments spent wondering if something from your past could have gone differently, and wondering if someone else is out there thinking the same thing.”

Marcus James

Parra For Cuva – ‘Juno’

German producer, Parra for Cuva drops his highly anticipated album ‘Juno’. Containing sounds from around the world, ‘Juno’ was nonetheless almost entirely produced within the four walls of the artist’s studio in Berlin. That’s the beauty of the 21st century though, one barely has to leave a room to travel far and wide and be inspired by distant places and peoples. Parra for Cuva’s previous highly acclaimed album, ‘Paspatou’, already carved a unique position for the artist who brought a truly original sound to electronic music by mixing emotional dance floor experimentations with acoustic and worldly soundscapes. ‘Juno’ takes this global exploration even further with the influence of seven musicians and their different instruments.

Close To Monday – ‘Time (Rob Flatter Remix)’

Close To Monday’s original opus of ‘Time’ offers a journey of introspection for the listener; an emotive downtempo cut which highlights the band’s mastery for synthwork. With the aim to communicate a ‘photo of feelings’ to their audience and provide a relatable narrative with their music, the tastemaker collective intertwine serenity and joy with the awareness of reality. Existing between the realms of deep house and techno, Ron Flatter’s edit of ‘Time’ takes on a new identity from its counterpart. His perspective is a refreshing take on the original, injecting an ominous edge which results in a decisively alternative listening journey. Introducing a raw and assertive bassline, Ron’s entrancing rework fulfills the cut’s main concept of time, building anticipation for an intoxicating synth lead moment in its final quarter. The exemplary vocals of Any have been given a futuristic makeover, whilst still encompassing the body and feel of its original motive. Still firmly tethered to the roots of its primary, Ron’s unbridled creativity has served an entrancing composition, founded on euphoric melodies and dark undertones.

Vampa x Zía – ‘New Levels’

Vampa and Zía make their Circus Records debut and it packs more bite than a bloodsucker after a hunger strike! Twisted, sinister and heavy as hell… all combined into one thunderous track as the two take it to ‘New Levels’.

*Featured image via Paul Oakenfold, Valentino Khan, Marcus James and Janieck*

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