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“If You Wanna” “Keep This Fire Burning” You Will Check Out This New Music | Fresh Music Fridays

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

BT – “No Warning Lights”

Grammy-Nominated film composer, technologist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and trance music icon BT announces his long-awaited new studio album “The Lost Art Of Longing“. The first single off BT’s upcoming electronic dance music album in seven years is  “No Warning Lights” with the voice of Emma Hewitt. This track is brooding trance at its finest, with gorgeous vocals and an emotional breakdown that will surely be a new fan favorite!

Tyler Lawerence – “Slow it Down”

Tyler Lawrence releases his newest sultry smooth single “Slow It Down“. This single enlists powerful vocals, both captivating and catchy. Sonic sound waves and the soft echoing of the track entice listeners throughout, as Tyler Lawrence adds stunning production flare. A glittery single with promise, Tyler Lawrence adds to his rapidly growing catalog with a glowing sentiment from the heart.

Roan Shenoyy- “Shadows”

Roan Shenoyy releases his massive new single Shadows“. Establishing a reputation as one of the industry’s most exciting rising talents. This new single is packed with a beautifully crafted melody which is sure to prove one of this summer’s catchiest. The track serves as a throwback to those big-room and progressive mainstage moments of yesteryear. With lockdowns around the world beginning to ease, glimmers of hope are starting to emerge that this one will find its rightful home in front of live audiences globally as Shenoyy pairs a frenetic build with zippy synths and an arms-outstretched-the-sky euphoric hook.

AU5 – “Answers”

Au5 has defied genre boundaries yet again with his new captivating track, Answers. The producer takes us on a roller coaster ride of a journey with a mesmerizing tune. Starting off with a beautiful melody, far-out vocals, done by Au5 himself, echo creating a sense of nostalgia and entrancement. Eventually kicking up the intensity to full gear, he delivers both euphoric and hard-hitting synths, revealing a dubstep-influenced turn later in the track.   

Matroda – “If You Wanna”

Matroda releases his newest single on Insomniac Records, “If You Wanna“. The Croatia-born producer has been crushing the house scene with his bass-heavy style, and he brings his signature style over to his latest creation.

Mikoh – “La La Land”

French-Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer Mikoh creates hypnotizing sonic textures shaped by a lifelong classical training in music. Her arrangements are evocative, hypnagogic, and reflective, springing forth from her mind in the wake of a tumultuous coming-of-age. Her newest single “La La Land”, from the “Strange Lullabies” project is dark and dramatic. The new track reflects Mikoh’s interpretation of social media’s impact on our online culture as well as our real lives.

Party Favor -“The Isolation Album”

Consisting entirely of new beats Party Favor crafted during quarantine, “THE ISOLATION ALBUM” showcases the producer’s sonic depth and ability to experiment with new sounds. The album presents thirteen tracks that each take on a different theme. The new album takes listeners through a  journey of familiar feelings experienced during the lockdown. Party Favor is presenting a special Isolation Festival and he will feature an “Isolation Set” highlighting his new experimental music, along with the other incredible performances. Fans are certainly in for a treat! Check out the live stream Saturday, July 18th from 2-10 pm PST.

Takis – “Wait For Me”

TAKIS debuts on Armada Music with an all-Canadian collaboration “WAIT FOR ME” (FEAT. GOODY GRACE & TORY LANEZ). This single immediately puts itself in contention for becoming the ultimate song of the summer! With heartfelt lyrics, velveteen vocals, and an effervescent, sun-kissed instrumental dictating the vibe, this super-infectious collab perfectly soundtracks the story of Takis and others taking a similar leap of faith.

Kloud – “Matter”

Electronic producer & artist KLOUD merges timeless electronic sounds with modern production elements; sonically inspired by darker techno/house, electro & analog synthesizers. His new release “MATTER” is a bold and fearless statement addressing current events related to racial inequalities and injustices with references to the murder of George Floyd, peaceful protests, and NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality. KLOUD’s signature abrasive, heavy-hitting analog production clashes with Wasiu‘s advanced flow and conscious subject matter to create the perfect expression of verbal protest. Half of the proceeds from “MATTER” will go to Color of Change and NAACPLDF.

Glass Pedals “Like This”

Two exciting house duos, No Thanks, and Glass Petals have joined forces to create a club-focused groove by the name of “Like This“. This new release has dramatic driving basslines and a catchy hook that will fierce new favorite for many fans!

Fake Pictures – “Wire to Wire 2020”

Fake Pictures return with their new single “Wire To Wire  2020“. For the new single they have now chosen to collaborate with rising newcomer Muna. The original track was a radio hit and Fake Pictures gives it the single an excellent club update.

Krewella & Yellow Claw – “Rewind”

Powerhouse duo’s Krewella and Yellow Claw team up for new single “Rewind“, a spellbinding tribute to the past and its role in shaping our present. The track opens with the focus on Krewella’s powerful vocals, which give emotive vibrancy to the bittersweet lyrics about time going by too quickly. The melodies gradually build-up to the triumphant chorus and a groovy, dubstep influenced drop that showcases both artists’ dynamic sounds.

White Lights – “Body Trap”

Brooklyn-based producer, vocalist, and digital artist White Lights is a rising creative who champions mental wellness through his art. White Lights returns to the spotlight with “Body Trap” the lead single to his forthcoming “NUMBSKULL” album. This new release is a barebones, electro-r&b tune. Emotional and connective, the full-circle creator wears his heart on his sleeve in his latest musical endeavor.

Gumbae – “Waking Up”

A powerhouse trio in the gaming world, Grumbae turns their digital creativity into lush soundscapes with the vibrant unveiling of their latest single “Waking Up” featuring singer/songwriter Carly Paige. This new release is a retro pop gem! The collaborative single is a cinematic treat that manipulates fragments of electro-pop melodies with a feminine prowess courtesy of the vocal genius of Carly Paige. With an overwhelmingly brilliant digital fingerprint, the full-circle creators will not be pigeonholed into any one artistic pursuit.

Blood on Guitars – “The Tale of the Red Wave”

Blood on Guitars project started in 2019 and seemingly fuse his knowledge of rock music into a more modern genre of bass house, flowing between punk and heavier dance influences. “The Tale of the Red Wave” is a five-track project that further solidifies his signature sound and unique place in the music industry. Even though Blood On Guitars’ catalog is in the early stages, he’s pushing music boundaries and stepping into a whole new realm with his ability to smoothly blend two different genres which primes him as an artist to watch.

Luca Schreiner – “Keep This Fire Burning”

German renegade Luca Schreiner continues in delivering a sterling original output with his new single “Keep This Fire Burning“. Collaborating with UK vocalist Raphaella, her topline brings a powerful, self-assured force to the radio-ready track. Luca’s deeper take on house beats shining underneath without the need for a push-or-pull dynamic. Each artists’ input weaving together with its own space to shine. Luca Schreiner and Raphaella have conjured up pop-dance hybrid perfection that will surely be the ultimate soundtrack to the ensuing sun-soaked months.

R3HAB X Winona Oak – “Thinking About You”

R3HAB teamed up with rising songstress Winona Oak for his new single “Thinking About You“. Winona Oak’s soulful vocals open the track with minimal background production, setting a sultry stage for the rest of the journey. R3HAB weaves in groovy melodies and a gently undulating bassline for the drop, achieving a deep but uplifting sound. With its dreamy-but-danceable sound and Oak’s impressive vocals, this release holds strong radio appeal to fans of dance and pop music alike

The Avalanches “Wherever You Go”

The Avalanches release a new single from their forthcoming album along with a pair of stunning visualizers. “Wherever You Go” feat. Jamie XX, Neneh Cherry, and CLYPSO. The Avalanches, with co-production from Jamie XX, have created an epic track that begins with greetings from planet Earth, sampled from The Voyager Golden Record. The track then erupts in a frenzy! The vocals from the iconic Neneh Cherry and Sydney-based producer CLYPSO capture this moment in time when love and music still offer hope in the face of “the whole damn world incinerating.”

*Featured Image | via BT, Matroda, Takis, and Krewella*

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