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I’m Always Going To Keep This Week’s New Music ‘Here’ ‘By My Side’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

AVIRA x Kiko Franco – ‘Ocean (feat. Nathan Nicholson)’

Opening with Nathan Nicholson’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, dramatic percussion and cosmic synths are introduced, before unleashing a raw and progressive bassline that pushes the track into a dance-ready dimension. Ebbing and flowing with breakdowns and peaks, this masterful cut marries dark and light elements to achieve a multi-layered sonic environment that perfectly balances the AVIRA’s and Kiko Franco’s  globally adored sounds. Setting the bar high with their debut collaboration ‘Ocean’, this dynamic duo will leave listeners eager to hear what else they have in store for future joint productions.

Adventure Club – ‘Here’

Filtered with vocal chops and sharp saw waves, Adventure Club showcase their best with new single ‘Here’. Rekindling their passion for electronic music, fans of yesterday and today will be able to appreciate Adventure Club’s return to the spotlight. Taking center stage with new and exciting music, the forefathers of melodic bass are rightfully claiming their throne with this current slew of singles. ‘Here’ presents a stunning topline and vocal work that offers listeners a pleasant escape from reality. Drowned in ambient guitar plucks, ‘Here’ is an emotive future bass cut that tears at the heartstrings. Serenading their fans through heartbreak and peace, Adventure Club continues to gear up for their most anticipated studio project in over 5 years. 

Dennis Sheperd x JES – ‘By My Side’

Opening a new chapter, ‘By My Side’ finds Dennis Sheperd on a killer collaboration with that voice-of-a-clubbing-generation, JES. This duo’s production paths have crossed previously. This time, the pair has been left entirely to their own devices, and that‘s opened the door to a track that stunningly crosses Sheperd’s energized studio sensibilities with JES’s emotionally raw lyrics and evocatively reigning voice.

Qrion – ‘11-11’

11-11’ is the second single taken from Qrion’s upcoming debut album ‘I Hope It Lasts Forever’, which lands October 29 via Anjunadeep.Written during the lockdown in San Francisco, ‘11-11’ combines Qrion’s characteristically dreamy atmospheres with a drum arrangement that alternates between gritty breakbeat and classic four-to-the-floor — a club anthem through and through.

Jan Blomqvist x Bloom Twins – ‘High On Beat (SOFI TUKKER Remix)’

With its progressive tones and hypnotic rhythm, this latest SOFI TUKKER remix of ‘High On Beat’ pulls the listener to the dance floor with its inescapably compelling beats. While holding true to Jan Blomqvist’s and Bloom Twins’ original style, the track dives to deeper depths with a driving bassline that sets the endorphins flying.  Within moments you’re high on the beat!

Polo & Pan – ‘Tunnel (Samaran Remix)’

“‘Tunnel’ is an incursion into urban territory alongside the master of ceremony, Channel Tres. This collaboration gives birth to a razor-sharp sensual club track. For these three remixes, we asked several French producers: Samaran, Tim Paris, and You Man. Three remixes with skillful mixes of club electro, languid melodies and a touch of hypnotic disco groove.”

Polo & Pan

Shelley Johannson – ‘The Trip’

The two-track EP opens with hypnotizing titular single ‘The Trip’. The offering captivates listeners with its infectious rhythm and irresistible sonic atmosphere. Rife with oscillating and pulsating sounds, ‘The Trip’ is a massive, heavy-hitting cut. Directly following, the EP closes with ‘Paradise Found’, a rapturous immersion into the world of Shelley Johannson’s sound design. The propelling track delivers a sensational soundscape, creating compelling dance energy from start to finish. Together, the two-track EP serves listeners another taste of Shelley Johannson’s prowess as one of the techno world’s most highly regarded producers.

System.Inc – ‘Mirrors (feat. Stee Downes)’

Mirrors’ reflects the power of their union. Piano glimmers through a head-nodding bass line as the momentum reaches a climax with Stee Downes’ skyscraping hook. It has all the makings of a festival anthem, extending an endless summer. At the same time, it only amplifies excitement for more to come from System.Inc.

Dot – ‘Want To Say’

Dot’s new single, ‘Want To Say’ emulates the feeling of being too afraid to tell a friend how you feel about them. The sultry track features soft instrumentation and Dot’s emotive vocals, driving the vision behind the song. With spacious textures and diaphanous sounds, ‘Want To Say’ transports listeners to an impalpably ethereal sonic atmosphere. A perfect mesh of different styles and Dot’s explorative musical prowess, ‘Want To Say’ has the power to resonate with listeners across all genres and captivate both old and new audiences.

*Featured image via Adventure Club, SOFI TUKKER, Dennis Sheperd and JES*

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